Christian Family Guide to Family Activities

Christian Family Guide to Family Activities

by Marilee LeBon, Janet Lee, Amy Wall


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Christian Family Guide to Family Activities by Marilee LeBon, Janet Lee, Amy Wall

This treasury of ideas for home activities, recreation, games, vacations, and crafts will help bring the family together for fun times-and create stronger bonds in the process.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781592570775
Publisher: Alpha Books
Publication date: 07/01/2003
Series: Christian Family Guides Series
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 7.36(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Marliee LeBon is the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Making Great Gifts, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Holiday Crafts, and several other books focusing on kids, families, and fun.

Amy Wall is a television producer and the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Family Games.

Janet Lee holds a degree in Education and Bible, and has developed, written, and edited curriculum and church program materials for all ages.

Series Editor James S. Bell, Jr., served as director of religious publishing at Doubleday. He has assembled dozens of classic devotionals, abridgements, and compilations including the God's Little Instruction Series and has written many best-selling books including The Complete Idiot's Guide to The Bible.

Table of Contents

Part 1The Family That Plays Together Stays Together!1
1Learning to Play Together3
Finding the Time to Play4
How to Cultivate a Playful Attitude5
The Benefits of Play to Family Life6
A Note to Single Parents8
Practical Suggestions for Play8
Toddlers to Two-Year-Olds9
Ideas for Preschoolers10
Ideas for Kids Age Six and Up10
Play with a Purpose11
2The Importance of Rules13
Setting the Rules14
Keeping the Peace15
Competition: The Name of the Game15
Dare to Play Fair17
Get Involved17
Teach Not to Cheat17
Be a Winner!19
Settling Disputes19
Talk Among Yourselves20
3From Start to Finish21
Creating the Tie That Binds21
Sizing Up the Competition22
A Basis for Bonding22
Get 'Em Young23
Keen Kids23
Mixed Bag24
Take It Outside25
Choosing Sides: Team Games26
What Shall We Play?26
Game's Over27
Shhhh! Quiet Time28
4Road Trip: Car Games31
Road Trip Survival Kit31
Let's Go!32
The I Spy Games34
I Spy with One Child34
License Plate Bingo35
What If35
Camping Trip37
Alphabetical Version38
Who Am I?38
What's Next?38
Thumb Wrestling39
The Purse Game39
5Birthday Party Favorites41
Classic Party Games41
What You'll Need43
Choosing "It"44
Everybody Outside!45
Red Rover45
Red Light/Green Light47
What's the Time, Mr. Wolf?47
Indoor/Outdoor Games48
Musical Chairs48
Mother May I?48
Hot Potato49
Party Games for Little Kids50
Simon Says50
Duck Duck Goose50
Telephone or Grapevine51
6Giggle Games53
Names Of53
Follow the Leader55
Honey, Do You Love Me?56
Never Ending Words57
Story Line57
7Say the Word: Word Games59
Word Bluff60
Match Game62
Sentency by Sentence64
They Said What?65
Quick on the Draw66
8Let's Go Team!67
Charade Parade68
Charades Sign Language70
Ready, Set, Act!71
Up Jenkins72
Hide and Seek73
9Going on a Picnic: Picnic Games77
Tug of War78
Off to the Races78
Three-Legged Race78
Potato on a Spoon Race79
Sack Races79
Tag, You're It!80
Shadow Tag80
Freeze Tag80
Touch Tag81
British Bulldog81
Capture the Flag82
Leap Frog83
Frisbee Games84
Ultimate Frisbee85
Part 2Holiday Happenings89
10Creating Family Traditions91
Traditions from the Kitchen92
What a Tradition Might Sound Like93
Traditions of Celebration94
Commit to Family Traditions97
The Ties That Bind97
Single-Parent Families Need Traditions97
Some Additional Tradition-Building Ideas99
11Heartwarming Valentines101
Counting the Ways of Love102
Love Letters103
Checkers Anyone?104
A Hearty Welcome105
Scent-Sational Soaps107
Heart to Heart108
Shrinkable Shapes110
Flocked Box111
Kitchen Fun113
Basket of Love113
Creative Concoctions115
Stolen Hearts116
12Easter Excitement119
Easter Enjoyment119
Little Lambies120
Old-Tyme Easter Basket122
Cartin' Around Easter Goodies124
Lacy Eggs126
Egg-Ceptional Eggs128
Easter Egg Hunt129
Jesus Is Risen!129
Easter Edibles131
Miracle Rolls131
Excellent Eggs132
13Parent Perfect135
Marvelous Mothers136
Pretty Posy Pens136
Mosaic Stepping-Stone137
Handy Candy Container139
Father's Day Favorites140
Gone Fishin'140
Cook's Cover-Up142
Family Fun143
Foam Frames145
Crafty Kitchen Creations147
Chocolate-Covered Delights147
14Patriotic Pride151
Memorable Memorial Day151
Frozen Flowers152
Country Candleholders153
Fabulous Fourth155
Four-Star Service155
Ice-Cream Fantasy157
Labor of Love159
Aquatic Art159
Antique Designs161
Food, Glorious Food!163
Fruit Fantasy163
Artichoke Dip165
15Giving Thanks167
Giving Thanks168
Autumn Wreath168
Turkey Tags169
Colonial Crafts171
Handmade Beads172
Spicy Pomanders173
Kiddy Krafts174
Counting Your Blessings175
Handprint Turkey175
Food, Glorious Food177
Crunchy Cranberries177
Mom's Pumpkin Pie178
Savory Stuffing179
Christmas Creations181
Countdown to Christmas182
Bath Ornament185
Angelic Accents186
Away in a Manger189
Crafty Containers191
Stylish Stockings191
Embellished Boxes194
Wrapping It Up in Style196
Children's After-Christmas Crafts196
Let It Snow!196
Wired Wonders198
Christmas Cooking Crafts200
Cookies to Go200
Cinnamon Cut-Outs202
Part 3Parties and Get-Togethers205
17Family Memories: Making Connections for Life207
Simple Memories207
Building Your Stories209
Technology--the Value and the Danger209
Memories in Writing210
Childhood Writings211
Document Your Children's Moments211
Use Natural and Meaningful Methods for Recording212
Be Practical and Purposeful About Memory Making212
Remembering Is Key214
18The Theme Says It All215
Is a Theme Necessary?215
Let the Occasion Set the Theme217
Kids' Play217
Parties by Design218
It's a Grand Old Flag219
Futuristic Festivities219
Using Your Surroundings219
Home Is Where I Hang My Hat220
Love Will Keep Us Together221
Leisure Pursuits222
Browse for Ideas222
Couch Potato Chips223
Pastime Parties223
Time Tunnel224
Make Mine with a Twist224
Follow Through in All You Do225
19From Tots to Teens: Total Party Plans227
Classic Capers227
Circus, Circus227
The Wild, Wild West Party229
Speaking of Sports230
Entertainers Eatery231
20Congratulations Goes To235
Love Is Still in Fashion235
Fad-Tastic Food236
Far-Out Funtime for Fashion Flops236
Decoration or Disaster237
Fashion Favors and Stylish Souvenirs237
"G" Is for Graduation238
Go for the Getups238
Goodies Galore238
Graduation Glorifications239
Gone with the Wind240
Go-Home Gifts and Gee Gaws240
House Sweet House240
Glad to Meet Ya!242
Decorative Dining242
Washington Did Not Sleep Here242
Don't Gild the Lily243
Classy Keepsakes243
21Preserving Memories245
Scrapbookese: Terms Every Beginner Should Know245
Don't Get Stuck--Choosing an Adhesive249
Singin' the Glues250
More Sticky Stuff251
The "Write" Tools251
A Little Protection252
Card Stock: Backbone for Your Book253
Memories to Last a Lifetime255
AResources and Supplies257
CBe Prepared265
DQuick Crafting Tips271

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