Christian Lives Given to the Study of Islam

Christian Lives Given to the Study of Islam




This book captures the autobiographical reflections of twenty-eight Christian men and women who, in the wake of the Second Vatican Council, committed their lives to the study of Islam and to practical Christian–Muslim relations in new and irenic ways. Their contributions come from across the spectrum of the Western church and record what drew them into the study of Islam. Their accounts take us to twenty-five countries and into all the branches of Islamic studies: Qur’an, Hadith, Shari’a, Sufism, philology, theology, and philosophy. They give fascinating insights into personal encounters with Islam and Muslims, speak of the ways in which their Christian traditions of spiritual training formed and nourished them, and deal with some of the misunderstandings and opposition they have faced along the way.

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ISBN-13: 9780823243198
Publisher: Fordham University Press
Publication date: 11/01/2012
Pages: 320
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About the Author

Christian W. Troll (b. 1937), a Jesuit priest, has engaged in studies of Islam and of Christian–Muslim Relations since 1961. After studying in Bonn, Tübingen, Beirut, and Munich, he graduated and received his doctorate from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London University. He is the author of several books and numerous articles and has taught in India, Rome, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

C. T. R. Hewer (b. 1952) studied Christian theology, education and Islamic studies mainly in Birmingham, Liverpool, and Manchester. He was a member of the Centre for the Study of Islam and Christian–Muslim Relations, Selly Oak, from 1986, and was adviser on Inter-Faith Relations to the Bishop of Birmingham (1999–2005). From 2006–10 he was St. Ethelburga Fellow in Christian–Muslim Relations in London.

Table of Contents

Introduction Christian W. Troll C. T. R. Hewer 1

The Tents of Kedar Kenneth Cragg 3

Following a Path of Dialogue Maurice Borrmans 13

God-Consciousness Sigvard Von Sicard 22

Called from My Mother's Womb Lucie Pruvost 31

A Life between Church and Islam;: Seeking True Discernment Jan Slomp 42

A Philosophical-Theologian's Journey David B. Burrell 53

A Pilgrimage amongst the Treasures of Islamic Traditions Arij Roest Crollius 63

Seeking a Theological Encounter Etienne Renaud 71

Engaging in Christian-Muslim Relations: A Personal Journey Michael L. Fitzgerald 81

All Over the World, the Spirit Is Moving Jean-Marie Gaudeul 94

Synchronized Spiritualities Paul Jackson 103

On Being a Servant of Reconciliation Christian W. Troll 115

A Man of Dialogue Christiaan Van Nispen Tot Sevenaer 128

A Boy from God's Country Andreas D'souza 135

Teaching the Religion of Others Michel Lagarde 46

An Engagement with Islam Christopher Lamb 153

Liminality: Living on Borders Patrick Ryan 163

Growing in Love and Truth with Muslims Thomas Michel 177

An Interfaith Experience of Dialogue as Love in Action, Silence, and Harmony Sebastiano D'ambra 188

Spiritual Paths as Ways of Dialogue Giuseppe Scattolrn 200

A Dominican Friar in a Land of Immigration and in a Land of Islam Emilio Platti 211

How Did You End Up in Islamic Studies? Jane Mcauliffe 219

A Call to Muslim-Christian Dialogue Francesco Zannini 229

Grace Builds on Nature C.T.R. Hewer 239

A Lenten Journey Daniel Madigan 247

Journeying toward God Joseph Ellul 258

"From the brook by the path": Formation and Transformation in Meeting Muslims Felix Körner 268

Intelligence, Humility, and Confidence: An Agenda for Christian Engagement with Islam David Marshall 278

So What Have We Learned? Christian W. Troll C. T. R. Hewer 287

List of Contributors 297

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