Christian Motifs and Symbols CD-ROM and Book

Christian Motifs and Symbols CD-ROM and Book

by Alan Weller


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From angels and saints to prophets and martyrs — here is a treasury of Christian iconography.
Selected from rare portfolios, this collection of over 250 sacred Christian motifs will spark ideas for an array of inspirational projects. The finely detailed, black-and-white illustrations depict scenes from the lives of the saints and a variety of biblical icons, including the Good Shepherd, the serpent in the Garden of Eden, the winged lion of St. Mark the Evangelist, and other divine imagery.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780486990552
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication date: 08/03/2009
Series: Dover Electronic Clip Art Series
Pages: 48
Sales rank: 1,016,317
Product dimensions: 8.10(w) x 10.80(h) x 0.40(d)

Table of Contents

001- Creation of light
002- Holy Ghost
003- Diagram of creation
004- Divine Triplicity
005- Crown of the monarch
006- God the Father
007- The Creator, in the form of Jesus Christ
008- Division of light from darkness
009- Fiery two-winged wheels
010- Almighty appearing to Job
011- The Holy Ghost, as a child
012- The souls of the righteous in the hand of God
013-014- Divine dove
015- The church as a dove with six wings
016- Spirit moving on Face of Waters
017- God the Father
018- Spirit of youth
019- Supreme Judge
020- The Lord
021- Lamb of God
022- The face of God the Father
023-024- Lamb of God
025- Jesus, as the good shepherd
026- Christ and his Apostles
027- Lamb of God
028- David playing the bells
029- Divine hand
030- Jesus Christ as the Almighty
031- The three Archangels
032- God resting on the Seventh Day
033- The Creator under the figure of Christ
034- God
035- Divine hand
036- Christ
037 - Divine hand
038- The creation of angels and light
039- The Archangels Michael and Raphael
040- Angel bearing the moon
041- God
042- The Transfiguration
043- Diagram of the universe
044- Holy Ghost
045- Holy Ghost, as a child
046- The Three Divine persons
047-048- The Trinity in one God
049- Christ as Judge
050- Procession of the Holy Spirit
051- The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost
052- The Father and the Son
053- The three divine faces
054- The Father and the Son
055- God, as Pope, with a tiara of five crowns
056- Figure of time with three faces
057 - Holy Ghost
058- God, the Son, and the Holy Ghost
059- Christ returning from his pilgrimage
060- Christ, as the grand Archbishop
061- Christ
062- The three divine persons
063- The three faces of the Trinity
064- Christ blessing Seventh Day
065- The Holy Ghost as man
066-070- Head of Christ
071- God with nimbus
072- Christ with sun nimbus
073- Christ with nimbus
074- Figure with moon nimbus
075- Luna
076- Sol
077 - Christ with nimbus
078- The breath of life
079- Creation of Adam
080- The Fall
081- The Temptation
082- Creation of Adam
083- Extracting Adam's rib
084- Eve
085- The Lord accusing Adam and Eve
086- God, the Creator, as an old man and a Pope
087- Angel giving spade and spindle
088- The serpent
089- Expulsion of Adam and Eve
090- Adam and Eve
091- Adam and Eve hiding
092- Fall of Lucifer
093- The Beast with seven heads (Satan)
094- Satan
095- The Trinity of Evil
096- Group from Last judgment
097 - The Trinity of absolute Evil
098- Fall of Lucifer
099- Devil in Campo Santo
100- Satan
101- Turkish Devii
102- Saint Michael and the dragon
103- The Trinity, in combat with Behemoth and Leviathan
104- Saint Michael and the Beast with seven heads (Satan)
105-107- All conquering Death
108- Saint Michael
109 Saint James
110- Dream of Saint Basilius the Great
111- Lamech and Cain
112- Triumph of David
113- Samson drinking from jaw-bone
114- David and head of Goliath
115- Saint Jerome doing penance
116- David killing the lion
117- Satan tormenting Job
118- Saint John the Baptist
119- Samson overcoming Lion
120- David's triumph
121- Moses and the burning bush
122- Moses striking rock
123- Adam and Eve lamenting over Abel
124- Finding of Moses
125- Overthrow of Pharaoh
126- Israelites striking the doorposts
127- Joseph's dream
129- The history of Jonah
130- Cain and Abel
131- The Lord accusing Cain
132- Moses striking the rock
133- Jesus
134- Mary and Jesus
135- Entry into Jerusalem
136- Mary
137- Mary
138- Impiety
139- Jesus Christ surrounded by the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost
140- Holy Trinity
141- Shield of faith
142- Six divine doves
143- Madonna of the girdle
144- The Holy Ghost assisting at the coronation of the virgin
145- The Trinity at the baptism of Christ
146- Infant Christ
147- The adoration of the Magi
148- Baptism
149- Christ, tempted by Satan
150- Joseph's dream
151- Holy Spirit as a dove
152- Divine dove
153- Jacob receiving Joseph's garment
154- Raising of Lazarus
155- Prodigal son
156- Christ healing the woman
157 - Christ healing the blind
158- Miracle of loaves and fishes
159- The Last Supper
160- Christ and his Disciples
161-162- The Last Supper
163- Christ washing the Disciples'feet
164- The betrayal
165- The kiss of Judas
166- Christ before Caiaphas
167- Christ before Pilate
168-170- The flagellation
171- The crowning with thorns
172-176- The Crucifixion
177-179- The descent from the cross
180- Early pectoral crucifix
181- Cross of Lothario
182- Enamel crucifix
183- Hohenlohe Siegmaringen crucifix
184- Greek cross
185- Cross
186- First coin with cross
187- The cross of life
188- Inhabited cross
189- The accepting hand
190- Head of Christ
191- Adam at foot of cross
192- The rejecting hand
193- A Bishop with rectangular nimbus
194- The Alpha and the Omega cross
195- The chalice
196-197- Christian coffins
198- Jesus showing his bleeding wounds to the Father
199- Soldiers quarreling over division of robe
200- Christ chains and overpowers death
201- Descent into Umbo
202- Resurrection
203- Saint Veronica
204- The hand of God the Father
205- The glorification of the Son
206- Incredulity of Thomas
207- Christ, the man of sorrows
208- Lucifer before the fall
209- Saint James
210- Part of Last Judgment
211- The wise and the foolish virgins
212- Christ, descending into Limbo
213- God laying a soul on Adam's chest
214- The three heavenly beings
215- God condemning Adam and Eve
216- Jesus treading underfoot the Serpent, Basilisk, Lion, and the Dragon
217- Jaws of Hell
218- Saint Mark, as a lion
219- God
220- Winged Tetramorph
221- Mary Magdalene
222-225- The four Evangelists
226- The five Greek fathers
227- Mary Magdalene
228- Saint John
229- Saint Catherine
230- Saint Paul
231- Christ Triumphant
232- Saint Luke
233- Saint Matthew
234- Saint Luke
235- Saint Matthew
236- Saint Luke
237 - Saint Mark
238- Saint John
239- Saint Mark
240-241- Saint John
242- Covetousness
243- A lamp of early Christian date depicting the apostles
244- Saint John the Evangelist
245- Lucifer in rebellion
246- Soul of Saint Martin
247- The three children in the furnace
248- A nimbus
249- Saint Jerome and the lion
250- Elisha
251- Saint Peter
252- Pope Pascal
253- Two of the Latin Fathers
254- Pope Gregory the Great
255- The golden candlestick
256- Saint Dionysius the Areopagite

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