Christian Mythology

Christian Mythology

by Allen McMains




It's about the followers of Paul (not Jesus)that created the biggest and most successful HOAX in the history of the world! The Bible was written by fallible men not God! Christianity as we know it today was created at the Council of Nicaea in the year 325 A. D. under the supervision of the Roman Emperor Constantine, approximately 290 years after Jesus' execution! My story compares the life of the real Jesus, to the mythical Jesus invented by Paul who wanted to create just another Pagan Cult. I question many Old and New Testament events which can not be the truth. The success of the Roman Church is due to over a thousand years of using the sword to obtain converts and today it is the most powerful and richest Pagan Cult the world has ever known!

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Publication date: 11/24/2008
Pages: 268
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