Christian Spirituality / Edition 1

Christian Spirituality / Edition 1

by Alister E. McGrath
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Christian Spirituality / Edition 1

This text fills the need for a clear, informative, helpful and well-written introduction to Christian spirituality.

  • Includes a detailed guide to resources in spirituality available on the Internet
  • Written by a leading theological educationalist in a clear and accessible manner
  • Encourages active engagement with primary sources through worked case studies

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ISBN-13: 9780631212812
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 09/28/1999
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 216
Sales rank: 1,020,510
Product dimensions: 3.10(w) x 4.70(h) x 0.40(d)

Table of Contents


How to Use this Book.

Part I: Introduction:.

1. Defining 'Spirituality'.

2. Defining 'Christian Spirituality'.

3. Clarifying Terms: Mysticism and Spirituality.

Part II: Types of Christian Spirituality: .

4. Spirituality, Theology and Personality.

5. Denominational Considerations.

6. Attitudes to the World, Culture and History.

Part III: Theological Foundations for Spirituality: Basic Issues: .

7. The Nature of Theology.

8. The Relation of Theology and Spirituality.

Part IV: Theological Foundations for Spirituality: Case Studies:.

9. Creation. Human Nature and Destiny.

10. The Trinity. Incarnation.

11. Redemption.

12. Resurrection.

13. Consummation.

14. For Further Reading.

Part V: Biblical Images and Christian Spirituality:.

15. The Bible as a Resource for Spirituality.

16. Biblical Images and Spirituality.

Part VI: Faces, Places and Spaces: Visualization and Spatialization in Christian Spirituality:.

17. The Visualization of the Divine.

18. Telling the Story: Faith and Life.

19. The Rhythm of Faith: Structuring Time.

20. Spiritual Geography: Structuring Space.

Part VII: Christian Spirituality: Engaging the Tradition:.

21. Conclusion: Where Next?.

22. Christian Spirituality: Internet Resources.

Glossary of Terms.

Sources of Citations.

For Further Reading.


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