Christian Spirituality and the Culture of Modernity: The Thought of Louis Dupre

Christian Spirituality and the Culture of Modernity: The Thought of Louis Dupre


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Not all thinkers have closed the book on modernity and opened a new one on postmodernity. Louis Dupré continues steadfastly to hold out the hope that we may be able to reclaim fragments of the premodern and modern syntheses and reconstruct, from the epoch of high modernity now being left behind, a more mature but still modern culture.

The fourteen scholars contributing to this volume all carry with them some measure of Dupré’s hope, and they enter into conversation with his view of modern culture from a variety of perspectives; philosophy, theology, the history of ideas, social ethics, and the study of mysticism. This substantial work constitutes both an excellent entrée into Dupré’s thought and a valuable resource for reevaluating the most basic categories or our thinking.

Michael J. Buckley, S.J.
Peter Casarella
Philip Chmielewski, S.J.
Philip Clayton
Karsten Harries
Thomas P. McTighe
William O’Neill, S.J.
Adriaan Peperzak
Cyril O’Regan
Kenneth Schmitz
George P. Schner, S.J.
David Tracy
Charles Trinkaus
James Wiseman, O.S.B.

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Publisher: Eerdmans, William B. Publishing Company
Publication date: 08/28/1998
Pages: 352
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Table of Contents

    Part 1: Prospects

  1. Fragments of Synthesis? The Hopeful Paradox of Dupré's Modernity

  2. David Tracy

    Part 2: Conversations

  3. A Neglected Feature of Neoplatonic Metaphysics

  4. Thomas P. McTighe
  5. Plotinian Motifs in Bonaventure's Itinerary of the Mind to God

  6. Adriaan Peperzak
  7. From the Twelfth-Century Renaissance to the Italian: Three Versions of "the Dignity of Man"

  8. Charles Trinkaus
  9. The Other Theistic Logic: Reflections on Schelling's Spinozism

  10. Philip Clayton
  11. Modernity and the Satanic Face of God

  12. Michael J. Buckley, S.J.
  13. Von Balthasar's Valorization and Critique of Heidegger's Genealogy of Modernity

  14. Cyril O'Regan
  15. Naming God: Analogical Negation

  16. Kenneth Schmitz
  17. Mystical Literature and Modern Unbelief

  18. James Wiseman, O.S.B.
  19. Art and the Sacred: Postscript to a Seminar

  20. Karsten Harries
  21. Public Reason and the Common Good

  22. William O'Neill, S.J.

    Part 3: Retrospectives

  23. Louis Dupré's Philosophy of Religion: An Indispensable Discourse on Fragments of Meaning

  24. George P. Schner, S.J.
  25. "Modern Forms Filled with Traditional Spiritual Content": On Louis Dupré's Contribution to Christian Theology

  26. Peter Casarella
  27. Free Expressivity within the Social Whole: Still a Modern Dialectic

  28. Philip Chmielewski, S.J.

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