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Christian Theology for People in a Hurry

Christian Theology for People in a Hurry

by Daryl Aaron

NOOK Book(eBook)

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Let's be real. Theology is intimidating. There are so many unfamiliar words and difficult concepts—or so it seems. Would you like to know the basics of theology and have an easy route to that knowledge? If so, these short, simple readings are the way to go. Here, Daryl Aaron answers some of the toughest questions about the nature of God, heaven, the Bible, church, and even ourselves. Blending the knowledge of a college professor with friendly, down-to-earth language, Aaron explains theology in a way you can understand. Broken into forty small chapters, this book gives you quick, clear answers to your questions about theology.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781493418428
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 02/05/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 224
File size: 10 MB

About the Author

Daryl Aaron earned his MA at the University of Texas-Dallas, his ThM at Dallas Theological Seminary, his DMin at Bethel Theological Seminary, and his PhD at the Graduate Theological Foundation. He spent fourteen years in pastoral ministry followed by twenty years teaching at the University of Northwestern-St. Paul, in St. Paul, Minnesota. He recently retired and was granted the appointment of Professor Emeritus of Biblical and Theological Studies.

Table of Contents

Introduction 11

1 What Is Theology? 17

Section 1 The Bible

2 God Makes Himself Known 25

3 The Bible Is God's Word 29

4 What Are the Implications of the Bible Being the Word of God? 34

5 What Are Other Implications of the Bible Being God's Word? 39

Section 2 God

6 What Characteristics of God Make Him Unique? 45

7 What Other Characteristics of God Make Him Unique? 50

8 What Characteristics of Himself Does God Share With Humans? 54

9 What Does It Mean That God Is a Trinity? 58

10 Did God Really Make Everything? 63

11 How Does God Work in the World? 67

Section 3 Created Beings and Sin

12 What Are Angels and Demons? 75

13 What Does It Mean to Be Human? 79

14 Soul, Spirit, and Body 84

15 What Is Sin? 89

16 What Is Original Sin? 93

Section 4 Jesus

17 Jesus Christ Is God 101

18 Jesus Christ Is Human 105

19 Haw Can Jesus Be Both God and Man? 109

20 What Has Jesus Christ Done for Us? 113

21 Is the Resurrection of Jesus Really That Important? 117

22 What Does It Mean to Say That Jesus Is Lord? 122

Section 5 The Holy Spirit

23 Is the Holy Spirit a Person or Thing? 129

24 How Does the Holy Spirit Help Christians? 133

25 What Are the Gifts of the Spirit? 138

Section 6 Salvation

26 Jesus Saves 145

27 How Does God Choose Who Will Be Saved? 150

28 Did Jesus Die for Everyone? 155

29 How Does a Person Become Saved? 159

30 What Are the Results of Being Saved? 163

31 Can Christians Lose Their Salvation? 167

32 Is Jesus the Only Way to Be Saved? 171

Section 7 The Church

33 What Is the Church? 179

34 How Is the Local Church to Be Governed and Led? 183

35 What Is the Significance of Baptism? 188

36 What Is the Significance of the Lord's Supper? 193

Section 8 Last Things and Heaven

37 Is Jesus Really Coming Back? 199

38 When Is Jesus Coming Back? 203

39 What Will Happen When Jesus Comes Back? 208

40 What Will Heaven Be Like? 213

Epilogue 219

Notes 221

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