Christianity and Culture in the Middle Ages: Essays to Honor John Van Engen

Christianity and Culture in the Middle Ages: Essays to Honor John Van Engen


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ISBN-13: 9780268035334
Publisher: University of Notre Dame Press
Publication date: 12/30/2014
Pages: 576
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

David C. Mengel is an associate professor of history at Xavier University.
Lisa Wolverton is an associate professor of history at the University of Oregon.
Contributors: Christine Caldwell Ames, Giles Constable, William J. Courtenay, Susan Einbinder, Dyan Elliott, Roy Hammerling, Daniel Hobbins, William Chester Jordan, Ruth Mazo Karras, Rachel Koopmans, Jonathan R. Lyon, David C. Mengel, Maureen C. Miller, James D. Mixson, R. I. Moore, Marcela K. Perett, Walter Simons, Lisa Wolverton

Table of Contents

List of Figures and Maps ix

Preface xi


1 The Christianization of Medieval Marriage Ruth Mazo Karras 3

2 The Christianization of Bohemia: Revising the Narratives Lisa Wolverton 25

3 The Cather Middle Ages as an Historiographical Problem R. I. Moore 58

4 Authentic, True, and Right: Inquisition and the Study of Medieval Popular Religion Christine Caldwell Ames 87

Twelfth-Century Culture

5 Reconsidering Reform: A Roman Example Maureen C. Miller 123

6 Otto of Freising's Tyrants: Church Advocates and Noble Lordship in the Long Twelfth Century Fonathan R. Lyon 141

7 Testimonial Letters in the Late Twelfth-Century Collections of Thomas Becket's Miracles Rachel Koopmans 168

8 The Counterfactual Twelfth Century Dyan Elliott 202

9 The Cross in Medieval Monastic Life Giles Constable 236

Jews and Christian Society

10 A Death in Wisdom's Court: Poetry and Martyrdom in Thirteenth-Century Castile Susan Eimbinder 253

Appendix: Cantiga 348; Time's Impartial Decree 272

11 Anti-Judaism in the Christina Psalter William Chester Fordan 280

12 Emperor Charles IV, Jews, and Urban Space David C. Mengel 294

Late Medieval Religious Life

13 In Praise of Faithful Woman: Count Robert of Flanders's Defense of Beguines against the Clementine Decree. Cum de quibusdam mulieribus (ca. 1318-1320) Walter Simons 331

Appendix: Count Robert's Petition to Pope John XXII 353

14 The Effect of Papal Provisions to Oxford and Paris Scholars on the Pastorate and Care of Souls William F. Courtenay 358

15 Giovanni Dominici's Firefly Reconsidered Fames D. Mixson 387

16 John Príbram and His Vernacular Treatises: Equipping the Laity in Battle against Hussite Radicals Marcela K. Perett 419

17 Hearsay, Belief, and Doubt: The Arrival of Antichrist in Fifteenth-Century Italy Daniel Hobbins 436

Appendix: A Medieval Antichrist Story 468

18 Martin Luther: The Reformed Augustinian Beggar Roy Hammerling 474

Publications of John Van Engen 501

Contributors 507

Index 512

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