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Christianity and the Religions: From Confrontation to Dialogue

Christianity and the Religions: From Confrontation to Dialogue

by Jacques Dupuis, Phillip Berryman, Geraldine Tomlin

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ISBN-10: 1570754403

ISBN-13: 9781570754401

Pub. Date: 11/28/2002

Publisher: Orbis Books

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Orbis Books
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6.00(w) x 9.24(h) x 0.65(d)

Table of Contents

Three Theological Perspectives2
From Confrontation to Dialogue5
From Interreligious Dialogue to a Theology of Religious Pluralism8
Outline and Development of This Book11
1.Jesus, the Apostolic Church, and the Religions17
Jesus and the Religions20
The Horizon of the Reign of God21
Entry of the Gentiles into the Reign of God23
The Universality of the Reign of God25
The Reign of God and the Religions29
The Apostolic Church and the Religions31
The Law Written on the Heart33
The Unknown God35
God Shows No Partiality37
God Desires Everyone to Be Saved39
2.At the Crossroads of Vatican II45
Pre-Vatican II Theology of the Religions47
Fulfillment Theory: The Binary Danielou-de Lubac47
The Inclusive Presence of Christ: The Divergence between Rahner and Panikkar52
Vatican II: A Watershed?59
Positive Values Contained in Religious Traditions61
Toward a Balanced Critical Appraisal64
The Postconciliar Magisterium67
The Pontificate of Paul VI67
The Pontificate of John Paul II68
3.Christianity and the Religions in Recent Theology74
Paradigm Shifts76
From Ecclesiocentrism to Christocentrism76
From Christocentrism to Theocentrism77
Further Models and Beyond79
Regnocentrism and Soteriocentrism79
Logocentrism and Pneumatocentrism81
Beyond Western Categories84
Toward a Model of Inclusive Pluralism87
The Christological Question87
A Trinitarian Christology as Interpretative Key90
4.The God of the Covenant and the Religions96
The Universal History of Salvation98
Beyond the Judeo-Christian Tradition98
The Saving Histories of Peoples100
God's Covenants with the Peoples103
Covenants Never Revoked103
The Trinitarian Structure of History109
5."In Many and Various Ways"114
The God of Revelation117
"All Have the Same God"117
The "Wholly Other" and the "Self of the Self"119
Words and Word of God125
Words of God and Sacred Books125
The "Fullness" of Revelation in Jesus Christ129
Revelation, Differentiated and Complementary132
6.The Word of God, Jesus Christ, and the Religions of the World138
The Universal Action of the Word as Such139
The Wisdom of God in the Wisdom Tradition140
The Word of God in the Prologue to St. John's Gospel142
The Doctrine of the Logos Spermatikos in the Early Fathers of the Church147
The Universality of the Word and the Centrality of the Event of Jesus Christ156
The Centrality of the Event of Jesus Christ157
The Universality of the Word159
7.The "One Mediator" and "Participated Mediations"163
Universal Savior and Unique Mediator169
New Testament Christology Revisited and Interpreted169
The Human Face of God173
The Universal Presence of the Holy Spirit178
Mediation and Mediations182
Various Paths to a Common Goal182
Participated Mediations of Salvation185
Discernment of Saving Values190
8.The Reign of God, the Church, and the Religions195
Reign of God and Church: Identity or Distinction?197
Recent History of Relationships between Church and Reign of God197
Joint Members and Builders of the Reign of God201
"Outside the Church No Salvation"?203
The Church and the Religions in the Reign of God206
Necessity of the Church206
The Church, Sacrament of the Kingdom213
9.Interreligious Dialogue in a Pluralistic Society218
The Theological Foundation of Dialogue222
"Mystery of Unity"222
Dialogue and Proclamation225
The Challenges and Fruits of Dialogue228
Commitment and Openness228
Personal Faith and the Experience of the Other230
Mutual Enrichment232
10.Interreligious Prayer236
Praying Together: Why?239
From Dialogue to Common Prayer239
The Religions, God's Gifts to Humankind241
Praying Together: How?242
Common Prayer between Christians and Jews243
Common Prayer between Christians and Muslims245
Common Prayer between Christians and the "Others"248
Religious Pluralism in Principle254
Mutual Asymmetrical Complementarity255
A Qualitative Leap258
A Word on "the Christ Mandala" of Nalini Jayasuriya276

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