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Christianity Encountering World Religions: The Practice of Mission in the Twenty-first Century

Christianity Encountering World Religions: The Practice of Mission in the Twenty-first Century


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The current religious climate poses unique challenges to those engaged in mission. Thus the authors of this book propose a new, yet very biblical, model for interacting with people of other faiths. They term this model giftive mission, as it is based on the metaphor of free gift. We bear the greatest gift possible—the gospel message. Adopting this perspective not only has the potential for greater missionary success but also enables us to more closely imitate God's gracious activity in the world. The core of the book explores eleven practices that characterize giftive mission. Each practice is illustrated through the story of a figure from mission history who embodied that practice. Further discussion shows how to incorporate these practices in specific mission settings.

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ISBN-13: 9780801026607
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 04/01/2009
Series: Encountering Mission
Pages: 408
Sales rank: 592,689
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Terry C. Muck (PhD, Northwestern University) is executive director of the Louisville Institute, a Lilly Endowment-funded program based at Louisville Seminary supporting those who lead and study American religious institutions. He formerly served as dean of the E. Stanley Jones School of World Mission and Evangelism at Asbury Theological Seminary. He is the author of nine books, including Ministry and Theology in Global Perspective: Contemporary Challenges for the Church. Frances S. Adeney (PhD, Graduate Theological Union) is William A. Benfield Jr. Professor of Evangelism and Global Mission at Louisville Seminary. She has authored and contributed to many books, including Christian Women in Indonesia: A Narrative Study of Gender and Religion and Christianity and Human Rights: Influences and Issues.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Context, Text, and Pre-Texts
1. The Context of World Religion Today
2. Text: What the Bible Says
3. Pre-Texts: Theology and Personality
Part 2: Practices: Beyond Competition and Cooperation
4. Universality: Reaching Out to All, Including Christians
5. Fellowship: Belonging Precedes Believing
6. Localization: Focusing on Questions and Concerns of the Local Community
7. Commitment: Holding Ideas with Conviction; Acting Decisively on Those Ideas; Not Letting Those Ideas Be Divisive
8. Freedom: Honoring the Principle of Religious Choice as Free and Uncoerced
9. Effectiveness: Allowing the Context to Determine the Form of Witness
10. Consistency: Striving for Consistency between Methods and Goals
11. Variety: Communicating the Gospel in Many Forms, Verbal and Nonverbal
12. Respect: Not Disparaging Others in Order to Champion Your Own; Not Disparaging Your Own in Order to Respect Others
13. Charity: Loving Those to Whom We Witness
14. Missional Ecumenicity: Practicing Mission as the Joint Project of the Church, Not an Occasion for Competition
15. Jesus, Mission Innovator: Jesus' Model of Giftive Mission
Part 3: Method: How Do We Do It?
16. The Spiral of Knowledge Acquisition: Learning about New Cultures and New Religions
17. Experiencing: The Influence of Our Personal Histories
18. Bracketing: Putting Convictions on Hold
19. Encountering: Learning from a New Culture and Religion
20. Evaluating: Appraising the New Culture and Religion from Our Christian Point of View
21. Integrating: Reshaping Our Own Views and Mission Practices Part 4: Giftive Mission
22. Metaphors for Mission
23. The Four Gifts
24. Giftive Mission
Appendix A: Biblical Inter-Religious Encounters
Appendix B: Inter-Religious Encounter Mode Instrument
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