by Raphael Israeli


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In the present upheaval in the Islamic world, as chaos, war, and vengeance are overtaking order, security, and civil rights, Muslim radicals have been venting their frustrations among their minorities, most of whom are Christian: from ancient Chaldeans in Iraq to Orthodox denominations in Turkey; from Catholics in Indonesia and Malaysia to remote and isolated Christian communities in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Related to this vast and escalating phenomenon has been the violent activity of some within the Muslim minorities in the West, who have migrated there in the past few decades and now seek revenge against their former colonial masters. This is taking place in the context of fast-increasing numbers of Muslims in the West, the result both of high birthrates and of escalating legal and illegal immigration from Islamic lands.

""Professor Raphael Israelioffers a strong narrative on the persecution of Christian minorities in Muslim countries, a work begun by the writings of Bat Ye'or a few decades earlier. Israeli criticizes Western countries for their self-destructive indifference and double standards. Political correctness in Western media and academia allows for warning against Islamophobia but denies faithful reporting on Christianophobia in Muslim societies, including those living in the West. We hope Israeli's message will be read by a wide public.""
--Marc Cogen, Professor of International Law, Brussels

Raphael Israeli (PhD, Berkeley) is Professor Emeritus of Middle Eastern, Chinese, and Islamic History at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. He is author of fifty books and more than a hundred scholarly articles.

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