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Christlike Dialogue: Engaging in Conversations that Honor God

Christlike Dialogue: Engaging in Conversations that Honor God

by Jeff Rosenau
Christlike Dialogue: Engaging in Conversations that Honor God

Christlike Dialogue: Engaging in Conversations that Honor God

by Jeff Rosenau


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Product Description

Christlike Dialogue: Engaging in Conversations that Honor God is a biblically grounded 10-week small group experience for Christians which will challenge you to examine the words you speak, the way you listen, your love for others, and more, as you learn to initiate and engage in conversations that honor God.

As a Christian, you do represent Jesus through the words you speak. You either represent Him well, or you represent Him poorly. When you gossip about or quarrel with people created in the image of God, you represent Jesus poorly and remain part of the problem with our society. But when you intentionally engage people with differing views in Christlike dialogue, you represent Jesus well and become part of the solution to the brokenness in America.

This study defines Christlike dialogue as honest conversation guided by the Holy Spirit that includes four characteristics: other-minded listening, seeking and speaking the truth in love, focusing on Christ’s interests, and trusting God with the outcome. Each characteristic is addressed in the book by studying key Scripture and through self-assessment, group discussion, and practical application challenges. All study materials and discussion questions, including a personal journal to record progress, are provided in this one book.

A key component of the study is the real life examples of Christlike dialogues between people with differing viewpoints. The examples include conversations about tough topics such as race, religion, politics, abortion and gender issues, as well as disagreements at home and in the workplace. The ten guidelines that are taught are based on biblical principles that both Christians and non-Christians can use to cultivate a safe environment for engaging in conversations over controversial issues.

By completing this study, you will become more confident in sharing Christ; approaching conflict as an opportunity instead of with anxiety or by avoiding it; and replacing harsh truth with gentle instruction and false grace with careful, loving discipline. With a new perspective you will experience the joy of restored relationships as you replace argumentative monologues, gossip and quarreling with conversations that honor God. Most importantly, you will be prepared to represent Jesus well, thereby becoming part of the solution to the brokenness in America, one conversation at a time.

We encourage you to experience this 10-week small group study that is transforming lives for God’s glory.

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ISBN-13: 9780971772243
Publisher: Christlike Dialogue
Publication date: 01/11/2018
Pages: 150
Sales rank: 625,996
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.32(d)

About the Author

Jeff Rosenau is founder and president of the ministry, Christlike Dialogue. For 25 years, Jeff has been teaching biblical principles to prepare people to engage in conversations that are honoring to God.

Table of Contents

1. Jesus Didn't Die for Us to Remain the Same (the need for Christlike Dialogue).

2. Seize the Opportunity (in the workplace)

3. Other-Minded Listening (in marriage)

4. Seek and Speak the Truth in Love (regarding abortion)

5. Grace, Truth, and Tolerance (regarding homosexuality)

6. Focus on Christ's Interests (with non-Christians)

7. Trust God with the Outcome (regarding Islam)

8. The Meek Surrender, but Never Lose (in the home)

9. Persevere in Love, Despite Differences (regarding race and politics)

10. From Debate to Christlike Dialogue (by applying the Guidelines)

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