Christmas Comes to Little Hickman Creek

Christmas Comes to Little Hickman Creek

by Sharlene MacLaren

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Two years ago this Christmas, Sadie Bennett’s beloved husband was killed in a tragic accident at the local sawmill. What was once her favorite time of year now haunts her, with its cheerful trappings a cruel reminder of the love she lost. The young widow would like nothing more than to hibernate until the festivities are over. When she finds herself assigned to the committee tasked with picking a Christmas tree for the town square of Little Hickman, Kentucky, she begrudgingly agrees but determines to fulfill her duties to the bare minimum.
As the search for a suitable tree gets under way, Sadie is dismayed to learn that one of her fellow committee members is a man she’s worked hard to avoid. Reed Harris owns the local livery, and while he’s friendly enough—good-looking, too—Sadie isn’t ready to invest in another relationship. In fact, she may never be ready, unless a Christmas miracle manages to thaw her frozen heart.

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ISBN-13: 9781629111810
Publisher: Whitaker House
Publication date: 08/14/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 144
Sales rank: 589,157
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About the Author

Sharlene MacLaren was born and raised in west Michigan and attended Spring Arbor University. Upon graduating in 1971 with an education degree, she taught second grade for two years, then accepted an invitation to travel internationally with a singing ensemble for one year. In 1975, she came home, returned to her teaching job, and married her childhood sweetheart. Together, they raised two lovely daughters, both of whom are now happily married and enjoying families of their own. Retired in 2003 after thirty-one years of teaching, “Shar” loves to read, sing, travel, and spend time with her family—in particular, her adorable grandchildren!
A Christian for over fifty years, and a lover of the English language, Shar always enjoyed dabbling in writing. She remembers well the short stories she wrote in high school, and watching them circulate from girl to girl during government and civics classes. “Psst,” someone would whisper from two rows over, always when the teacher’s back was turned, “pass me the next page.”
In the early 2000s, Shar felt God’s call upon her heart to take her writing pleasures a step further, and in 2006, she signed a contract for her first faith-based novel, Through Every Storm, thereby launching her writing career. With eighteen published novels now gracing store shelves and being sold online, she daily gives God all the glory. She dedicated her last novel, Their Daring Hearts, to Jesus.
Shar has done numerous countrywide book signings and made several television appearances and radio interviews. She loves speaking for community organizations, libraries, church groups, and women’s conferences. In her church, she is active in women’s ministries, regularly facilitating Bible studies and other events. She and her husband, Cecil, live in Spring Lake, Michigan, with their beautiful white collie, Peyton, and their ragdoll cat, Blue.
SHARLENE MACLAREN’S novels include the beloved Little Hickman Creek series (Loving Liza Jane; Sarah, My Beloved; and Courting Emma); and the acclaimed historical trilogies The Daughters of Jacob Kane (Hannah Grace, Maggie Rose, and Abbie Ann), River of Hope (Livvie’s Song, Ellie’s Haven, and Sofia’s Secret), and Tennessee Dreams (Heart of Mercy, Threads of Joy, and Gift of Grace). Sharlene MacLaren lives with her husband, Cecil, in Spring Lake Michigan.

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Christmas Comes to Little Hickman Creek 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
LucyMR1 More than 1 year ago
What a great Christmas read, perfect for a quick fix. This is such a sweet story dealing with healing from the loss of a spouse. Sharlene MacLaren has a way with words that leaves you wanting more. This is a warm and inviting read that you don’t want to miss. You’ll fall in love with the characters and the town of Little Hickman Creek in 1898. It makes you want to help cut down that Christmas tree. I received a complimentary copy from the author. The honest review and opinions are my own and were not required.
pautoyoung More than 1 year ago
Christmas Comes to Little Hickman Creek by Sharlene MacLaren is one of the best written and sweetest novellas that I have had the privilege of reading. The book may be only 133 pages, but the characters and storyline are well developed. This novella is perfect to read not only during the Christmas season but any time of the year that you want a quick, sweet, love story read. Loved it! Sadie Bennett is a young widow of two years whose husband was killed shortly after they married in a work related accident during the Christmas season. With Christmas drawing near, her thoughts turn toward her husband and their love for each other. Although she works as a waitress, she finds little happiness in being with others besides her family. The people in her church in this small community in Kentucky love Sadie and are determined to help her live in joy again. Also, the handsome Reed Harris, who owns the local livery, is quickly falling in love with her. Does Sadie have to completely forget her husband to find love and live in joy again? What does God want for her life? This story was a little personal for me. My husband was a widower for almost two years when we met, fell in love, and married. We don’t have to forget the happiness of the past to have love and joy in the future! I received a copy from the author and publisher of The Book Club Network in exchange for an honest review.
Heather06 More than 1 year ago
I found this book endearing and wonderful. I feel for Sadie in that she doesn't want to be part of the living world without her husband, and how horrible for her to have lost him so early in their marriage. This book is well written - you can feel the characters' frustration with their situations, their heartache. The one thing that I truly appreciate about this book is a reminder that God should always come first. He is our Father and he provides for us always. We always need to remember to lean on him. We need to remember that our Father is everything and everything else should come second to him so that brownie or that cigarette isn't going to give us what He can and does give us. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
annelr More than 1 year ago
Christmas Comes to Little Hickman Creek is a tender seasonal novella that brings readers back to 1890s Little Hickman, Kentucky where they will revisit old friends and meet new ones. Sharlene MacLaren, author of Little Hickman Creek Series, introduces Sadie, barely married and suddenly a widow and Reed, the new owner of the town's livery. Readers will enjoy this charming story of a community of friends and family during what should be a season of joy and happiness. With the anniversary of the death of Sadie's husband nearing, her grief is still acute and she is fearful of new relationships. Reed is interested, in fact, smitten might be a better word! But can he compete with a dead husband? Faith in God is evident throughout. I loved the way some of the characters hear God speak to them words of encouragement and guidance and were aware of the need for wise counsel from His Word and Godly friends. Engaging characters, delightful tales of family and farm life, and a sweet romance will touch the heart and have readers coming back for more from this author. I received a copy of this book through The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review.
ARS8 More than 1 year ago
I had read Sharlene Maclaren’s Little Hickman Creek series a few years ago, so it was nice to go back and visit again. This was a novella that takes place during the month of December and tells the story of a young widow, Sadie Bennett, who had lost her husband two years prior. She has closed her heart off and has just been living an existence that just gets her by. She more or less was becoming a recluse. However, the handsome livery owner Reed Harris has set his sights on her and with the help of her family and town, he intends to open her heart again. This was a sweet little story about a woman learning to let go of fear and to love again. I received a copy for an honest review from The Book Club Network, Inc. and the opinions are my own.
MelissaF More than 1 year ago
This is a sweet, quick Christmas read. Sharlene paints a quaint picture of Little Hickman Creek and its residents. Reed is a wonderful hero, who patiently pursues Sadie. Sadie was a bit hard for me to read. She hung on to her past so much and seemed determined not to enjoy life or all the blessings around her. So I will say at first I didn’t care for her. But as the book went on and she opened up more I started liking her character a bit more. This book is a good reminder that we can’t let the things in the past stop us from embracing our present and future. A copy of this book was given to me by The Book Club Network Inc. in exchange for an honest review.
Cindy-J More than 1 year ago
Christmas Comes to Little Hickman Creek by Sharlene MacLaren revisits the town of Little Hickman, Kentucky, the setting of a trilogy of earlier books. Sadie Bennett lost her husband of one month in a sawmill accident two years ago in December. Since then she has been lost in her grief and would rather skip Christmas with all of its celebrations. Her employer Grace volunteered to serve on the committee to select the town Christmas tree this year, but when committee members are in Grace’s Tearoom discussing a time to meet, Grace decides she is too busy to go and Sadie can take her place. Sadie allowed Reed Harris to escort her on a couple of outings, but lately she has declined his invitations and tried to avoid Reed. She just isn’t ready to move on. This is the first book by Ms. MacLaren I’ve read. Although this book follows a trilogy, I do not feel I missed vital information because I hadn’t read the others first. Based on this book, I would love to now read the stories of some of the couples I met in this book. This book was a sweet, easy-to-read novella with a happy ending. I received a copy of this book through The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review.
Robbi44 More than 1 year ago
What does a young widow feel at Christmas time? How does she open her heart when her husband was suddenly killed in a work related accident on Christmas Eve? That is the underlying story of this novella. Sadie Bennett withdrew from life after her short-lived marriage finding no hope or promise of happiness or joy in her future. She let her relationship with God lapse as well - therefore, losing the strength and energy to move forward in life. However, living in a small town in the late 1800’s when everyone knew and cared for each other, she was faithfully held up in prayer by several prayer warriors. Reed Harris, the local livery owner and very eligible bachelor, was drawn to Sadie but respected her grief. The author used a series of circumstances, the power of God, and much sensitivity for the grieving process to bring about changes in Sadie so she could keep the treasured memories of the past in the past and move forward to the joys of the present and future. This is a sweet story that touches the readers’ hearts as they reflect on people they know who have also lost a loved one, especially during the Christmas season.
Cheri5 More than 1 year ago
I read Christmas Comes to Little Hickman Creek by Sharlene MacLaren. This was a great story. I loved the way she wrote, I loved the small town it was set in - I could visualize the characters, the streets, the families - their faith. Great story that captured my attention from the back cover blurb, to the first chapter through to the end. I would definitely read more books from Sharlene MacLaren. I received this book for free from The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review.
jbarr5 More than 1 year ago
Christmas comes to Little Hickman Creek by Sharlene MacLaren Wanted to read this book first of all because of the cover. I've trekked many times in 3feet of snow to go to the shed to get something wearing my big boots. Next thing that appealed to me was the timeframe, enjoy how some local villages replicate the same time and we visit often to see how things were done in their time. Story follows Sadie Bennett who works at Grace's tearoom and is trying to just get by the Christmas season by herself, now that her spouse was killed at the sawmill last winter. Also follows Reed Harris who runs the local livery and is on the Christmas committee to haul the town tree to the square. Sadie has gotten roped into helping others select the perfect tree. She had gone out with Reed a few times and wanted to cool things as she was a recent widow... Story is filled with quotes from the Bible as they each study the verses and ask God for guidance. Love the KY holiday small town atmosphere and what community means. Recipes included. I received this book from in exchange for my honest review.
amybooksy More than 1 year ago
Christmas Comes to Little Hickman Creek is the first book I have read by Sharlene MacLaren. Where have I been? This lady knows how to write! I just loved this short story of letting go and moving on. I am adding other books by this author to my wish list. Fabulous read! 5 plus stars. I received this book from in exchange for my honest opinion, which is given.
NanceeMarchinowski More than 1 year ago
Warmhearted visit with friends from the past A visit back in time to the novels of the Little Hickman Creek series reminds me of the friendships developed with the characters throughout that series. Sadie is a young widow whose newlywed husband died in a tragic accident two years prior. Through her grief she has isolated herself from the community by continuing to mourn her loss. Christmas was her favorite time of year, but now it is only a sad reminder of what could have been. Church friends coerce Sadie into helping find a Christmas tree for the community, and becoming involved with the children's Christmas program. Maybe this is just what she needs to overcome her restraint in the form of any social commitments. Sharlene MacLaren has been a favorite author for several years. I discovered her books in the library, and was soon hooked on her beautiful stories of inspiration and romance. The Little Hickman Creek series was beautifully written, and this short visit back in time to the community has piqued my interest in reading that series again. Sharlene writes with a beautifully inspirational style that lends credibility to her characters and their way of life. Little Hickman Creek is a small community that is described in a quaint style, with the residents of the community an assorted array of characters, just like those in our own lives. Colorful, realistic and with a touch of romance, this is a warm, cozy Christmas story that I would read at any time of year! Disclaimer: I received a gift copy of this book from the author with no expectations of a review of any kind. All opinions expressed are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.
sunshineJB More than 1 year ago
Great Christmas Novella! I thoroughly enjoyed Sadie Bennett’s character. I know that many readers will be able to relate to Sadie’s situation. I know I can. A death of a loved one is hard. Moving on is even harder.  Will Sadie be able to find joy in her life again? Will her happiness for Christmas ever return?  This author brought out legitimate fears that Sadie had. We know that with God anything is possible. Will Sadie open her heart to allow God to rule in her life again? Will she be able to step out in faith and live again? I think readers will find this story to be delightful and very touching. I always say that a book isn’t a good read if it doesn’t touch me or bring me to tears. This book did just that. This is the first book I have read by this author. I am looking forward to reading more of her books.
Janine_S More than 1 year ago
“Christmas Come to Little Hickman Creek” by Sharlene MacLaren is a sweet and tender novella that is just perfect for that night when one wants to sit back to have a quick read when they are limited on time. We are taken back to Little Hickman Creek for a visit for this story and we get to revisit with the Broughton's, Callahan's, and Atkins' a little in this story, however, if one hasn't read the prior Little Hickman Creek books that is not a problem for this is a perfect stand alone novella. Personally I would have rather had a full length novel with a return to Little Hickman Creek series, but I will take what I can get. Sadie is a young woman who has not been able to move on after the death of her husband during the Christmas season. She is one who puts up a lot of pretense that things are fine, but inside she is just struggling to get through each day. Reed is a young man who has figured out what he wants and living in a big city is not it, and he has his eye on his future wife. He is a man who shows great patience and honor in how he behaves around the woman he wants for a wife. I have to say that I loved the moments when in the book God spoke to the characters, whether they recognized it as a nudge from the Holy Spirit or heard the words themselves, it was just so beautiful. I always enjoy those special moments when an author has God speaking to His special fictional creation (and I firmly believe that God speaks to both real flesh and blood, and to fictional characters) for I believe that God is speaking to someone who is reading the book and hopefully they will see what they need to see. And, yes, I did take something away from the story. One of the underlining messages that I took away from the story is that there is a season for everything. A season for grief, for joy, for tears, for laughter, but there is never a season for fear for with God all things will work out. It was not an easy lesson, but it did come slowly and over time instead of just a few pages. I always appreciate when lessons are learned slowly instead of instantaneously for I think the lesson is remembered better that way. This story does take place over a few weeks if that long but it was hard to remember that, because the story was so well told that we learn a few things to help make the story seem more realistic. I truly enjoyed the story and will reread it again, then again I fell in love when I first read The Little Hickman Creek series just earlier this year. I hope all who read this book enjoy it as much as I did.