Christmas in Kilts: A Highland Holiday Box Set

Christmas in Kilts: A Highland Holiday Box Set

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Tis the season to fall in love! These five bestselling authors bring you great tiding of highlanders and romances this holiday season!

A HIGHLANDER'S HOPE by Terri Brisbin
A village harlot who would never dream she could have a different life meets a Highlander who visits for the holidays and brings with him an offer and hope.

When a snowstorm forces a charming lass hiding a broken heart to take shelter in a castle with three fine Highland lairds just days before Christmas, there’s a game afoot—who will be the first to win a kiss and maybe her heart.

She's ready to embrace her life and future as a spinster, he's trying to have one last hurrah before he gives into his family's wishes and proposes marriage to his neighbor, but fate has other ideas when the lady and the Scot meet at a holiday house party in the wilds of Scotland.

What happens when a highlander finds himself stranded, maybe kidnapped, with an English lady around Christmas... maybe the mistletoe will help answer that question.

An encounter between an English officer and a desperate aunt trying to keep custody of her young niece leads to a little magic during the holidays.

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ISBN-13: 9781250179326
Publisher: St. Martin''s Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/31/2017
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 300
Sales rank: 81,416
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Lecia Cornwall is the author of Regency and Scottish romances, including Beauty and the Highland Beast and When a Laird Finds a Lass. Her books are known for their layered plots, humour, and intriguing characters. Lecia lives in Alberta, Canada with two adult children, four cats, a crazy chocolate Lab, the dozens of book characters who live in her head, and one very patient husband who endures it all with remarkable patience. Lecia is currently hard at work on her next book.
USA Today Bestselling author, Bronwen Evans (Bron), loves story-telling – gobbling up movies, reading books and attending the theater. Bronwen attended Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand earning a bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Administration. Her debut novel, INVITATION TO RUIN, was nominated in the RT Reviewer’s Choice Awards. Invitation to Ruin also won the RomCon Readers Crown Best Historical 2012. She lives in New Zealand in sunny Hawkes Bay with her two Cavoodles named Brandy and Duke.
Authors Nikoo and Jim McGoldrick (writing as May McGoldrick) weave emotionally satisfying tales of love and danger. Publishing under the names of May McGoldrick and Jan Coffey, these authors have written more than thirty novels and works of nonfiction for Penguin Random House, Mira, HarperCollins, Entangled, and Heinemann. Nikoo, an engineer, also conducts frequent workshops on writing and publishing and serves as a Resident Author. Jim holds a Ph.D. in Medieval and Renaissance literature and teaches English in northwestern Connecticut. They are the authors of Much ado about Highlanders, Taming the Highlander, and Tempest in the Highlands with SMP Swerve.
Lavinia Kent never knew that most people don’t make up stories in their heads to pass the time. She still has a hard time understanding how those who don’t survive the doctor’s waiting room or a grocery store line without another world to escape into. She is the author of the Bound and Determined series.
In her previous lives, USA TODAY bestselling author Terri Brisbin has lived in ancient Egypt and medieval Scotland, but here and now she’s stuck in the wilds of southern New Jersey with one hubby, three sons (and three daughters-in-law), and two grandbabies (with TWO more on the way)! When not living the life of a glamorous romance author or writing her way through deadline-binges-o-mania, she also continues in her practice as a dental hygienist.

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Dunbarton Keep, Scotland

Late November, in the Year of Our Lord, 1357

Iain MacKillop stared across the hall and watched as his nieces and nephews, brothers, and other kith and kin went about their usual tasks and routines. And with every passing second, he knew he was not needed.

The MacKillops had been at peace for years, their allies strong enough to deter any real trouble. As uncle of the chieftain and commander of all the MacKillop fighting men, he thought things had been quiet. Too quiet. With the worst of the winter coming soon, Iain could not imagine being here with all the squabbling and ... children.

Having never been blessed with ones of his own before his wife passed, he now grew impatient around the young ones. 'Twas not that he disliked them; nay, it was rather that he'd wanted to have children too much.

Marry again, his nephew Jamie had said. Jamie had even offered to make arrangements for a suitable bride as befitted the uncle of the chieftain. Suitable bride, his arse! Jamie simply wanted to use him to cement some far-flung relationship, as his own father had done with Iain's first marriage. Now, though, Iain refused to be a pawn again.

As though thinking on Jamie's marriage plans had made him appear, Iain noticed his nephew approaching the table where Iain sat. Lifting the mug and pouring the last bit into his mouth, Iain stood and pushed the stool away, determined to avoid this again.

"Iain, stay a moment," Jamie said as he arrived next to Iain. "I have a matter to discuss with ye."

"Jamie, leave it be," he said. "I want no woman to wife now."

His nephew studied him in silence and nodded, before sitting down and drawing Iain down next to him. Holding up Iain's mug, he signaled his desire for ale to a passing maid. When a clean cup appeared filled with ale, his nephew drank deeply of it before speaking.

"I mean no disrespect to Elisabeth, uncle, when I urge you to remarry. I doubt she would want you to remain unhappy for the rest of your life."

"I am not unhappy," Iain replied. "And you do not know how Elisabeth would feel about it."

But Iain did. Elisabeth had begged him on her deathbed not to mourn her. To marry again. To have the children she could never give him with another. Iain's stomach soured at the memory.

"Fine," his nephew said. "Then I will put it plainly to you — I need you to strengthen our alliance with the MacLarens. They have a daughter of marriageable age, and ..."

Iain's expression must have changed without him realizing it, for his nephew stopped in the middle of his words. Of marriageable age meant a girl barely into womanhood. No matter that it was customary; as a man of more than two score years, he had no wish to take a near-child as his bride.

"Have I not served ye and our clan all my life, Jamie?" he asked, already knowing the answer. "Have I not done everything asked of me by first yer father and then by ye?" Iain stood then, and his nephew raised his gaze to follow him. A curt nod was the only acknowledgement. "Then if — if I decide to remarry, it will be my choice this time."

Iain strode the length of the hall and out of the keep. Standing there in the cold November rain, he considered the issue that he'd thought was over and done. His stomach tightened as he remembered both Elisabeth's last wishes and his nephew's words and request. The truth in his heart was harder to accept than Jamie's suggested proposal.

He wanted to marry again. He craved the joys and simple pleasures that had existed between him and his wife. And, aye, he wanted children more than anything in his heart or soul.

He kicked at a stone on the step next to his foot and sent it flying at the wall. Damn, but he wished they'd been blessed with children. Nay, his real wish was that Elisabeth yet lived and had born their bairns. Another stone flew against the wall.

It had been five years and the deepest pain had passed, but Iain would never forget her smile and her tender touch. And her soft ways and words.

Ye are no' a man to be alone, my love. Find someone who will make ye happy this time.

He'd argued with her then; for, though theirs had been an arranged marriage between strangers, their unexpected love had made him extremely happy. As was the usual way of things between them, even on her deathbed, she was right and spoke advice that was true. He did not like being alone. He would like to find someone. Mayhap he should allow Jamie his way in this? Let him make the arrangements?

The cold winds picked up then, whipping through the yard and around the stone keep. Buffeted by them, he wondered: was Lisabeth putting in her opinion about the matter? Nay, 'twas just the winds reminding him that winter would soon be upon them and the weather would make travel across the Highlands more difficult, if possible at all.

It had become his custom over these last years to visit Robbie Mathieson in Dunnedin over the darkest part of the winter. It was easier to celebrate Christ's Mass and the year's end there rather than here, where the memories of Elisabeth were so strong.

Make new memories, Iain. Love again. Live again.

Her words seemed to echo around him, and they tormented him as they always did. But she did not mean to do that to him, for Elisabeth had given him permission to continue on without her. And he had.

Kicking the final stone there on the landing of the steps and watching it bounce off the wall, Iain took a deep breath and decided to leave this matter be for now. If he met a woman who stirred his desire for marriage, and not some child-being thrust at him for the purpose of clan alliances, he would think on it once more.

Iain had to laugh aloud then, at the way that life and the fates sometimes conspired to show the folly of decisions and well-meaning plans. For in that moment, he realized that he had met someone who turned his thoughts in unusual directions. There was a woman whom he visited each time he made his way to Dunnedin. One who filled his thoughts every time he made arrangements to visit the stronghold of the MacKendimen Clan. The woman who was the most inappropriate one in his life.

Robena MacKendimen.

He enjoyed spending time with her, and she seemed to welcome him there. But he was certain that she thought of him in a completely different way than he did about her.

To her, he was a valued customer. To him, she was a splendid companion, even if she was the village harlot. He'd spent many hours, days even, in her company since Elisabeth's passing. She was intelligent, passionate, quick-witted, and ... comfortable. She demanded nothing of him while offering so much to him.

As he sent off word to Robert that he would indeed visit Dunnedin, as was his custom for the coming holidays and end-of-year festivities, Iain laughed at the preposterous idea that came to him then. Worse, the thought occurred to him several times over the next days before he left to journey there.

Robena MacKendimen as his wife.

His nephew and his other kin would die of apoplexy if he mentioned it. Mayhap he should, just to get Jamie to cease his badgering over it? Iain kept laughing aloud every time the thought struck him.

But by the time he rode from Dunbarton, the thought of it — of her — did not seem so nonsensical as before.

Dunnedin, Scotland

Robena heard the footsteps crunching up the path outside her cottage and stood. Though most men waited until night had fallen, some preferred their pleasure earlier in the day. She ran her fingers through her hair and shook out the wrinkles in her gown as she walked across the chamber. Putting on her best welcoming smile, she lifted the latch and tugged the door open to greet her guest.

"Robena," Rob Mathieson said as he nodded his head to her.

Of all the people — the men — who could be standing there, he was the last one she expected to see. Currently the tanist to the chieftain of the MacKendimen Clan, Rob had been her childhood friend before he'd been exiled by his natural father and fostered elsewhere. Almost five years ago, he'd been called back here and had, after a good amount of trouble and travails, found himself married to the Lady Anice and acknowledged by his father.

Happily married to the Lady Anice.

"What are ye doing here, Rob?" she asked, pulling the door closed behind her and stepping onto the path. In spite of her understanding with the lady, Robena wanted no gossip spreading about his presence here. The lady had turned to Robena in a time of difficulty, humiliation, and uncertainty, and Robena had counseled her in the ways of men and women. From all outward appearances, Robena's advice had helped, and the lady had granted her entrance to the castle and keep.

"Iain sent word," Rob said. Holding out a piece of parchment, he explained. "He will visit here for the end of the year, until Hogmanay is done. I just thought ye would wish to ken?"

Robena tried not to smile as she gathered her hair up and tossed it over her shoulders. Iain was a friend of Rob's, and a favorite of hers as well. He paid well for her time, but more than that, she enjoyed that time with him.

"'Twould make things simpler if ye simply moved into the keep and stayed with him, ye ken?" Rob tucked the letter inside his tunic and shrugged. "After all, 'tis not a secret that he spends time with ye when he's here."

Men. She sighed. They always seemed to see things with a simple sense of clarity, while being able to ignore all the consequences and subtleties. Rob meant well, but she shook her head in reply.

"He must see to ye and the laird while I cannot be there. Ye ken how Struan feels about me being there when family is at table." In spite of the lady's acceptance, the laird would never allow it.

"I can speak to him," he offered.

"Nay, Rob." Robena shook her head again. "He is chieftain, and ye cannot naysay him simply to provide a whore for yer friend."


His blue eyes darkened in anger then, and he crossed his arms over his massive chest, making her feel very small next to him. It yet amazed her that at one time, they'd run as friends in this village, and she'd kept up with him and the others. Then, the changes that happened to make lads and lasses into men and women had forced them to acknowledge that they could not remain so.

And when her mother had died and Robena took over her place there, she'd never felt shame for it. Rob's wife Anice had made it clear that she accepted Robena's place in the clan, and so Robena was not mistreated or forced to do anything she did not wish to do. Truth be told, she had plenty of food, and warm clothing and a place to live. Luckier than most women who served the baser needs of men.

"Rob, ye ken the way of it. How I live," she said, patting his arm now. "Tell Iain to visit when he can. I will be waiting for him."

She turned to go back inside, for the November winds spoke of the coming winter and tore through her gown, chilling her. Rubbing her arms, she reached for the latch when Rob spoke again.

"He said he wants ye for his whole time here."

Her body, used to giving pleasure to men, reacted to those words. Iain was a generous man, and likewise a generous lover. He made certain she found pleasure in their every encounter. Not something a whore sought, but she appreciated his attentions to her needs. Now, at the thought of being only his for three or four weeks, her body warmed and throbbed. Robena shivered then, not at the cold winds but at the private heat that poured through her. She smiled as she met Rob's gaze then.

"'Tis fine. I will tell the others."

A few men visited her regularly each week, and she would let them know she had to see to The MacKillop's uncle during his visit. His honored position because of his connections would give him the exclusive right to her if he so desired, and he had asked for her during each of his visits here. That smile grew wider as she watched Rob nod and grunt something in reply before he turned and walked down her path towards the keep.

Iain was a handsome man, almost a score of years older than her own age, but as fit as a warrior could be. The man still held a position of authority and respect in the clan that was now led by his nephew. And he was a friend and mentor to Robbie. Neither his position nor his friendship made her feel the way she did about the man himself.

Robena closed the door and leaned against it, accepting the rush of heat that even the thought of Iain caused. Days and nights of passion lay ahead of her, and not even the fact that it should be an arrangement of business only could take away the knowledge that she wanted him. She wanted him there with her. She wanted to see and touch him.

She wanted Iain MacKillop more than 'twas good for a whore like her to want any man. It could not lead to anything good.

So, over the next days and nights, as she plied her trade with the men of Dunnedin, she tried not to pretend they were him. She tried to convince herself that she wanted him to arrive simply because she would be paid well, in gold, for his visits to her. Robena tried to keep the desire she felt for the man with the kind blue eyes and soft caresses under control.

She was a whore, and he was not for her. He could never be. She must learn to accept only what he gave her in exchange for her services. The uncle of the wealthy and powerful MacKillop Clan would never consider her worthy of anything more than the coin spent for her attentions. She was a whore, and he was not for her.


Iain accepted more ale from the passing servant and watched as Rob leaned in and whispered something to Anice. From the lady's blush, he could comprehend the nature of Rob's comment to his wife. That his friend had found such happiness from such unhappy beginnings warmed Iain's heart. Even now, Rob was raising his half-brother's son as though the boy were his own, and it had brought out the best in a man raised without a father. From a few subtle signs that he recognized between them now, Iain suspected that an announcement about a new arrival would be coming soon.

As he inhaled the scent of the evergreens decorating the windows and hearth and other strategic places around the hall, Iain found himself reminded of the coming holyday and the celebrations planned for the end of the year. Anice's hall would glow with the light of many candles and lanterns when the dark of winter ruled outside. Each day the servants and the lady would add a few more sprigs of mistletoe and other greens to brighten the shadows. Though most of the feasting would wait until Twelfth Night, there would be enough spread over the next weeks and month for everyone to enjoy.

Glancing at the center chair at the table, he saw Struan MacKendimen also watching the pair, and wondered what the older man thought of the way things had gone. Struan had sent his natural son Rob away, to Iain's brother at Dunbarton, to keep his identity a secret from his clan and especially from the man Struan had cuckolded. But when Rob had returned here four years ago and saved Anice's and her son's lives, 'twas only a matter of time before their secrets were laid bare before all.

Soon, the lady excused herself from the table, and Rob moved to his side then. An attentive servant filled their cups and stepped away. Iain waited for the teasing to commence, for he was certain that his searching of the hall had been noticed by his friend. He could not seem to stem the growing sense of anticipation with each passing hour.

"She is not here," Rob said. "As ye already ken."

Iain nodded and drank from the cup.

"She refused my invitation." Iain drank again at his friend's words. "As ye also kenned she would."

"'Tis her way," he said.

"Iain, Anice has made her welcome here."

"More than most ladies would," Iain admitted. Most ladies would have had the village whore beaten or punished for trying to enter their hall. But here, the lady had befriended her. Iain knew part of their story, and Rob was at the center. He suspected that there was more he was not privy to about the matter.

"She likes ye, Iain. Have a care there, my friend."

The softly made declaration by Rob signified much to Iain. His friend had been not only friends with Robena, but also lovers at one time. When he had planned to leave Dunnedin and return to Dunbarton, Rob had asked Robena to accompany him ... and to marry him. The offer, one made to give her the possibility of a new and different life, had been rejected long before Anice and Rob had overcome their challenges and the opposition of Struan MacKendimen. Still, though, in Iain's opinion, borne of many years of observing his friend, Rob continued a friendship with Robena that was unlike any Iain had witnessed before. So Iain did not dismiss the warning in his words, either.

"It may surprise ye, but I like the lass," he answered back.

An exhalation was Rob's reply. His friend had not expected Iain's words and, candidly, he'd surprised himself by uttering them. They held a simple truth within them. He liked Robena. More than liked, he suspected, but he did not care to explain it to anyone. He would never hurt her.

He would have a care.


Excerpted from "Christmas in Kilts"
by .
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Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
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Christmas in Kilts: A Highland Holiday Box Set 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 24 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
All of these books were great . Fun reading
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Like all anthologies some stories are better then others. I particularly liked the last story by May Mcgoldrick because it dealt with one of the sons of the couple from Borrowed Dreams. And I'm a sucker for a cute orphan story at Christmas. Easy read. A soft 4.
Crystal61 More than 1 year ago
A Scot for Christmas - Emma loved Dougray from afar for years. He mourned his dead wife, until he admitted he needed to provide an heir. I loved Emma's tenacity to get what she wanted before living the life of a spinster. His growth as he learned to move on seemed a natural thing although he hung on to his guilty. Angus was a funny and interesting secondary character. I enjoyed this story, although the end felt a bit rushed. I received an ARC for A Scot for Christmas, and this is my unsolicited review.
Brigittehf More than 1 year ago
This selection is easy to read and brings about the festive feelings. Each story is a fairy tale with love, laughter and humour.
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
An impressive compilation of Christmas romances featuring kilted hotties by five fabulous authors! Christmas in Kilts is an impressive compilation of Christmas romances featuring kilted hotties by five fabulous authors! I’m a sucker for sexy Highlanders and love to read Christmas romances year-round – so this collection of festive Scottish tales caught my eye. A HIGHLANDER'S HOPE by Terri Brisbin While I did enjoy this tale, I had issues with both primary characters. Iain is a widower and he has his heart set on Robena, a known prostitute, to be his next wife. I did not take exception to her profession. To me, the hero was flawed because he remained with his clan even though they objected to his new wife; AND the heroine, because she continued to adhere to her profession, long past her initial chance to make a new life with the man she loved. You will have to decide if their HEA appears to be permanent. LEFTOVER MISTLETOE by Lavinia Kent A rugged Highlander on a mission to save his sister from a bad marriage and an English lady who has never been without her tea find themselves stranded in a remote cabin. This was one of my favorites in this collection with a plethora of humor and steamy times. A SCOT FOR CHRISTMAS by Bronwen Evans Brooding, tortured Dougray, our hero, is still in love with his ex-wife who tragically died. Emma, our heroine, has accepted that she will forever be a spinster. However, Emma craves one scandalous fling with a man she trusts to fill her heart with hot memories before she goes into seclusion with nothing but lonely nights in her future. Can she convince Dougray to give her that one sensational night of passion? While I initially wanted to shake some sense into Dougray, I enjoyed this couple’s journey to an HEA. SWEET HOME HIGHLAND CHRISTMAS by May McGoldrick A young woman is determined to accept a marriage with her despicable cousin so that she can retain custody of her sister’s child whom she’s loved and raised since infancy. However, the young niece sets her scheming matchmaking sights on a capable and sexy ship’s captain instead. I laughed and swooned. This was another of my favorites in this compilation. A HIGHLAND CHRISTMAS WAGER by Lecia Cornwall A Highland lass is forced to seek shelter at Gleanngala Castle – the last place in the world she wants to be. Add in three Highlanders who enter into a wager on who will first successfully finagle a kiss from her, and this story held my interest while I pulled for her to select the nice guy from the three. Christmas in Kilts is a star-studded anthology teeming with brawny Highlanders and feisty lasses and overflowing with passion and romance. I enjoyed them all, some more than others. Regardless, these festive novellas are a wonderful way to warm up on a cold evening. My full review is published at Reading Between the Wines Book Club. Please check it out there!
lisareads More than 1 year ago
I received my copy from Net Galley. This book is filled with such lovely Christmas stories. Each its own story and worth the read, but Bronwen Evans wins my heart with her story of Emma the spinster and her desire to know passion before she accepts her life of loneliness. Having Dougray whom she has loved since her childhood teach her about all that she has missed is the perfect set up. Each book was well written with characters that were believable.
lisareads More than 1 year ago
I received my copy from Net Galley. This book is filled with such lovely Christmas stories. Each its own story and worth the read, but Bronwen Evans wins my heart with her story of Emma the spinster and her desire to know passion before she accepts her life of loneliness. Having Dougray whom she has loved since her childhood teach her about all that she has missed is the perfect set up. Each book was well written with characters that were believable.
Monnie777 More than 1 year ago
These books are HOT, HOT, HOT!! After reading these Novellas I want to move to Scotland Highlands and see if I can find me a Highlander!! Each book is about finding their true love. You throw in some steam love scenes and you get the perfect Christmas books. All the Novellas were great and long enough to be a great story but short enough that you don't feel like you had so many to read. *Thank You NetGalley for allowing me to read this for my honest opinion*
Historical_Romance_Lover More than 1 year ago
A Highlander's Hope by Terri Brisbin - 2 stars I really just couldn't get into this one as it didn't catch my interested. The characters didn't inspire me to want their HEA. Maybe if I had read the other books in the series (I'm assuming there are some because of some of the things said...), it would have grabbed me more... A Highland Christmas Wager by Lecia Cornwall - 3 stars I did enjoy this story. It was definitely a different type of story and went in a different direction from the one I originally thought it would. The heroine was one of MacLeod's many daughters, so it was nice to visit the family again. A Scot for Christmas by Bronwen Evans - 4 stars I enjoyed this one. The heroine just wants one thing before she begins her life as a spinster, but will the hero give it to her?? Leftover Mistletoe by Lavinia Kent - 4 stars I did really enjoy this story. Two strangers thrown together and make the most of a disastrous situation. Sweet Home Highland Christmas by May McGoldrick - 4 Stars I have to say this story was the best of the bunch. The little girl in the story was my favorite!!
DebDiem More than 1 year ago
Christmas In Kilts is a collection of 5 highlander Christmas stories by different authors. This is a fabulous collection!! A Highlander's Hope by Terri Brisbin is first up. This is Iain and Robena's story. Iain is the uncle of the MacKillop clan and Robena MacKendimen is basically the prostitute of her clan and is visited by Iain whenever he visits the MacKendimen clan. This story is loaded with drama, sizzle, sadness and suspense. The characters are amazing and perfect for this story. The next book, A Highland Christmas Wager by Lecia Cornwall is another fantastic read. Meggie and her grandmother are forced to take shelter at Gleanngalla. There she unknowingly becomes the prize of a bet between three lairds. I love the humor in this story. There is also plenty of drama, spice and fantastic characters. Book three of this collection is A Scot For Christmas by Bronwen Evans. Emma has been in love with her brother's best friend, Dougray, for years. Their story is full of humor, sexy bits and drama. The fourth book of this collection is Leftover Mistletoe by Lavinia Kent. I confess, the first page of this book had me laughing out loud. James and Emma were stranded when the coach they were traveling in was left on the side of the road. There is plenty of humor, drama and heat in this story to keep readers turning the pages. The last book of the set is Sweet Home Highlands by May McGoldrick. Gregory was tasked with escorting a group of people to Baronsford. Included in the group are Freya and her niece Ella. I have to say, Ella stole the show in this book, everyone needs a little Ella in their life. The drama, sizzle and antics of Ella will keep readers glued to their ereaders. I love the humor. Kudos to Ms McGoldrick on the characters and dialog. All of these books were fun, fast holiday reads. They were well-written and perfect for the Christmas season. Of course, if you're like me, you'll enjoy them no matter what time of year it is. I voluntarily read an Advance Reader Copy of this book that I received from NetGalley.
momof3boysj More than 1 year ago
A delightful read of five Christmas novellas set it Scotland: A HIGHLANDER"S HOPE A Highlander would love to marry again and has someone in mind, but he knows his family may be against it because of her work as a prostitute. She fights his idea because she knows he would have to sacrifice so much and she can't have children. But miracles can happen, and she opens her heart to love, an unexpected baby is left on her doorstep and she's able to give her love the family they both desire. A HIGHLAND CHRISTMAS WAGER Forced to spend Christmas with the man who jilted her years ago, plus his company. The more she's near him, the more she realizes being jilted was the best thing. Two other men vie for her. Circumstance keeps throwing her with a neighbor she never met, the de facto heir to his clan. He is not wealthy, but he has his heart to offer. She must decide whether he wants her for her dowry or for her and she must prove to her father he's the one she wants before being betrothed to another. A SCOT FOR CHRISTMAS A woman loves one man, but he's not ready to love another after feeling guilty for his first wife's accidental death. She wants one night with him, no strings, before she resigns her life to spinsterhood. He gives in, and feelings stir within he'd never felt before. He must decide if he can truly find room in his heart for her before it's too late. LEFTOVER MISTLETOE Stranded in a coach with a stranger en route to an uncle in Scotland, an English lady is forced to accompany the Scot to a cabin for safe harbor. She thinks he's a poor man, and she succumbs to temptation with him. He says he'll marry her, and since her chances are few due to reduced circumstances, she agrees. But Christmas miracles abound, and love finds away to the hearts of each. SWEET HOME HIGHLAND CHRISTMAS A Highland military engineer set to retire agrees to accompany a family to his brother's neighbor's home since they're traveling the same distance. A young aunt is the caregiver to her little niece, and if she's not married to her betrothed before she arrives, she'll likely lose the lively charge. Unfortunately, her betrothed is a wastrel and the engineer knows of him from the military. Spending time together as they travel, he admires her and begins to care for her and her niece and they for him. He cares so much, that when the ne'er-do-well shows up, he devises a plan to get rid of him for good. The slow-burn romance is free to love with him out of the picture, and their families approve the match. **received an ARC from Netgalley**
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Tis the season to fall in love! These five bestselling authors bring you great tiding of highlanders and romances this holiday season! This was a mix of holiday stories for anyone that loves highlander stories. They were all definitely different and opened me to new authors I hadn’t heard of before. I liked that the stories weren’t straight-forward on what you usually get in highlander books and they each felt complete even though they were stories in an anthology. I highly recommend. **I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
I really liked these 5 historical Christmas romances. The stories are fast-paced with great characters and entertaining stories. Each read had plenty of drama and the heroes and heroines have great chemistry. This read is perfect for snuggling up on a cold day and getting lost in the romance of Christmas past. A good read.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Reading Christmas In Kilts was an enjoyable and happy experience. Five talented authors contributed to this romantic anthology. I couldn't put this book down. Each of these stories is a gem. In A Highlander's Hope by Terri Brisbin. Iain MacKillop has decided that his next marriage will be for love. The woman he want is inappropriate. Robena MacKendimen is the village harlot. Can he change her mind and get her to marry him? I found their battle of wills amazing. The story has emotionally wounded characters who want a future together regardless of the odds. This story touched me. Lecia Cornwall's A Highland Christmas Wager is a tender and passionate romance. Meggie MacLeod finds herself snowbound with three suitors who have made a bet as to who will win her favor. One is a former lover who seduced her and then left. Older and wiser she rejects him. Instead she finds herself attracted to Laird Hugh MacAulay. I cared for this honorable man. Their romance made me feel good. Meggie and Hugh are the perfect couple. The appearance of the Fearsome MacLeod made me laugh. You don't want to mess with him. In A Scot For Christmas by Bronwen Evans, Lady Emma convinces her brother, Thornton, to take her to a party at the hunting lodge of the Earl of Lorne. She has always cared for Dougray, but he had married another. He's now a widower who needs to marry again. These two have so much in common. I liked when they are together. Their romance is sweet and passionate. They are perfect together. This is a feel good story filled with characters who pull you into their story. In Leftover Mistletoe by Lavinia Kent, after the death of her father Miss Emma Spencer lost her place in society. Now she's going to Scotland to stay with her Uncle. Another passenger is James. He's determined to stop his sister from marrying his friend, but the groom has arranged to stop him by leaving their coach stranded. James and Emma find themselves snowed in. Their attraction grows in these close quarters. Watching Emma try to cope with her change in status is both touching and humorous. Their passion made me sigh. I loved this story. May McGoldrick's Sweet Home Highlands is a sweet and touching story filled with love and dedication. Captain Gregory Pennington is escorting Freya and her orphaned niece to their destination. Freya needs a husband if she wants to keep Ella. Her intended is an objectionable man who wants her inheritance. Things change as she and Penn spend time together and their chemistry is amazing. Ella is a charmer. I loved that she plays matchmaker. I wanted a happy ending. They deserve it. I received a copy of this book which I voluntarily read and reviewed. My comments are my honest opinion.
def618 More than 1 year ago
This is a wonderful anthology. I liked some of the novellas better than others but overall 4.5 stars rounded to 5. A Highlander’s Hope by Terri Brisbin is a lovely second chance at love story. Iain, a 40ish widower, wants to marry Robena, a younger woman he loves. Robena, the town whore, was abused by her Laird’s son and feels unworthy to be a wife to any man. Can Iain convince her he’s serious? A Highland Christmas Wager by Lecia Cornwall is part of the Highland Fairy Tale series. Each book is a different sister’s story so you do not have to have read them to enjoy Maggie’s story. Maggie and her grandmother are headed to her father’s castle but are caught in a snow storm near the MacVane castle. Maggie met MacVane years ago and is not happy to be stuck staying at his castle. But Laird MacAulay is also staying there and he interests her. A Scot for Christmas by Bronwen Evans finds Dougray at his hunting lodge waiting for his friends to arrive. As a young man he visited Italy, and married a girl he met there. She died several years ago and he is planning on remarrying as he needs an heir. Surprise! His friend Thornton arrives with his sister Emma. Emma says she wanted to see a highland loch, but she has loved Dougray since she was 16. Will she get what she wants for Christmas? There is also a secondary story going on with his cousin Angus. Leftover Mistletoe by Lavinia Kent sees Lady Emma Spencer on her way to her uncle’s house in Scotland due to her father’s death. A cousin inherited the title and her home. Unfortunately, her maid ran off with her valise and money so she is travelling alone through Scotland. The public coach has one other occupant, a sleeping man. Soon the coach stops in the middle of nowhere. The sleeping man is James Barran, injured war hero, who is trying to get to Glasgow to stop his sister from marrying his best friend. Fortunately, the coach stopped near a hunting cabin he knows of so they have some shelter from the winter weather. Will it be her best Christmas ever? Sweet Home Highlands by May McGoldrick finds engineer Capt. Greg Pennington thinking of retiring and moving to Boston. For now, he’s escorting Freya, her 5-year-old niece Ella and their servants to the estate next to his parents. Ella’s paternal grandmother wants to meet her and maybe take her away from Freya. Ella’s mother died soon after having Ella and Freya has raised her. Freya plans to marry a cousin to have a better chance of keeping Ella, but will that happen? Ella is a marvelous character, 5 going on 25 and determined to get what she wants. Thanks to the publisher for the ARC. It’s a wonderful Christmas book.
Lokithor More than 1 year ago
While each tale in the Christmas in Kilts, A Highland Holiday Boxed Set, is a novella, they felt like four full-length stories. Each tale had well-developed, flowing plots and characters that were easy to love. I enjoyed the adventures, the romances, and all four were wrapped up in a holiday Christmas bow. What a fun and fulfilling way to get into the Holiday spirit!
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
Christmas in Kilts An Anthology of Holiday Novellas A HIGHLANDER’S HOPE by Terri Brisbin A widow wants a wife but this one he wants to marry for love – even if she might not be acceptable to his clan. He has to woo her and what a wonderful job he does of doing so. A HIGHLAND CHRISTMAS WAGER by Lecia Cornwall Meggie made one mistake when young and has lost her ability to trust. Snowed in for Christmas with three lusty men wanting a kiss – will she finally be able to find a man she can give her heart to? A SCOT FOR CHRISTMAS by Bronwen Evans Emma is sure she is soon to be on the shelf BUT before she embraces spinsterhood she has a request to make of a man who never wants to love again. The request is a big one and might change both their lives forever. LEFTOVER MISTLETOE by Lavinia Kent Two people meet on a stage and are stranded on the road. Unlikely they would have ever met otherwise but definitely a propitious meeting for both of them. SWEET HOME HIGHLAND CHRISTMAS by May McGoldrick Ella needs to keep her niece and that means marrying someone she rather despises…until her niece starts playing matchmaker with the man accompanying them to visit family. All of the books were different but well worth reading. The times of the stories ranged from the 1500’s to the 1800’s and were all set in Scotland. Definitely worth reading! Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press – Swerve for the ARC – This is my honest review. 5 Stars
LindaC1 More than 1 year ago
The title says it all....Christmas and Scottish men (in kilts!). A collection of five wonderful novellas telling a different love story of the Highlands. The common thread of the holidays binds each story but they are not entwined. I enjoyed this anthology. It was the first time reading these authors and I was not disappointed. Will definitely read more from these writers.
grammyx3 More than 1 year ago
Christmas in Scotland! How appealing! The authors in this anthology have done a super job of telling their stories of men and women falling in love amidst the beauty of Scotland during the Christmas holiday season. Each story here has it's own special appeal. I found all the stories to be well-written and loaded with well-developed characters. Each storyline moved and flowed quite well which added to my enjoyment of this anthology. This was a truly wonderful escape to the Highlands of Scotland to celebrate Christmas!
stanhope3234 More than 1 year ago
Highlander’s Hope Terri Brisbin 4* (A MacKendimen Clan Novella) Iain MacKillop has been a widower for five years, he loved his wife and mourned her loss. He has much to do as the clans commander but his life is empty. He and his wife were not gifted with children, something he’s always wanted. With the holidays coming he can’t bring himself to be in the Keep with all the clan and children. He will spend it with the MacKendimen clan as he has in the past and with Robena MacKendimen the only woman who has stirred in him the want to take a wife again. Can he convince her she is more then the village whore and they can have a good life together? Robena loves Iain but she knows there is no place for her except the one she has. Is she willing to let him walk away, or will he be able to prove her worth? A Highlanders Christmas Wager Lecia Cornwall 4* Hugh MacAulay and Meggie MacLeod meet in the mist of a winter storm. Hugh is one of three Lairds (Magnus and Charlie) at the castle where Meggie and her grandmother seek refuge when the storm keeps them from making it home for the Christmas holidays. A bet between the lairds is made to win the hand of the beautiful Meggie, a kiss given freely. A fun story of seeing past the walls put up to keep people out and a cute secondary romance. A Scot For Christmas Bronwen Evans 4.25* Dougray Lorne widower for several years has decided he must remarry, but it will be for convenience not love. In a few weeks after his annual Hunting Lodge party he will offer for the daughter of his fathers best friend, who he promised to help before his father passed. Emma Duckworth had her heart broken at 18 when Dougray returned from Italy married. Now years later and firmly on the self she wants to experience passion and she’s chosen the only man she trusts, Dougray. For the first time in years Dougray feels interest in a woman when he see Emma. When she tells him what she wants he fights guilt, honor and his growing feelings for Emma. Leftover Mistletoe Lavinia Kent 2.75* A very disjointed story. It had a great story line but it fell short on holding my attention. Sweet Home Highlands May McGoldrick 5* I loved everything about this short story! The hero Captain Gregory “Penn” Pennington was asked to escort Freya “Fie” Sutherland and her five year old niece Ella to meet Ella’s paternal grandmother. Ella’s mother died basically at her birth and her father in battle years later. Freya will do what ever she needs to keep Ella even if it means marriage to her cousin a man she doesn’t like. Ella attaches to Penn the moment she meets him and declares that Fie should marry Penn and not their cousin. Penn and Fie are two very compelling characters with great chemistry but the shining star of the story is Ella. She is such a bright, sassy and sweet child you can’t help but fall in love with her. I enjoyed this story so much that I downloaded Penn’s parents book Borrowed Dreams.
georgia1 More than 1 year ago
This was a wonderful collection of five novellas centered around Christmas with each story containing a Highlander and the woman that was meant just for him. What could be better? A Scot for Christmas by Bronwen Evans was a heart warming novella. The title first grabbed my attention and I was caught on the first page. Dougray was remembering his wife who had passed away and felt it was his fault. Feeling he needed to marry again for the sake of producing an heir, he was determined to have a marriage of convenience. While holding a house party during the holiday, Lady Emma, who he had not seen in many years, arrives with her brother. Emma has an agenda to gain Dougray’s attention. They are both strong willed but their story is passionate and sweet at the same time. This is a wonderful story but be prepared to be want to read every book by Bronwen Evans! A Highlander's Hope by Terri Brisbin - A highlander sees the woman he wants regardless of how she appears. He finds out there is much more to her than what is on the surface. Love finds a way! A Highlander Christmas Wager by Lecia Cornwall - When a single lady ends up trapped with three highlanders from a snowstorm, what could happen? One Highlander wins her heart. Leftover Mistletoe by Lavinia Kent - What happens when a highlander and a lady find themselves stranded together? Fate seems to step in and romance is found when least expected! Sweet Home Highland Christmas by May McGoldrick - Finding a husband so she can have a true family for her orphaned niece is a lady's wish. Finding that man is a wonderful beginning.
HeyerF4n More than 1 year ago
Scottish Love Stories at Christmas. A Highlander’s Hope by Terri Brisbin 5* In 1357 Scotland Iain MacKillop, uncle of the chieftain and commander of the MacKillop fighting men, is thinking the unthinkable - taking to wife the village whore! Thought-provoking story with a HEA. A Highland Christmas Wager by Lecia Cornwall 4* The year is 1711 and Meggie MacLeod and her grandmother, accompanied by clansman are travelling to Glen Iolair for Christmas. Heavy snow necessitates seeking refuge at Gleanngalla home to Laird MacVane, the man who seduced and abandoned her, eight years before. Magnus MacVane, still as handsome as ever and now widowed takes one look at Meggie and decides he will have her again but the two other visitors, young and unmarried, are also attracted to her, and so an infamous wager between the three men is struck. Hugh MacAulay grew upon me and I enjoyed the way the author wove The Twelve Days of Christmas into the celebrations. A Scot for Christmas by Bronwen Evans 5* In 1809 Dougray lost his wife after only two years of marriage but six years later, still heartsore he knows he must do his duty and remarry in order to produce an heir. He is firmly decided on a marriage of convenience which will not affect his heart until Lady Emma, his best friend’s sister, re-enters his life. Lovely story with a courageous heroine. Leftover Mistletoe by Lavinia Kent 5* In 1818 Lady Emma Spencer is orphaned and homeless. On her way to her Uncle ‘s home she is robbed by her maid and finds herself on the common stage with a strange man. This however is not the worst of it, the driver abandons the coach, taking the horses and leaving her with said stranger with a snowstorm coming. There is no inn in sight merely an old cottage, how will the two of them fare? Is marriage the only outcome now she has been compromised? Sweet Home Highlands by May McGoldrick 5* 1817 is the year in which this story is set and five going on twenty five, Ella Dacre steals the show in every scene. She is an orphan being raised by her aunt and grandfather but her wealthy paternal grandmother, who she has never met, suddenly decides to take an interest and wants assurance that her granddaughter‘s future is secure. For Miss Freya Sutherland this means she has no option but to accept her disreputable cousin’s hand in marriage. Once Captain Gregory Pennington meets the little girl and her aunt, he soon decides that such a marriage is unacceptable. I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. I was not compensated for my review, and I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed here is my own
McM0mmy-PW More than 1 year ago
There's stories I loved, some I like, then one I didn't like at all. A Highlander's Hope- wasn't my cup of tea at all. I prefer stories that have a confirmed HEA with Everyone happy in the end (except the bad guy) and to me this one just didn't deliver on that. I enjoyed reading it until that point. A Highlanders Christmas Wager- I really enjoyed. The story gave some background as it went on why the heroine felt the way she did and how she grew past those feelings was fun to watch. Her Grandmother was just the right touch. I loved how this turned out in the end! A Scot for Christmas - was my favorite in the bunch. I love a strong heroine who knows exactly what she wants and isn't going to stop til she gets it! Leftover Mistletoe - was a new to me author and I really liked her story. I normally don't like what I would consider a weak heroine, but this one was truly likeable and sweet in that she wasn't helpless, she just didn't know how/what she was doing, yet she still tried. She may have been innocent but her thought process was great! Sweet Home Highland Christmas - what can I say, I LOVED Ella (the child)! It was fun watching how the H/h felt the instant attraction and how they both handled it while dealing with an extremely strong willed and voiced child. The ending was especially hilarious! I received an ARC from NetGalley and these are my thoughts on the book!
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
These highlanders set fire to the rain as they inspire faith in love. Christmas in Kilts is a plethora of lust, love and hot, sexy men. Terri Brisbin gives hope to a woman that never had a chance. Bronwen Evans shares the pitfalls of instant love that was never part of the plan. May McGoldwick and Lecia Cornwall blend sentiment and seduction as they spark up a bit of romance while Lavinia Kent starts a bit of something, something in a tempting dance of chance. Togetherness, temptation and seduction are found behind the kilt. A spicy band of holiday fun.