Christmas in Minnesota

Christmas in Minnesota


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Familiar traditions echo across the years in funny, poignant, and surprising ways. The communal feast is the focus in the 1870s when a family welcomes a Swedish traveler to their cozy sod house on the prairie. The annual holiday pageant is at the heart of a moving story by Faith Sullivan about a schoolgirl frightened by her role in the spotlight. The spirit of giving is the theme as Evelyn Fairbanks, chronicler of St. Paul's Rondo neighborhood, remembers the stranger who made Christmas possible after her father's untimely death in the 1930s. A dad struggles to reconnect with his son during this time of togetherness in a touching story by novelist Jon Hassler. A Civil War drummer boy prepares for a makeshift holiday while on duty with the First Minnesota. Essayist Bill Holm reflects on the joyous and burdensome ritual of composing the annual Christmas letter.

These stories and many more, accompanied by vintage recipes, advertisements, photos, and decorations, recreate the excitement and spirit of Minnesota's own Yuletide cheer.

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ISBN-13: 9780873515429
Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society Press
Publication date: 11/01/2005
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 7.25(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Ziebarth currently lives in Berkely, CA.

Brian Horrigan is an award-winning author and an exhibit developer at the Minnesota Historical Society.

Table of Contents

            Introduction by Brian Horrigan            ix
1          Finding Christmas           
            Christmas Chronicles            000
            Hugo Nisbeth, Christmas Eve in a Sod House  000
            Mary Dodge Woodward, “No sound of joyous Christmas bells”    00
            Works Progress Administration, “In the American fashion”            000
            Melvin L. Frank, “Screaming their excited delight”            000
            Justine Kerfoot, Christmas on the Gunflint 000
            Florence Page Jaques, “A Christmas tree for birds”            000
            Wendell Anderson, “Once again it is Christmas”            000
            Robert Treuer, “Where are the trees?”            000
2          Celebrating the Holidays         
            Faith Sullivan, “They want to hear a story”   000
            Roger MacDonald, “Like the haunting croon of Goodman’s clarinet”            000
            Lorna Landvik, “This is my favorite part”     000
            Garrison Keillor, Celebrating Christmas in Lake Wobegon            000
            Charles Flandrau, “Christmas . . . is really a terrible day”     000
            Charles M. Schulz, “Off the hook”   000
            Cathy Mauk, “It’s the light”     000
            Jonis Agee, The Christmas Question            000
            Lee Mero, Christmas in the City            000
3          Coming Home 
            F. Scott Fitzgerald, “My Middle West”            000
            Walter O’Meara, “You could hear sleigh bells”            000
            Jerry Fearing, “Closer to the ground”            000
            Bill Holm, “My December duty”    000
            Louie Anderson, ‘“How much for this tree without limbs”   000
            Barton Sutter, Afterthoughts on Christmas Trees    000
            Emily Carter, Cold Feet     000
4          The Giving Season           
            Beatrice Fines, The Gift of Oranges            000
            Maud Hart Lovelace, Betsy, Tacy, and Tib Go Christmas Shopping            000
            An Anonymous Lady, What a Christmas Shopper Found            000
            Harrison Salisbury, “A day of excitement, of joy”  000
            Celia Tauer, “I dreamed I was in New Ulm”            000
            Evelyn Fairbanks, Daddy’s Gift    000
            Cheri Register, “One more saving grace”  000
            Sam Cook, In Stitches            000
            Susan Allen Toth, A Cut-Glass Christmas            000
            Maura Stanton, Gifts            000
            Samuel Hynes, “Promises of bright, warm days coming”            000
            Kevin Kling, “Something ‘different’”            000
5          Eating and Making Merry   
            Vilhelm Moberg, “A Christmas for their souls”            000
            Civil War soldiers, “Strange and unusual holidays”            000
            Otis Terpening, “Come and eat, eat”            000
            Shirley Schoonover, “Celebration and saunas” 000
            Nick Fauchald, The Kookie Never Krumbles            000
            Helen Hoover, Dinner Guests  000
            Susan Hauser, Coins of the Realm            000
            Colleen Kruse, Mickey’s Diner            000
            A Minnesota Christmas Eve Feast    000
6          Family Matters   
            Syl Jones, Santi Claw    000
            Sinclair Lewis, Carol’s Christmas            000
            Carol Bly, An Adolescent’s Christmas            000
            Robert Bly, Driving My Parents Home at Christmas            000
            Michael Fedo, “Everybody smile”            000
            Jon Hassler, “How am I doing, Dad?”  000
            Letters, “I will never forget”            000
            Noah Adams, Light, Darkness, Night    000
            Sources           000

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