Christmas on Mistletoe Lane: Includes a bonus short story

Christmas on Mistletoe Lane: Includes a bonus short story

by Annie Rains

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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ISBN-13: 9781538713952
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 09/25/2018
Series: Sweetwater Springs Series , #1
Pages: 432
Sales rank: 80,986
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.60(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Annie Rains is a USA Today bestselling contemporary romance author who writes small town love stories set in fictional places in her home state of North Carolina. When Annie isn't writing, she's living out her own happily ever after with her husband and three children.

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Christmas on Mistletoe Lane: Includes a bonus short story 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
LeighKramer 4 days ago
I really wanted to love this holiday romance but I could not suspend the necessary disbelief throughout the story. Your mileage may vary. The premise— Kaitlyn and Mitch realize they’re co-owners of a B&B...what could possibly happen???— sounded very enemies-to-lovers, which is my favorite. But they swiftly moved to begrudging allies with the goal of Mitch selling his share to Kaitlyn once the allotted time is up. (This was all in the will and who knows if that can actually happen. Again: suspend disbelief.) Mitch wants to get the heck out of this town so it’s a problem when he finds himself drawn to Kaitlyn. Storyline problems aside, I did enjoy their romance, even if I really needed them to “communicate already” by the end. It was interesting to see what interior decorator Kaitlyn did with the B&B and how she came alive there. I loved the idea of naming the rooms after famous couples from books and movies (very Inn BoonsBoro.) However, Rhett and Scarlett should never be an option, especially with a Deep South theme and Civil War era furniture. This is a deeply problematic period in American history that should not be romanticized in any way. Plus, they’re not a couple to aspire to—no Happily Ever After for them! There was a good deal of unprofessionalism by both Kaitlyn and Mitch, such as arguing in front of or within earshot of guests. Also people kept showing up at the B&B who did not have reservations. This was just a random town and that scenario didn’t seem likely. At a certain point, Mitch gets a temporary job as a police officer. While he has a military background, he’s never been a cop and he doesn’t receive any kind of training, which really showed. None of this was plausible to me. Plus, he dumped all of the B&B responsibilities onto Kaitlyn, when her grandma always had her husband’s help until he died. There was a burglary subplot that made little sense, outside of giving Mitch something to do with his newfound job. I also struggled with the very idealized portrayal of a paralyzed man and the quick turnaround from Kaitlyn’s parents. This is starting to sound nitpicky so I’ll end here. It just wasn’t the book for me, alas. CW: grief, cancer, burglary (happens off page but there is an investigation), military/war references, workplace sexual harassment (happened prior to book and it is referenced often), reference to past car accident leading to injury Disclosure: I received a free copy from Forever in exchange for an honest review.
LynnB888 20 days ago
A good old fashioned down-home Christmas! With the first book in the Sweetwater Springs series, we're taken into the heart of small town living as two unlikely partners enter into the journey of getting an inn fixed up before continuing on with their separate lives. Only problem is, they never expected to fall in love along the way! Great characters, a heartfelt story line and tons of small town charm! When Kaitlyn Russo finds out she's inheriting her grandparents bed and breakfast in cozy Sweetwater Springs, NC just after her big city job has fallen apart in New York, she figures fate must be looking out for her and vows to make this new venture a success no matter the cost. There's just one little hiccup in her plans ... she didn't know she was only inheriting half of the inn! Recently discharged military man Mitch Hargrove makes a stop through Sweetwater Springs to settle the paperwork on the inn and visit his Mom on his way to the new security job he has waiting on him in Virginia. He didn't know there was a stipulation on the inheritance saying he had to help run the place for two months before he could sell his half!
Honolulubelle 29 days ago
Favorite Quotes: “You’re a crappy excuse for a Santa,” Mrs. Krespo bellowed from one of the tables. “Though I can see why Mommy was caught kissing Santa under the mistletoe if he looked like you.” “No kissing and telling, Marvin,” Mrs. Krespo muttered, reaching for her coffee cup. “Kaitlyn doesn’t need to know you got lucky last night.” Mr. Krespo’s face turned beet red. “I didn’t tell her that, Evie.” “Well, you might as well have.” Mrs. Krespo gave her husband an assessing look. “I haven’t danced in years. I forgot how good of a dancer you were. It did things to me.” “Didn’t he have a pet squirrel for a while?” “That was better than the pet skunk that lasted a day.” She grabbed a box of Kleenex along with a large bag of chocolates because if you were going to have a pity party, you needed to do it right… She was hoping to find a Hallmark movie and live vicariously through the actors and actresses on-screen. Their problems could be fixed in a two-hour time slot on television. My Review: This gentle story was perfectly minted for Hallmark, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it listed next year as a holiday movie. I enjoyed this sweet, feel good, small-town tale, it was holiday treat with no calories - although I was frequently taunted with mentions of diet-shattering fudge and other culinary delights. The characters were enticing and highly likable while the storylines and writing were entertaining, engaging, and easy to follow with alternating licks of humor and heart squeezes. With her career in tatters, Kaitlyn packed up and left New York City behind and headed toward her inheritance and only hope, which was her grandparents’ run-down B&B in a small North Carolina town. Although she was unpleasantly surprised to learn she had a partner, one she needed to convince to stay and meet conditions of the will within a two-month time frame or she had nothing. And of course her partner was a handsome and rugged Marine who had other plans in the works, no desire to stay, and an unfortunate history to flee. At least he was smart enough to know that when you mess up and need to grovel, bring a puppy.
gaele 8 months ago
The Sweetwater B & B has been on the decline for the past several years, but has new hope and a new owner in the form of Kaitlyn Russo. Inheriting the inn from her grandparents, she’s left a ‘situation’ in New York, and packed everything in her new-used car and headed south. She’s arrived in Sweetwater Springs hoping to make a new start and be in charge of her own destiny, ignoring the gossip in New York and her parents’ displeasure. Arriving in the dusty and rather run-down inn, she’s planning on plenty of work and elbow grease to get the inn up and running. But the first hiccup in her plan arrives that first night in the form of Mitch Hargreaves. Local boy who left town at 18 to join the military, with plans to settle the issue of his ‘inheritance’ from Mable and head to a security job in Virginia – breezing in and out of Sweetwater Springs without running into anyone from his past. Half owners of a non-functioning inn, the terms of the will state that Katie and Mitch have to run the inn, together, for two months- or it will go to a charity. Mitch isn’t happy with the plan – he doesn’t want to stay. And Katie is busily trying to figure out a way to protect her own legacy in the inn while not allowing Mitch to scupper her plans, all while she tries to ignore the current between them. When his planned move to Virginia gets delayed until after the new year, and Mitch’s visit home finds his mother looking ill enough to worry him – he agrees to work with Katie on fixing up the inn, all while making it clear he’s leaving in two months, and won’t get ‘involved’ in more than the ‘outside work’. Oh this was sweet and clever – Mable (the strangest way to spell that name I’ve ever seen) has a plan – always wanting to match up Katie and Mitch – but neither ever were around at the same time. Katie’s memories of the inn are from odd weeks spent during the summer, while Mitch was a frequent visitor with the couple, learning stories and helping out. With his mother Gladys more than willing to help out, and Katie’s best friend Josie pulling some strings as the editor of a national magazine, while the inn is given a facelift and Katie’s design ideas are set free, the guests start arriving and never stop. Both Katie and Mitch have pasts that have aftereffects – an accident as a teen sent Mitch away from the town with a promise to never return, and her dream job as interior designer to the stars went up in smoke when she was harassed and later fired on the word of a ‘star’. But there’s something that calls to them both- if only they can work past the hiccups and Mitch’s constant “I’m not here for long” refrain. Katie is a natural hostess – and the guests are all happy with their stay, the holiday events of the town offering plenty of community feeling, and the community is one that takes their own into their hearts and under their wing. Rains managed to make these two very disparate people join in the one thing that everyone wants – to belong and feel wanted, and with a few hiccups along the way, they find their way to new possibilities and potential. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
lhill82125 8 months ago
What a wonderful tug at your heart, oh who am I kidding. At all of your emotions! What a great way to start off the holiday season. I love this book and I’m so sure you’ll love it too! Thank you Anne!
blonde_betty 8 months ago
Annie Raines’s Christmas in Mistletoe Lane is the first in her new Sweetwater Springs series. I was hooked on this lovely read from page one. Mitch and Kaitlyn were relatable and fun and the story fit them perfectly. The supporting characters had me laughing out loud; Paris so needs his own book. If you are looking for a warm-hearted holiday read, run to your local bookstore for a copy. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this novel.
D-does-reviews 10 months ago
Make a cup of tea and grab the cookies before you start this delightful holiday romance because you won’t want to put this book down once you’ve been surrounded by the cozy town of Sweetwater Springs. The Bed & Breakfast setting is very appealing to me because I love to entertain family and friends and I would love to run a B&B. I think it would be a wonderful way to make a living. In the beginning of the story Kaitlyn and Mitch have no idea that Kaitlyn’s grandmother made special provisions in her will hoping that a romance would develop between them. Forced to work together or forfeit their ownership these charismatic characters make the best of the situation and I could easily imagine Grandma Mabel clapping her hands in delight at the success of her machinations. Sweetwater Springs is the quintessential small town with a tradition of community spirit and a wonderful cast of characters that romance readers are sure to enjoy. I read an early copy of this book courtesy of Grand Central Publishing through NetGalley and all opinions expressed in my voluntary review are completely my own.
SullyGirl 10 months ago
I’ve always been a sucker for a good Christmas romance, so I’m super excited that Christmas on Mistletoe Lane was my first one for the season! This sweet tale brings together two wounded people...a guilt-ridden ex-soldier and a recently fired and tormented young woman...who now jointly own a struggling B&B. While each sees the differences between them, this reader sees their similarities, and their warm, open hearts. Having dreamed about owning and running a B&B myself when I was younger, I’m always charmed by stories about them, as well as the guests that stay in them. I enjoyed the little touches of current events that pop up here and there...including a “visit” from a favorite author (or at least her namesake!) And I love the idea of theme rooms at the in, a la the Boonsboro Inn in Maryland. But it’s Kaitlyn and Mitch who drive the story with a great supporting cast of small town characters...and visitors to the Sweetwater B&B. If you love your books sweet, romantic and fun, this book is a great addition to your holiday to be read list!
Laura_F 10 months ago
This book has totally put me in the mood for Christmas!! Kaitlyn and Mitch have inherited her grandparents' B&B. Kaitlyn is thrilled to start over. Mitch isn't looking to come home. Kaitlyn's grandmother had a plan in mind for these two: run the B&B together for six months or neither gets to inherit it. Sweetwater Springs is such a cute town and I loved getting to know some of its quirky residents. This town is going to be an amazing place to visit during this series. I loved everything about Kaitlyn and Mitch and all of their friends. I can't wait for the next book in this series!! *This is my voluntary review of an advanced reader copy*
ljtljtljt 10 months ago
Christmas on Mistletoe Lane is an engaging holiday read by author Annie Rains. This is a clean, small town romance with charming and delightful personalities. The two main characters, former Marine and military police officer Mitch Hargrove, and interior designer Kaitlyn Russo, have a nice romantic chemistry which evolves into much more. Due to Kaitlyn's late grandmother's will, Mitch and Kaitlyn find themselves co-owners of Kaitlyn's grandmother's bed and breakfast, for at least two months. With the exception of visiting his mother, Mitch has absolutely no desire to be in his hometown. So the sooner he can sell his half of the B&B to Kaitlyn, and move on to his new position in security the better. Kaitlyn is gung-ho on reviving the B&B, especially since loosing her job in NYC. Both Mitch and Kaitlyn have pasts that they prefer not to discuss, however, their newfound relationship and the magic of Christmas enables them to forge a future together. This is an enjoyable holiday story with well-defined characters and a captivating plot. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
gromine49 10 months ago
What a lovely way to start the holiday season, with a new story by author Annie Rains. With a spunky heroine character and a hunky hero with a kind heart, it just rounds out this great story.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 10 months ago
CHRISTMAS ON MISTLETOE LANE is the first instalment in Annie Rains’ contemporary, adult SWEETWATER SPRINGS romance series focusing on the small town of Sweetwater Springs, North Carolina. This is interior designer Kaitlyn Russo, and retired US Marine Mitch Hargrove’s story line. Told from dual third person perspectives (Mitch and Kaitlyn) CHRISTMAS ON MISTLETOE LANE focuses on the building relationship between interior designer Kaitlyn Russo, and retired US Marine Mitch Hargrove. The recent death of her grandmother Mable pulled Kaitlyn Russo to the small town of Sweetwater Springs, North Carolina where our heroine inherited her grandmother’s beloved Sweetwater B&B, an inheritance that came with a questionable caveat. Enter retired US Marine Mitch Hargrove, one-time B&B caretaker and friend to Henry and Mable Russo, and the new co-owner of the Sweetwater B&B. A two month ‘obligatory business arrangement ‘ in order to inherit or sell the B&B finds our couple working together to make the small hotel into a thriving business. What ensues is the building relationship and romance between Kaitlyn and Mitch, and the potential fall-out as Mitch struggles with memories of the past, and the perceived sins of a teenaged boy. Mitch Hargrove wants nothing to do with Sweetwater Springs, a town that brings too many fractured memories of long ago. Aside from him mother, there is nothing and no one that calls to his heart. Preparing for a security assignment in the new year Mitch is surprised to discover that Ms. Mable has ‘arranged’ a two-month assignment of her own. Kaitlyn Russo was a successful New York interior designer but a designer whose career was destroyed by a professional fall-out and the accusations of a celebrity extraordinaire. Hoping to restart her life Kaitlyn is shocked when she is forced to work alongside a man who wants nothing to do with the Sweetwater B&B. If they cannot find a way to work together, the B&B will be sold, and everything will go to charity. The relationship between Mitch and Kaitlyn begins as a forced business arrangement, an arrangement neither one is happy to oblige. Mitch’s plans do not include running a run-down B&B, and Kaitlyn hopes to rebuild her grandmother’s once-successful business. The sexual attraction between Kaitlyn and Mitch is palpable and immediate. The $ex scenes are intimate, passionate but mostly implied. We are introduced to the colorful and charismatic people and places of Sweetwater Springs including attorney Jacob Garrison; police chief Alex Logan; Mitch’s mother Gina Hargrove, and aunt Nettie, and longtime friend Tucker Locklear; Fudge Shop owner Dawanda; bookstore owner Julia Kent; Kaitlyn’s best friend and journalist Josie; as well as a number of Sweetwater B&B guests including graphic designer and biker Paris. I am definitely hoping to read a happily ever after for Paris. CHRISTMAS ON MISTLETOE LANE is a sweet and sexy story line; a small-town romance focusing on two people who lives are interrupted by a meddling but well-meaning old lady. The premise is entertaining, engaging and endearing; the characters are dynamic and lively, especially the B&B guest; the romance is tender and dramatic as Mitch continues to pull away giving mixed signals with every encounter. A wonderful holiday read, CHRISTMAS ON MISTLETOE LANE is a great start to the holiday season.
Jolie 10 months ago
When I saw that Annie Rains was coming out with a new book, I knew that I had to read it. But I wasn’t expecting to get approved for the review. So, when I saw the email from NetGalley stating that I got approved, I was happy and excited to read this book. Christmas on Mistletoe Lane is one of those books that will make you smile while reading it. Kaitlyn’s enthusiasm for running her late grandmother’s bed and breakfast was catching. I found myself getting excited with her when Mitch said he would stick around for the terms of the will. I laughed when she was coming up with names for each room. It was a happy book. There were some sad parts. There were also parts that made me mad. The reason Kaitlyn lost her job made me furious. I wanted to go smack that guy so bad. I kept thinking to myself “The Me Too movement would have a field day with that guy AND her ex-employer.” I also wanted to shake her mother when Kaitlyn finally told her what was going on. I did say out loud “Are you freaking serious!!!” The other sad part was the reason Mitch didn’t want to be anywhere near Sweetwater. When he explained to Kaitlyn what happened, I felt awful for him. But, when everything came out, I got mad. Talk about abuse of power. The romance between Mitch and Kaitlyn was cute. I like how it played out as it would in real life. I have read too many romances where the problems of the main character went away as soon as they hooked up. Kaitlyn and Mitch had very real problems. It made the book so much more enjoyable to read for me. Mitch and Kaitlyn had some serious sexual chemistry going on between them. Even the other characters noticed it. Which made for some pretty interesting conversations…lol. What I liked about this book is that while they had sex, it wasn’t the main focus of the book. The author didn’t waste any time on it. They went to bed at the end of one chapter and woke up rumpled the beginning of the other one. That meant I had to use my imagination for the sex scenes. I had a connection to both Kaitlyn and Mitch. I understood why they acted the way they did. I understood why Kaitlyn needed to make this bed and breakfast work. I also understood why Mitch didn’t want to be in Sweetwater any longer than he had to be. The secondary characters made this book shine. Each character had their own personality and brought a bit of oomph to the plotline. I enjoyed the antics of the first guests at the bed and breakfast. I liked Paris (and hope that he has a book soon!!). I also liked Chris and Nate. What Kaitlyn did for them was amazing. If only more people did that. The end of the book is a tear-jerker. I will admit that I cried during it. Let’s say that everything was wrapped up in a way that I loved. And the epilogue. It was everything that I hoped for and more. **I chose to leave this review after reading an advance reader copy**
_NormaJean 10 months ago
Ms. Rains is a new (to me) author. This is the first book I have read by this author. I thoroughly enjoyed Christmas on Mistletoe Lane. When I received the ARC from Netgalley, I wasnt’ sure I was ready to read a Christmas story in September. It didn’t take long for me to get hooked on the story and the wonderful characters. Kaitlyn’s grandmother was a matchmaker...even from the grave. She left her bed and breakfast to Mitch and Kaitlyn in the hopes that they would fall in love. Kaitlyn left her home and interior decorating career in New York after being hurt by a lecherous client. She felt that operating her grandmother’s bed and breakfast was the perfect new start. Mitch returned to Sweet Springs, his hometown, after serving in the military. He joined the service to escape the memories of a terrible time in his life. His plan was to turn down the offer of half ownership in the bed and breakfast and take a security job in a new city, but he didn’t count on the stipulations Kaitlyn’s grandmother had written into her will. This is a delightful story. I highly recommend it. It will definitely put you in the Christmas spirit.
mamalovestoread22 10 months ago
Kaitlyn Russo thought she had everything she could possibly want in her life, then in an blink of an eye it was all gone, all the hard work she had put into her career felt meaningless at this point. She gave so much of herself to her job, and now that she was jobless she felt completely lost... then divine intervention steps in and she gets a call from North Carolina, one that holds lots of hope and promise. Her grandmother, that recently passed, had left her the B&B her and her husband had ran for many years, and it was now Kaitlyn's, and she couldn't help but be excited to have a second chance given to her; especially one that comes with so many wonderful memories. But once she arrives in Sweetwater Springs she learns that her grandmother had one last miracle to work before she left this earth... hook her granddaughter up with the sweet boy from the down the street. As soon as she meets Mitch Hargrove she knows she is in trouble, yes he is pretty to look at, but he is also stubborn as all get out and he intends to fight her every step of the way with her new plan for the B&B! When Mitch Hargrove thinks of Sweetwater Springs, he often thinks of the elderly couple who he spent many afternoons with as a child, while his mother was busy working her tail off to make ends meet. The Russo's were like a second family to him for many years, and they often delighted about their granddaughter Kaitlyn, but every time she came to town for a visit he always seemed to be out of town and missed meeting her. Mrs. Russo about to take care of that though, before she passed she decided to leave their B&B to him, but of course it comes with a hitch... he has to share ownership with their granddaughter. He doesn't have time for this little adventure, he's fresh out of the military and ready for the next chapter in his life, and it does not involve taking care of a B&B... or does it? With the pages of Christmas on Mistletoe Lane readers will find a delightful tale riddled with heart, humor, romance, and of course seasonal tidings that will put them in the perfect mood for the impending holidays! I absolutely adored this one, the story line was well crafted and contained many moments that made me smile, swoon, and put a nice little squeeze on my heart. This pairing came to Sweetwater Springs for very different reasons, but little did they know Mrs. Russo had a little plan in place that would give them both everything they ever wanted, and even something neither set out to find... Love, and boy was it fun to watch them find it! I really enjoyed my first visit to this series, and I am anxious to see what my next visit will bring... if this one is any indication I am sure I will love what I discover. I highly recommend you get your hands on this one it promises to leave your heart happy! I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.
Bette313 10 months ago
I truly enjoyed this fun holiday read which kicks off a new series from this author. It is wonderfully written with some pretty amazing characters. Kaitlyn Russo comes home to Sweetwater Springs after her job and life in the city implodes. With her Grandmother's recent passing she expected to inherit the family b&b. What she didn't expect is the rundown condition the place was in or the fact that she had to share ownership with Mitch Hargrove. Mitch just wants to sell the place and be done with it but the conditions of the will don't allow for that. Since he has two months to kill before his new job starts he agrees to stay and help get the old place up and running again. Never did he expect the bossy Kaitlyn to get under his skin and have him rethinking his future. I highly recommend this one.
tiggeruoSO 10 months ago
When I saw this book all over social media I knew I wanted to read this book and one thing I wasn't sure of if it would live up to all the hype. Well I was not disappointed it completely lived up to the hype I fell in love with this book. I have never read anything by this author and to be honest I can't wait to read more. I loved the small town of Sweetwater Springs and it seemed like one of those towns you just want to go visit, total small town America for sure. I loved the heart of the story and I loved how in the end you want to follow up with some many more characters wondering whats happening in there lives as well. I felt this book was a quick read even though its a larger book. I will also say that in this book it does imply adult situations but over all this is a good clean read which was completely refreshing. If you have never read or even if you have by Annie Rains grab this book you will not be disappoint at all totally worth the read and it will totally put you into the Christmas spirit. I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley. I was under no obligation to post a review and have given my honest opinion
Lashea677 10 months ago
Rains was blessed with an empathetic voice that shines through each character she writes. Christmas on Mistletoe Lane is the latest example of that gift. Kaitlyn and Mitch tackle heartache with an appealing dose of reality and an abundance of heart. That's what makes this journey of false starts and new beginnings relatable. Mistletoe Lane is about rebuilding trust in the people around you and the person we're all meant to become. It's a celebration of the lessons that help a person grow. Copyright of Night Owl Reviews