Christmas Rendezvous

Christmas Rendezvous

by Elizabeth Coldwell

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ISBN-13: 9781783751617
Publisher: Accent Press Ltd
Publication date: 10/31/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 71
File size: 103 KB

About the Author

Elizabeth Coldwell joined Xcite Books in 2011. Formerly the editor of the UK edition of Forum magazine and co-founder of the Guild of Erotic Writers, she has been writing erotic fiction for over twenty years and her work has been widely published in the UK and US. She enjoys writing across the spectrum of erotica genres, from m/m space opera to girl/girl messy fun, vanilla to BDSM, paranormal to contemporary.

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Watching the snowflakes as they whirled and tumbled and threw themselves at the window pane, I found myself thinking back to the first weekend we’d spent away together. Dale had rented a cottage in North Yorkshire, and we’d driven up there after work on Friday night, arriving in darkness and too tired to do anything but make ourselves a snack before bed. We’d woken the following morning to discover the woods beyond the cottage blanketed with snow, and Dale suggested we wrap up in our warmest clothes and take a walk through our fairy tale surroundings.

Feet crunching the crisp, untouched snow, we’d felt like the only two people in the world as we followed the trail that led through the woods. Stepping into a clearing, we came face to face with a young deer, the first nubs of its antlers barely visible. It stood still for a moment, its breath a soft cloud in the chill air, as Dale and I paused in our tracks, afraid to startle it. Then, somewhere above our heads, a bird settled on a branch, dislodging snow as it did. Even that slight noise was enough to cause the deer to bolt, our last sight of it a flash of its white rump disappearing into the trees.

By the time we returned to the cottage, I could hardly feel my feet despite the extra pair of socks I’d put on, but I felt exhilarated by the long walk and the sense of being so close to nature. Spending my working days on Oxford Street, I’d joked to Dale that the only wildlife I usually saw was shoppers fighting over bargains on the first day of the sales.

‘You’re freezing,’ Dale said when he dropped a soft kiss on my cheek. ‘Let’s run a bath and get you warmed up.’

For all that the cottage had been built 300 years ago, its bathroom had been extensively renovated and fitted with a whirlpool bath and walk-in shower enclosure. While Dale added jasmine-scented bath foam to the running water, I undressed with numb fingers. To my surprise, he didn’t leave the bathroom once I was naked; instead, he peeled off his sweater, helped me into the tub, and used a sea sponge to wash my back and arms. It felt nice to be pampered in this way, but then this whole weekend was the kind of treat I hadn’t been used to from other boyfriends, who by and large had been scraping by on the same kind of salary I earned. Dale made serious money, though he didn’t wave it around in the brash fashion of some of the City boys.

As he squeezed the sponge over my chest, letting the warm suds drizzle down between my breasts, I closed my eyes and rested my head against the lip of the tub.

‘Feeling warmer now?’ His voice was husky, and I knew the sight of my perky nipples pointing through the bubbles was turning him on.

‘Yes, thanks. In fact, I’m distinctly … hot.’ The words were loaded with innuendo; an invitation designed with only one response in mind.

When I opened my eyes again, it was to see Dale tugging off his polo shirt before peeling down his jeans and underwear together. This wasn’t the slow, sensual striptease he’d performed for me on a couple of occasions; this was all about lust and urgency, as the strength of his erection, pressing tight to his flat belly, proved. For a moment, I thought he was in such a hurry to join me he’d actually forgotten to take his socks off, then they were gone too, and he was climbing into the tub, water sloshing over the side as he settled in facing me.

Dale pulled me to him and our mouths met in a kiss. His fingers stroked damp tendrils of hair from my face, and I scooted closer, till I was kneeling over him. Driven by pure need, we explored each other with wet hands: him grasping my breasts; me stroking over the long planes of his back. I needed more, needed to feel his cock filling me up, but we hadn’t been in the relationship long enough for us to entirely forget about certain precautions.

The same thing seemed to occur to him, for he stood up and helped me to my feet. ‘Let’s take this to the bedroom,’ he murmured.

Swathed in fluffy towels, we scampered out of the bathroom, leaving a trail of wet footprints behind us. I settled on the bed, lazily stroking my clit, as Dale performed the ritual of fitting a condom over his straining length. When he saw where my fingers had landed, he grinned.

‘I could watch you do that all day, Juliette, but right now I need to be inside you.’

With that, he climbed onto the bed, swinging a lean leg over me and guiding himself between my widely splayed thighs. An easy thrust and he was buried in my pussy, pushing apart my hot, slick walls.

Together, we moved in a fast, frantic rhythm, every thrust of his answered by my body bucking to take more of him into its depths. Clasping him tight, I urged him to take me harder, make me come. Helpless to do anything but respond to his most primal needs – and mine – Dale groaned and held still above me, and I knew he’d loosed his seed into the condom. As my cunt clutched tight at him and I came so hard I saw lights whirling like snowflakes behind my tightly shut eyelids, I thought it would always be like this. Dale caring for me, spoiling me, giving me the best sex I’d ever had …

Lost in my reverie, I was brought back to sudden awareness of my surroundings by an announcement over the train’s crackling intercom. A message scrolled across the information board at the end of the carriage, informing passengers that we would shortly be coming into Bruges station. I gathered up my possessions and zipped myself into my faux fur-lined winter coat. It seemed like half the other passengers in the carriage were doing the same, chattering to their companions in excited voices as our destination came into view.

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