Chronicles of Azelia

Chronicles of Azelia

by E.A. Calhoun


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Life can be tough when you're a sixteen-year-old trying to restore an entire planet.

After her planet is destroyed, Aurica is tasked with finding ten of the sixteen elemental dragons in order to save her people and restore her planet. However, some of these dragons don't like her ancestors, which makes getting them on her side a bit difficult. She's also forced to deal with her older sister who has been brainwashed by the person responsible for her planet's destruction, a younger brother who only wants to be a ninja, and overprotective friends who just want to see her live to complete her quest.

Aurica collects new allies and confronts many struggles on her journey from the easy life as a mischievous princess to a queen in exile-a queen who is forced to stay one step ahead of her enemies as she fights to save her people and planet.

The hands of time are turning swiftly in this epic tale, but can Aurica beat them before time runs out?

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ISBN-13: 9781728301181
Publisher: Author Solutions Inc
Publication date: 02/27/2019
Pages: 158
Sales rank: 1,180,497
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.34(d)

About the Author

Insprired at a young age by a love of fantasy, science fiction and anime, E.A. Calhoun began her writing career soon after graduating from high school. Balancing her writing between furthering her education and working jobs in sales and early-childhood education, she sought to bring the vast world inside of her head to everyone around her. A graduate of The University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Calhoun has used her degrees in art and education to bring a rich, diverse, alternate universe full of dragons and their human counterparts to life with her Chronicles series.

A lover of art, crafts and the natural world around her, Calhoun can often be found with her head bent over her drawing pad, creating vivid, visual representations of the amazing world inside her head. When she isn't writing, Calhoun enjoys watching movies, spending time with her family and taking long drives through nature while she listens to Ed Sheeran. Calhoun currently resides in Minnesota with her family and a bearded dragon named Ignis. The Chronicles of Azelia is her debut novel.

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Part 1

The Destruction

On a fiery and intense planet called Azelia; home of the Fire dragons and the royal family that governed the entire solar system, a ceremony was taking place. It was the coronation of the new ruler, who would be chosen from the royal family's three children. In the Azelian society, the Queen or King was chosen based on the compatibility of the individual with Ignis, the Fire Dragon who resides underneath the capital castle of Azelia. The volcano itself was enormous; with a brilliant crimson castle that glistened in the sunlight built into the East side, and had lava ducts coursing through it.

Millions of dragon-humanoids began to gather below the balcony in anticipation, and hundreds of dragons hovered effortlessly in the air. The whole area was bustling with excitement; the dragons waiting patiently as the humanoids laughed and joked as they crowded together outside of the castle. They could see their Queen; a beautiful woman with long, wavy light-blue hair and blue eyes, wearing the ceremonial dress of her station. The dress is blue, like her hair, with the symbols and colors of the other dragon elements embroidered on the belt around her ribs. She waits patiently as everyone settles, motioning for her husband to join her, which he reluctantly does. Unlike his wife and everyone else in this solar system, he is a human from Ariliria.

In the castle, a young girl with reddish brown hair and crimson eyes is sneaking around the castle dressed in a red tunic. She is the younger princess, the second of the royal heirs, and the most mischievous. She sneaks past some of the guards, as she isn't ready for the ceremony and couldn't care less about it; all she wants is to go flying around with her dragon, Calcifer, before the ceremony and make a flashy entrance. Her wings are crimson; like her eyes, and almost completely transparent as well as detached from her.

Sneaking around a corner, she crept onto a side balcony; which it was small and not very popular due to its size. She hadn't done a very good job at sneaking, because before she could jump off the balcony, a guard named Vincent caught her and pulled her down. Her older sister was there, with her arms crossed over her chest as she glared down at the younger girl. The other girl had black hair that was the same length as their mothers, dark eyes with a hint of blue and she was wearing a beautiful black dress. Vincent wore a gray guards' uniform, with his honors decorating his chest. He had long, gray hair that was pulled into a loose braid that accentuated his yellow-green eyes.

Aurica silently went to Phykira and took her punishment, which was a simple tap on the head. Any further discussion was interrupted by the sound of whooshing air that came from the balcony behind them. Turning, they found the princesses' dragons; Abyss and Calcifer, hovering in mid-air. Abyss was quite large, but not yet full-grown; with scales that were like shimmering midnight and eyes so dark he appeared to have no pupils. Calcifer was officially an adult, but he was small compared to Abyss. He was a beautiful red, with blue flames stretching over his back, neck, head and wings. Aside from the blue flames, he looked like a normal fire dragon. Aurica was excited to see him, as they had been kept apart as punishment after they had decided to fly further than they were supposed to the day before.

Vincent smirked and strutted to the balcony, sneering at the dragons as he ordered them to go to the main balcony for the ceremony. Both continued to hover in the air for several seconds, glaring at Vincent, before looking to the princesses to whom they were bound; and receiving subtle nods, whirled away to await the beginning of the ceremony.

After the dragons left, Vincent led them way from the temptation of the balcony, and found Zander waiting for them down the hall. Zander was thirteen now and quite tall, and he had black hair with silver at the tips that was cut in a short and spiky style. He wore a guard's formal uniform, which was less protective, but looked nicer. He pushed himself away from the wall and moved into step next to Aurica when they drew even with him. They continued through the corridors, and as they approached the long hall to the main balcony they saw Akira, Jet and Raiko waiting for them; all three of them in proper ceremonial attire.

Aurica, realizing that she was not dressed properly, snapped her wings out and turned back towards the family's living quarters, jumped into the air and began flying hurriedly through the castle to her room. She found the panicked maids waiting for her outside of her room, who, upon seeing her, immediately grabbed her arm to pull her into the bedchamber. The experienced maids had her ready in minutes, and knowing that they didn't have the time to style Aurica's hair the way they had planned, settled for a simple braid instead. Her dress is was simple; red, with blue ruffles underneath, and the head maid quickly threaded ribbons to match the dress through the princess' hair. Studying her reflection in the mirror, Aurica nodded happily, quickly offered her thanks and rushed to the balcony.

* * *

The heir was finally going to be decided from Queen Akira's three children. Her oldest, Phykira, was twenty-one and was a darkness dragon with beautiful jet black hair and eyes, and skin that was pale and clear. She wore an undecorated black dress that went just past her knees, with her onyx jewel as a head piece. The second child was Aurica, a fire dragon, who was eleven, and wore her ruby jewel that matched her dress as a necklace. The third child was a boy named Raiko. He had just turned eight, the age one had to be to for the ceremony to happen regardless of the older children's ages. He was an ice dragon with gray-blue hair and pale blue eyes. He wore black pants, a gray shirt, with a blue cloak that was draped over him, and he always covered his mouth with a mask. Phykira took the mask off as he arrived, and he didn't do anything to get it back, knowing that his father would have taken it if his sister hadn't.

Akira finished her speech and stood waiting for her children to come onto the balcony. Akira was a water dragon and the current Queen of the Azcerek solar system. She had wavy blue hair and pale blue eyes. Her second husband; and the father of Aurica and Raiko, stood next to her smiling back at his children. He was proud of all three of them, and hoped that regardless of who was chosen, the others would support the new leader. Jet had dark brown hair and green eyes, and wore the royal garb of the king.

Aurica was panting slightly as she scurried to the side of her sister and brother. Akira had extended her speech to give her more time, as she had figured that her most hyperactive child was going to be late. Again. After she had composed herself, she gave a nearly imperceptible nod and the three of them walked past their parents to the edge of the balcony and waved to the thousands of humanoid dragons and the dragons in the sky celebrating.

The ground started rumbling; but no one seemed to panic, in fact, their cheering became louder as Ignis; the fire dragon who partnered with the founder of Azelia, came out of the cave below the balcony. He turned toward the candidates and lowered his head to meet their eyes. Everyone became silent as the three heirs bowed, backed away and stood straight waiting for the next instructions. Ignis breathed onto the balcony and a pillar of light shot up, illuminating the stone. After a moment he telepathically said. "Phykira, you shall go first."

She stepped into the light, and when nothing happened, she elegantly bowed and began walked back towards her shocked younger siblings. Ignis then ordered Raiko to come next, but yet again nothing happened. Raiko rejoined his sisters, however he was smiling at the fact that if it wasn't him or Phykira, then it had to be his sister Aurica.

Sure enough after she walked into the pillar, it lit up brighter and turned maroon, causing everyone gathered to begin cheering. Aurica couldn't believe it; she didn't want to be the ruler. She tried to look back at Phykira, but Ignis drew her attention back to him as he requested, "Aurica, hold out your pendant."

She did as he asked; holding it out toward him so that his flames fused with it and it took the shape of a crescent moon.

"Aurica you may now ..." Ignis began, only to be interrupted by the sound of a ship soaring above them. The screams of the frightened citizens mingled with the shouts of the royal guard as those gathered ran in all directions. Within minutes the unidentified ship had netted hundreds of dragons; forcing the large beasts to the ground, and began charging for a blast. Encumbered by the crowd and his enormous body, Ignis didn't have time to react before the ship fired upon them. The blast destroyed most of the right side of the castle, and in the confusion, a male figure descended a rescue line, quickly nabbing Aurica before heading back to the ship while everyone else was still panicking.

Phykira gave chase immediately, trying to determine who had dared to disrupt a ceremony so vital to the continued existence of Azelia and its inhabitants. He was masked; making it impossible to tell who he was or what type of dragon he happened to be, with any hair he may have tucked away behind a hood. Hearing someone behind him, he briefly turned around to face Phykira and her dragon Abyss, as Aurica's dragon Calcifer arrived to help, and realizing that he was outmatched, continued his retreat to the waiting ship.

Spotting the coward that had taken Aurica, Calcifer's eyes became a deeper red and full of rage; the fire jets on his body going into overdrive as he caught up to them. Abyss released his powers to the left of the man and toward the ship in an effort to stop him, while Calcifer charged after Abyss' attack in the hopes the man would loosen the tight grip he had on Aurica.

The ship suddenly released a beam to help the man, who seemed to be doing something he was using Aurica's body to hide. Narrowing her eyes at the abductors actions, Phykira decided to find out. She charged at him, but he dodged away from her, only to be kicked in the back by Raiko.

Unfortunately, Raiko's kick didn't have the desired effect, allowing the abductor to blast both of them while he cautiously moved back toward the ship. Seeing that Ignis was preparing an attack, he decided to stop playing around and took off for the ship once more.

He almost made it to the ship with Aurica, but risking herself; Phykira came in from his upper left, swooped down and pushed Aurica out of his arms. He tried to turn to retrieve her, but Phykira grabbed his arm, jerking him backwards. He grunted as he hit the ground, and seeing who his assailant was, jumped to his feet before swiftly knocking her out, lifting her into his arms and running with her into the ship.

Calcifer had caught Aurica as she fell and had taken to the air to remove her from the battle. He was heading back down towards the remains of the castle, when the ship started firing at him, forcing him to fly away from safety as he began to feel the effect of his overdrive and the desperate need to land. They continued high into the atmosphere, making it impossible for Raiko and Zander; who were searching for Phykira, to reach them.

Inside of the ship there were two men; the one who had tried to abduct Aurica but settled for Phykira, and the one controlling the ship and firing at Calcifer. The pilot was making no attempt to mask himself, and his short, spiky silver hair and gray-yellow eyes stood out. He seemed to be enjoying himself, while the other waited for an opportunity to recapture Aurica. They continued forcing Calcifer out of Azelia's atmosphere, thus forcing Raiko to back off as he wasn't yet strong enough for high-altitude flying and was quickly becoming exhausted. He knew that if he continued his ascent, he might be more of a burden when those searching for his sisters were forced to rescue him.

Zander was on an ice dragon that Aurica had befriended as a child and was able to go much further than Raiko could. He continued to look around for Phykira, and watched to see if he could help with Aurica. Akira and many of the other dragons had taken to the sky and were beginning to make their way to them, offering him hope that both girls would be recovered.

Meanwhile, the masked abductor held onto the ship, shouting at his companion. "Stop playing Klaus!"

Klaus sighed dramatically and began a full assault on Calcifer; who had been hit a few too many times and was running out of energy. He was making every effort to keep them in Azelia's atmosphere, but Klaus wasn't going easy on him anymore.

Ignis had joined the battle, and firing a blast, blew a huge chunk of the ship away. Unfortunately the resulting explosion and debris blew Calcifer and Aurica away; completely out of the atmosphere, at a high rate of speed. At the sight of the huge dragon, the men in the ship decided to retreat with Phykira still on board.

Watching as the ship escaped into space, Ignis lowered his head in defeat, as did many in the crowd. Akira had arrived in time to protect her son and Zander, but both her daughters were gone. With tears in her eyes she stared out into deep space, her unconscious son cradled in her arms. Zander landed with the others and slid from the back of the ice dragon that had assisted him, softly offering his thanks.

Abyss was gone as well, having chased after the ship on his own in an effort to rescue Phykira. Akira reached the surface and handed Raiko to Jeticous, before walking to the balcony to get her people's attention. Forcing authority into her voice, she requested, "Everyone, please calm down. Phykira and Aurica are both alive, and we have to assume that the assailant's intent is not to kill them. However; due to his actions, this planet is unstable. I regret that I must ask all of the representatives from the neighboring planets to leave immediately for your own safety. The citizens of Azelia are to remain here, and I will use my powers to seal all of the inhabitants of Azelia in a safe place before I prematurely detonate Azelia. Hopefully the blast will help Aurica to land safely on another planet. King Elefon, I ask that you put a barrier of protection around the other planets in our system."

"If only the planet had stabilized sooner ... But sadly, the scars of the war are ever present." Akira murmured.

* * *

Everyone did as she requested; the dragons from the other planets quickly left and the inhabitants of Azelia waited patiently. When only the Azelians remained, Akira began securing the citizens in a device she and Ignis had designed long ago, as the great dragon used the last of his powers to aid her. While his wife was seeing to the safety of their people, Jeticous ordered Raiko's dragon, Glacey, to chase after Aurica and Calcifer. The boy, having awakened during his mother's speech, left with the dragons, accompanied by a young girl with black hair and yellow-orange eyes. Raiko urged the others to hurry, as he was anxious to search for his sisters.

After the children had exited Azelia's atmosphere, Jet walked to his wife's side and smiled. A flash of light passed over them, leaving Akira, Jeticous and Ignis alone on the balcony. Jeticous lifted Akira into his arms, holding her securely as Ignis began to fly in fast circles around them, purposely smacking the ground with his enormous tail before pounding it will all of his weight. The planet began to tremble; the vibrations growing with each impact of Ignis' body, until the planet exploded, sending an enormous shockwave through the solar system.

Elefon used his powers to shield all of the planets in the wave's path, as well as Raiko and the other travelers. Their dragons used the shockwave in hopes of catching up to Aurica. At one point Glacey thought she saw what looked like Calcifer in the distance, but it turned out to be a red giant instead. With no other leads they decided to head that way, using Raiko's genetic link to his sister to try to sense Aurica and Calcifer.

* * *

Temporarily stunned both physically and mentally from the planets destruction, the masked man growled, "Damn she got away! Klaus turn the ship around; we have to go after her immediately!"

Klaus nodded, leaving his companion alone with Phykira, who was still unconscious. Staring down at his unexpected prisoner, the abductor muttered, "She's not going to take this well. I guess I'll wait until she wakes up and go from there. I might have to use my power on her ... not that I would mind having her do what I said for once."


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