Chrysler A-833 Transmissions: How to Rebuild and Modify

Chrysler A-833 Transmissions: How to Rebuild and Modify

by Jamie Passon


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"Pull out your A-833 and tear into it with this valuable resource! Rebuild and modify your Chrysler A-833 transmission with confidence using expertise from author Jamie Passon of Passon Performance.

Jamie uses his decades of knowledge on the A-833 to create the ultimate book on rebuilding a Chrysler 4-speed. Provides an historical overview of the long-tenured A-833 and jumps into dissecting your transmission to assess what could be malfunctioning. The bulk of the book concentrates on disassembling, inspecting, repairing, and reassembling the A-833. With 400 photos, the author shows exactly how to rebuild your transmission and features how-to sequences that walk you through each phase.

Making horsepower at Chrysler in the early 1960s was nothing new for the Pentastar brand. The 413 RB engine had been producing more than 350 hp since the late 1950s. Joining the lineup in 1963, the 426 Wedge doubled down on the fact that Chrysler was all-in on going fast. The one weakness holding them back from total domination on the streets and strips was with their dated and tired manual shifter, the BorgWarner T-10 transmission. That all changed with the advent of its replacement, the New Process A833.

Whether you own a Polara, Road Runner, Challenger, or Ram truck, you need to be certain that your transmission is in top-notch, working condition. Now is the time to eliminate that annoying grind when you put your Mopar into reverse. "

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ISBN-13: 9781613253243
Publisher: CarTech, Incorporated
Publication date: 05/08/2018
Pages: 128
Sales rank: 545,591
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.10(d)

About the Author

Working together with his brother to revive their dad’s 1965 Plymouth Satellite created Jamie Passon’s deeply rooted love for Mopars. He rebuilt his first A-833 transmission in 1994 in his parents’ garage and a new hobby formed. This evolved from a hobby into a full-scale business named Passon Performance. Passon Performance manufactures many parts for the A-833. Jamie is recognized worldwide as one of the leading experts in the A-833 transmission and related components.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: History of the A-833

A-833 Design and Component Changes

Chapter 2: Function of the A-833

Power Flow and Layout

Malfunctions and Fixes

Chapter 3: A-833 Identification

Main Case Casting Numbers

Tailhousing Casting Numbers

A-Body Tailhousings

B-Body Tailhousings

C-Body Tailhousings

E-Body Tailhousings

VIN Pads, An Explanation




Chapter 4: Rebuilding the A-833

Work Area


Preparing for Disassembly

Sidecover Disassembly

Tailhousing and Mainshaft Disassembly

Speedometer Gear Housing and Tailhousing Removal

Main Case Disassembly


Inspecting the Transmission

Reassembly Preparation

Input Shaft Assembly

Cluster Gear Assembly

Mainshaft Assembly

Tailhousing Assembly

Sidecover Assembly

Non-Overdrive Transmission Assembly

Overdrive Transmission Assembly

Reverse Detent Housing and Reverse Switch Installation

Front Bearing Retainer Installation

Installing the Sidecover

Rear Seal Installation

Speedometer Gear Installation

Chapter 5: Performance Upgrades

Main Cases





Chapter 6: Shifters

1964 and 1965

1966 to Mid-1968 Inland Tool and Machine Shifter






Dodge Trucks and Vans

Shifter Linkage

Chapter 7: Bellhousings



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