Chrysler Slant Six Engines: How to Rebuild & Modify

Chrysler Slant Six Engines: How to Rebuild & Modify

by Doug Dutra


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"Use expert advice to rebuild your Slant Six engine to make it run like it did on the showroom floor - or modify it to perform even better.

Author Doug Dutra walks you through every aspect of disassembly, evaluation, rebuild, and reassembly in an easy-to-read, step-by-step format. The book also covers modifications, showing how to squeeze the most out of your engine.

The year 1960 was an important one in auto manufacturing; it was the year all of the Big Three unveiled entrants in a new class of car called the compact. Chrysler's offering, the Plymouth Valiant, was paired with its redesigned 6-cylinder engine entrant, the Slant Six, known by its nickname the "leaning tower of power." This engine powered the Valiants when they swept the top seven positions in the newly christened compact race that precluded the Daytona 500. With its legacy intact, Chrysler's Slant Six-powered Mopar automobiles were offered for decades to come in three displacement offerings (170, 198, 225).

With millions of Slant Six engines built over the 30-plus years that the engine was produced, it's always a good idea to have this book handy, as you never know when the next "leaning tower of power" will find its way into your garage."

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ISBN-13: 9781613254325
Publisher: CarTech, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/11/2019
Pages: 144
Sales rank: 454,834
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Doug Dutra was introduced to Chrysler products at an early age and has spent most of his life working on Slant Six engines. The need to keep his car running, and on a budget, led to do-it-yourself engine rebuilding with economy and performance in mind. Over the years, Doug continually shared his knowledge through the Slant Six Club newsletters, websites, and national magazines, earning him the nickname: Doctor Dodge, the "guru" of Slant Six knowledge and information.

Table of Contents


About the Author

Foreword by Steve Magnante


Chapter 1: Chrysler Slant Six History

Initial Engine Design Work

The Die-Cast Aluminum-Block 225 Program

Engine Identification

Casting Numbers

Decoding Engine Block ID Stampings

Chapter 2: Engine Tuning, Evaluation, and Diagnosis

Mechanical Lifter Valve Lash

Ignition System and Valve Timing Checks

Ignition Timing

Oil Pressure and Compression Testing

Chapter 3: Accessory and Engine Removal

Safety First

Getting Started

Removing Accessories

Engine Removal

Chapter 4: Engine Disassembly

Parts Removal

Disassembly Inspection and Measurements

Take Your Time!

Chapter 5: Block Inspection, Preparation, and Cleaning


Deburring and Preparation


Chapter 6: Short-Block Assembly

Assembly Area and Operations


Wash Out Remaining Debris

Reassemble the Slant Six

Chapter 7: Cylinder Head Assembly

Inspecting Valve Seats and Guides

Deburring, Oil Drainback, Milling, and Porting

Valve Guide, Seat, and Grinding Work

Cylinder Head Assembly

Chapter 8: Final Long-Block Engine Assembly

Sheet Metal Installation

Expansion and Pipe Plugs

Cylinder Head Installation

Rocker Arm Assembly

Intake and Exhaust Manifold Installation

Water, Fuel, and Oil Pump

Damper, Brackets, and Mounts

Chapter 9: Engine Installation and Start-Up

TorqStorm Kit Contents

TorqStorm Supercharger Installation

Supercharger Kit Install Tips

Supercharger Testing




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