Chuang-Tzu: The Inner Chapters / Edition 1

Chuang-Tzu: The Inner Chapters / Edition 1

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Hackett Publishing Company, Inc.
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Chuang-Tzu: The Inner Chapters / Edition 1

The Inner Chapters are the oldest pieces of the larger collection of writings by several fourth, third, and second century B.C. authors that constitute the classic of Taoism, the Chuang-Tzu (or Zhuangzi). It is this core of ancient writings that is ascribed to Chuang-Tzu himself.

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ISBN-13: 9780872205819
Publisher: Hackett Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication date: 03/01/2001
Series: Hackett Classics Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 293
Sales rank: 572,176
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Table of Contents

PART ONE: Introduction.
1. Chuang-tzu and the origins of Taoism
2. Spontaneity
3. Rejection of Logic
4. Heaven and man
5. The unifying vision
6. Death and mutilation
7. Language
8. The book Chuang-tzu and the problems of translation.
Finding List for the Chinese text.

PART TWO: The writings of Chuang-tzu: the Inner chapters (chapters 1-7) of Chuang-tzu and passages related to the Inner chapters.
1. Going rambling without a destination (Chuang-tzu, chapter 1)
2. The sorting which evens things out (chapter 2)
3. What matters in the nuture of life (chapter 3)
4. Worldly business among men (chapter 4)
5. The signs of fullness of Power (chapter 5)
6. The teacher who is the ultimate ancestor (chapter 6)
7. Responding to the Emperors and Kings (chapter 7)
8. Passages related to the Inner chapters.

PART THREE: A "School of Chuang-tzu" selection.
1. Stories about Chuang-tzu
2. The dialogues of Confucius and Old Tan
3. The advantages of spontaneity
4. Rationalising the Way: the "Great Man"
5. Irrationalising the Way: "Knowledge roams north"
6. Utopia and the decline of government ("Menders of nature", chapter 16)
7. The cult of immortality
8. "The essentials of our nature and destiny"
9. Stray ideas:
1. Evolution
2. Self-alienation
3. Down with technology!
4. It isn't his fault, it's society
10. Miscellaneous.

PART FOUR: The essays of the Primitivist and episodes related to them.
1. Webbed toes (Chuang-tzu, chapter 8)
2. Horses' hooves (chapter 9)
3. Rifling trunks (chapter 10)
4. Keep it in place and withinbounds (chapter 11, introduction)
5. Episodes related to the Primitivist essays.

PART FIVE: The Yangist miscellany.
1. Yielding the throne (Chuang-tzu, chapter 28)
2. Robber Chih (chapter 29)
3. The discourse on swords (chapter 30)
4. The old fisherman (chapter 31)

PART SIX: The Syncretist writings.
1. The Way of Heaven (Chuang-tzu, chapter 13, introduction)
2. Finicky notions (chapter 15)
3. Syncretist fragments
4. Three rhapsodies on the way
5. Below in the empire (chapter 33).
List of Characters.

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