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Chuka [Large Print]: Empty-Grave Vanilla Edition

Chuka [Large Print]: Empty-Grave Vanilla Edition

by Richard Jessup, A Nicolai (Editor)

Paperback(Large Print)

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[LARGE PRINT] This book is 6in x 9in in size and is typeset in a large, easy-to-see font.

Living at the fringes of the U.S. Army, the Frontier, and themselves, the garrison at Fort Clendennon hunkers down with a rag-tag group of travellers and prepares for an Indian onslaught.

Can the Army's most dishonorable, untrustworthy, and insubordinate group of soldiers-too rotten to depend on but not quite bad enough to discharge-band together against the common threat?

And will the notorious gunfighter-known only as Chuka-follow his gut and keep on passing through or will he unholster his six-guns to go against the very odds that had saved his skin countless times before?

This book is part of the Richard Jessup Rejuvenation Project. We will be republishing all of Jessup's books that we can, including those written under his pseudonym Richard Telfair. We aim to have nearly his entire body of work back in print by 2015. Visit www.RichardJessup.com for project updates and a complete listing of currently-published books

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781466366978
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/30/2011
Edition description: Large Print
Pages: 330
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.69(d)

About the Author

Richard Jessup (01/01/1925 - 10/27/1982) was born in Savannah, Georgia and died in Nokomis, Florida. He lived in and out of orphanages until age sixteen - when he ran away to join the United States Merchant Marine. In eleven years of seamanship, he claimed he read a book a day and learned to write by typing out the complete text of War and Peace and editing out the errors - he subsequently threw the edited work in the ocean. Jessup was married to Vera in 1944 and had a daughter named Marina. He left the Merchant Marine in 1948 to become a fulltime author. He was at the typewriter ten hours a day.

Jessup's obituary claims he wrote over sixty novels (only confirmed a bibliography of thirty-four). His first novel, The Cunning and the Haunted, was published in 1954 and filmed as The Young Don't Cry in 1957. Three other novels were also adapted to film - The Deadly Duo, Chuka, and The Cincinnati Kid. He sold the movie rights to the 1971 novel Foxway but it was never filmed. Jessup published eleven novels - primarily westerns and spy thrillers - as Richard Telfair. His last novel, Threat, was published in 1981.


Written as Richard Jessup

1954 - The Cunning and the Haunted (The Young Don't Cry)
1955 - A Rage to Die
1956 - Cry Passion
1957 - Cheyenne Saturday
1957 - Comanche Vengeance
1958 - Long Ride West
1958 - Lowdown
1958 - Texas Outlaw
1959 - The Deadly Duo
1959 - The Man in Charge
1960 - Sabadilla
1960 - Night Boat to Paris
1961 - Chuka
1961 - Port Angelique
1961 - Wolf Cop
1963 - The Cincinnati Kid
1967 - The Recreation Hall
1969 - Sailor
1970 - A Quiet Voyage Home
1971 - Foxway
1974 - The Hot Blue Sea
1981 - Threat

Written as Richard Telfair

1958 - Day of the Gun
1958 - Wyoming Jones
1959 - The Bloody Medallion
1959 - The Corpse that Talked
1959 - The Secret of Apache Canyon
1959 - Wyoming Jones for Hire
1960 - Scream Bloody Murder
1960 - Sundance
1961 - Good Luck, Sucker
1961 -The Slavers
1962 - Target for Tonight

Film Adaptations

1957 - The Young Don't Cry
1962 - Deadly Duo
1965 - The Cincinnati Kid
1967 - Chuka

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