Church Folk Too

Church Folk Too

by Valerie Blakeney Cruse


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“Well look what the devil ‘done’ drug in here! Sister Bunch, ‘y’all batter git’ in here and see this one for ‘yoself!’ Call the Deacon and the Pastors to ‘git’ in here and see this ‘so’s’ she can’t lie. ‘Y’all’ hurry up too! This hillbilly heifer was ‘gwanna’ try and ambush the Pastor in his sleep! Jesus Christ, help me Lord!

Look at this! The Word says, ‘Be sure your sins will nd you out’ (Numbers 32-23). Well guess what, I ‘done’ found the heifer out too. I found her ‘rat’ here hiding out in the Pastor’s linen closet. Lord, have mercy! Pastor, you need to let me give her the right hand of fellowship ‘rat’ here and now!” exclaimed Sister Sarah Soldier.

Church Folk Too is a tale that focuses on issues that are prevalent in the church of today. Romance, lust, drug use, and lies are all issues that are dealt with herein. Pastor Covington is the glue that holds the church together, however, he finds himself in a situation that he never thought that he would ever encounter. The angels of God are working diligently on his behalf.

Sister Sarah Soldier is the Mother of the church and she is not having it. She is 90 years old and has her own language. She will set the record straight. She depicts the spirit of my Grandmother on Sunday mornings at First Baptist Church where I grew up in Kannapolis, North Carolina.

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Pages: 228
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