Cinderella's Concrete Shoes

Cinderella's Concrete Shoes

by Scam Likely




The Hopi claim that the white man's arrival on this continent was the first sign of the end times. However, we at Pogue know that green, not white is the color to watch as we accelerate to the next aeon; The green of our retired currency, with eyes providential now shut; The green of reptilian skin, whose ancient order continues to retard the Progress of our gnosis; And perhaps most important of all, the green of the Shamrock,
envoy of the Emerald isle, emblem of twice-wise Ulysses and his arduous journey towards the Origin.

You see, no Spider Woman's web or blue star of calamity can break all the seals on its own. Those Hopi even got the numbers wrong with their nine signs. On Hermes' thrice-crowned wings we've been led to the truth of ten-
the Sephirot. Instead of the traditionally prescribed emanatory movements from
Kether to Malkuth, we must reverse the process and climb up each of the
Tree of Life's ten rungs. Only this will allow the final aeon to consummate its destined union with Kali.

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