by Ben Delos Santos


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This book is based on real situations in the life of a famous fisherman in the very small fishing village or town of Basey in the province of Samar, Philippines. It describes the daily responsibilities of this very famous fisherman and, at the same time, the primary caretaker of the only Christian Evangelical Church in the whole town. He fell in love with the very pretty fiesta queen the moment he saw her during one of the biggest fiesta celebrations in the whole town. Mang Juan was still a very young bachelor at the time, and after a few days of courtship, they got married and had three wonderful and very smart children—two boys named Junior and Pabling. The youngest is a brilliant girl who the couple named Karina. She possesses most of the pretty features of her mom, Aling Maring. Then one day, while Mayor Juan was doing his usual fishing routine in the middle of the sea, he accidentally discovered the presence of this very pretty mermaid sitting at the other end of his boat and humming or singing the very familiar music that his wife Aling Maring would hum whenever she is busy in their kitchen. Upon hearing this music, he was surprisingly aroused from his light slumber, calling out his wife’s name, “Maring.” This sudden action by Mang Juan startled the mermaid, and she turned her head to Mang Juan, saying, “Sorry, my name is not Maring.” Her face is very similar to that of Aling Maring’s, and her voice sounded exactly like Aling Maring’s voice. This particular incident started Mang Juan’s surprising discovery of the real identity of his beloved wife, a former mermaid and the long lost sister of this pretty mermaid, Cinderina. This story goes on, revolving around getting involved with the two sisters and the great undersea palace, where they lived and resided for a long time.

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ISBN-13: 9781635256130
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 11/08/2016
Pages: 170
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.39(d)

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