Circle, Coven & Grove: A Year of Magickal Practice

Circle, Coven & Grove: A Year of Magickal Practice

by Deborah Blake


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Green, Celtic, Alexandrian, Eclectic…every circle, coven, and grove of Witches is as unique as the magick they practice. No matter what kind of Witch you are, High Priestess Deborah Blake's guide to ritual has something for you.

Part instruction manual, part personal journal, and part Book of Shadows, this all-in-one ritual handbook is an ideal tool for busy Witches, new covens, and new priestesses, priests, or coven leaders. Celebrate the Wheel of the Year with original group rituals that can be used as written, personalized to reflect your coven's unique style, or modified for solitary practitioners. Along with practical tips on ritual basics, there are beautifully written New Moon rituals, Full Moon rituals, and Sabbat celebrations for each month and season.

Circle, Coven & Grove presents basic correspondences for magickal practice and coven work essentials such as circle etiquette. With seasonal spells, blessings, and rituals for celebrating holidays, increasing energy, giving thanks, healing, and more, this friendly book has everything you need.

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ISBN-13: 9780738749136
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 09/08/2015
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 8.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Deborah Blake is a Wiccan high priestess and leader of the eclectic group Blue Moon Circle. She manages the Artisans' Guild, a not-for-profit artists' cooperative shop, and works as a tarot reader and energy healer. Deborah is the author and cocreator of many books and decks, including Everyday Witch Tarot , Everyday Witchcraft , A Year and a Day of Everyday Witchcraft , and The Little Book of Cat Magic . Visit her online at, or on social media.

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how to use this book

The simple answer, of course, is: "Any way you want to." This is Wicca, after all. As long as you harm none, do as ye will.

A better answer, though, might be: "Whichever way works best for you."

The book is set up so that you can start with January, and work straight through to the end of December. But what if you dont get the book until March? Do you have to wait until next January to start using it? Of course not. Like the Wheel of the Year itself, this book is set up to be used in a circular fashion, starting wherever you happen to be.

Or some people might choose to start with Samhain, which many Witches use to mark the start of the pagan year. That's fine, too. Whatever suits your needs.

What about when you've worked through the entire book, and the Wheel has rolled around to another year? Well, you could start all over and do it again. Or, if you feel more comfortable with group rituals, and you want to try your hand at writing your own, there is a section at the end of each months chapter for you to write in changes, or new rituals that you have created for yourself. (And who knows? Maybe Ill have written A Magickal Year II by then. Anything is possible.)

Do you have to use the rituals exactly as they are written?

Certainly not. Feel free to make whatever changes suit your practice. For instance, I have written most of the rituals to be led by one person, be it a High Priestess or High Priest, because that is the way most of the groups I know are set up. If your group is lucky enough to have both, just distribute the speaking parts accordingly. And if your group doesnt have any one "leader," you can simply choose one person to act as High Priestess (or Priest) for that ritual, or share the parts.

Can a solitary Witch use this book?

Yes, absolutely. Even though I designed it primarily with group practice in mind, the individual Witch can use many of the rituals, too. Most of the New Moon and Full Moon rituals can be used almost exactly as written, and even the larger sabbat rituals are, with a few changes, suitable for one. Again, just do whatever works for you. That's what this book is all about-making your practice as a Witch easier, more powerful, and more fun.

Do you have to perform the rituals in the months they're set in?

Not really. In some cases, such as the April Full Moon "rebirthing" ritual, that moon is particularly well suited for such work, and it might be best to do it then. On the other hand, if your group feels a real need for rebirthing in November, and the ritual feels right for you to do at that time, by all means go ahead and use it then. It is always best to trust your instincts, and the gods are pretty flexible.
Some rituals, like prosperity work, can be done during any Full Moon (or even a New Moon, if you change your approach to "banishing poverty"), and can be done more than once if you have the need.

Use your own judgment. Like an athame or a chalice, this book is intended to be a tool. It is really up to you to decide how you want to combine its use with the rest of your practice.

Of course, the easiest way to use this book is simply to start at the beginning, and to go through it until the end. Just remember that if you are new to the Craft, or are unaccustomed to group work, it is best to read the chapters about group practice and Wicca basics, and the appendix section on ritual etiquette, before proceeding with any rituals.

Like a doctor, a Witch's first rule is: do no harm. Make sure you have a clear idea of what youre doing before you practice any magick. Magick is powerful stuff.

And then, just do it. Practice, learn, live. And enjoy!

Table of Contents

Part 1: Introduction
Chapter 1: How to Use This Book 3
Chapter 2: Some Wicca Basics 7
Chapter 3: Group Practice Essentials 19

Part 2: A Year of Rituals
Chapter 4: January 37
Chapter 5: February 53
Chapter 6: March 69
Chapter 7: April 85
Chapter 8: May 95
Chapter 9: June 111
Chapter 10: July 125
Chapter 11: August 135
Chapter 12: September 147
Chapter 13: October 163
Chapter 14: November 185
Chapter 15: December 195

Part 3: More Useful Information
Chapter 16: Circle Etiquette 213
Chapter 17: Ritual Elements 217
Chapter 18: A Few Basic Correspondences for Spell Work 229

Appendix A: New Moon and Full Moon Dates 233
Appendix B: Study group topics 235
Appendix C: Suggested further reading 239
Index of Runes 242
Glossary 243
Index of Magickal Work 247
Index 249

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Circle, Coven & Grove: A Year of Magickal Practice 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Sekhautet0 More than 1 year ago
Circle, Coven, and Grove by Deborah Blake is the first coven witchcraft book I have read. Her book is written in a conversational and entertaining style, which makes learning fun. And surprisingly, all of the rituals and work included in each chapter are easily adapted to solitary witches' needs as well. The book follows a year of rituals, discusses circle etiquette, how to set up a group of your own, and also includes a very comprehensive suggested reading list worth checking out. This book is recommended for any witch or those looking for a good research book on the subject of witchcraft.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the third book i have read by this wonderful author and every one has been so informative and fun to read.