The Circle of Six

The Circle of Six

by Sam Entile
The Circle of Six

The Circle of Six

by Sam Entile


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"Joe's eyelids opened slowly.  The dim lighting proved pleasant and unharmful to his wide pupils as the four lamps flickered in each corner of the room.  The walls seemed to wiggle from the sallow glow, and each face surrounding him bore crisp shadows that vividly traced their features in the low light.  They resembled fleshy skeletons."

"...a most enjoyable read—and very well-written..." Anne Shelander, Associate Publisher, Harbor House, on The Circle of Six.

Joe Stonelli has found a good reason to break the law—for justice.  His best friend has been wrongfully imprisoned for murder, and the police investigation has ended.  With the trial only a few weeks ahead, Joe utilizes identity fraud to gain insight into the life of the deceased.  What he finds is spiritually unnerving, but the adventure becomes his fervor.


Take the following easy survey to see if The Circle of Six is for you!  Give yourself one (1) point for each "Yes" you answer.

1. Do you want a novel that makes every word count?

2. Do you want a novel that doesn't stray on unnecessary tangents?

3. Do you want a novel with a balanced blend of mystery, action, suspense, dialogue, and drama?

4. Do you want a novel with multi-dimensional characters?

5. Do you want a novel that beckons you to read further?

6. Do you want a novel that's not predictable?

Now total up the number of times you answered "Yes", and grade yourself according to the following scale to see if you should read The Circle of Six:

0: Maybe this book is for you, but it sounds like you'd prefer to sit and watch a Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie without the wise-cracks.

1-2: Yes, this book is for you.  And you'll be darn glad you bought it.

3-4: Absolutely, this book is for you.  You'll probably be sneaking it into work with you.

5: Definitely, this book is for you.  No other reading materials will cross your eyes once you start The Circle of Six.  You'll even turn your head away at street signs.

6: Absolutely, positively, this book is for you.  Not buying this book would be like Shakespeare saying, "You know, writing just isn't my thing."

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