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ISBN-13: 9780195130720
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication date: 01/28/2002
Pages: 504
Product dimensions: 6.40(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

University of Utah

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Colorado State University

Table of Contents

First Authors
1. Cirrus: History and Definition, David K. Lynch
2. Cirrus Clouds: A Modern Perspective, Kenneth Sassen
3. Ice Crystals in Cirrus, John Hallett, William P. Arnott, Matthew P. Bailey, and Joan T. Hallett
4. Mid-latitude and Tropical Cirrus: Microphysical Properties, Andrew J. Heymsfield and Greg M. McFarquhar
5. Laboratory Studies of Cirrus Cloud Processes, Paul DeMott
6. Cirrus and Weather: A Satellite Perspective, Donald P. Wylie
7. Satellite Remote Sensing of Cirrus, Patrick Minnis
8. Ground-based Remote Sensing of Cirrus Clouds, Kenneth Sassen and Gerald Mace
9. Molecular-Backscatter Lidar Profiling of the Volume- Scattering Coefficient in Cirrus, Abert Ansmann
10. Structural and Optical Properties of Cirrus from LIRAD-Type Observations, C. Martin and R. Platt
11. Contrail Cirrus, Ulrich Schumann
12. Subvisual Cirrus, David K. Lynch and Kenneth Sassen
13. Radiative Transfer in Cirrus Clouds: Light Scattering and Spectral Information, K. N. Liou, Y. Takano, P. Yang, and Y. Gu
14. On Cirrus Modeling for General Circulation and Climate Models, Hilding Sundqvist
15. GCM Simulations of Cirrus for Climate Studies, Anthony D. Del Genio
16. Ice Clouds in Numerical Weather Prediction Models: Progress, Problems, and Prospects, Christian Jakob
17. Dynamic Processes in Cirrus Clouds: A Review of Observational Results, Markus Quante and David O'C. Starr
18. Dynamic Processes in Cirrus Clouds: Concepts and Models, David O'C. Starr and Markus Quante
19. Microphysical Processes in Cirrus and Their Impact on Radiation: A Mesoscale Modeling Perspective, Vitaly I. Khvorostyanov and Kenneth Sassen
20. Cirrus, Climate, and Global Change, Graeme Stephens
21. Cirrus: The Future, David K. Lynch, Kenneth Sassen, Anthony Del Genio, Andrew Heymsfield, Patrick Minnis, Martin Platt, Markus Quante, Ulrich Schumann, and Hilding Sundqvist
Appendix: Chapter 2 Plates - Cirrus Case Studies

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