Cisco Systems Networking Academy 2000

Cisco Systems Networking Academy 2000

by Vito Amato

Paperback(Older Edition)


Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781578702350
Publisher: Cisco Press
Publication date: 01/28/2000
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 10.98(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Semester 3Routing and Switching
Chapter 1Review--The OSI Model, Routing and IOS Update
Exercise 1.1OSI Model Review3
Lab 1.2Router Lab Setup Review7
Lab 1.3Router Subnets Review13
Lab 1.4IOS Update/TFTP23
Lab 1.5IOS Update/RSL33
Lab 1.6Router Memory Upgrade41
Chapter 2LAN Switching
Lab 2.1Switch Characteristics49
Lab 2.2Switch Management Console57
Lab 2.3Switch Port Options63
Lab 2.4Switch Configuration Using a Browser67
Chapter 3VLANs
Lab 3.1Creating VLANs75
Lab 3.2Switch Management VLANs81
Lab 3.3Multiswitch VLANs87
Lab 3.4Switch Firmware Update/TFTP95
Chapter 4LAN Design
Lab 4.1Switched LAN Design99
Chapter 5Routing Protocols: IGRP
Lab 5.1Routed Vs. Routing Protocols103
Lab 5.2Migrating RIP to IGRP113
Lab 5.3Configuring IGRP119
Lab 5.4Multipath IGRP129
Lab 5.5NeoTrace and traceroute137
Chapter 6Access Control Lists (ACLs)
Lab 6.1Standard ACLs143
Lab 6.2Extended ACLs151
Lab 6.3Extended ACLs Internet161
Chapter 7Novell IPX
Lab 7.1IPX Routing167
Semester 4Wide-Area Networking
Chapters 8 and 9WANs and WAN Design
Lab 8.1WAN Commands177
Exercise 8.2WAN Acronyms185
Chapter 10PPP
Lab 10.1PPP Configuration191
Chapter 11ISDN
Exercise 11.1ISDN Terms and Devices201
Chapter 12Frame Relay
Lab 12.1Frame Relay Configuration205
Additional WAN Labs
Lab 13.1AUX Dial-Up219
Lab 13.2WAN Web Research223
Lab 13.3Practical Final Preparation225

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