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Cities of the Biblical World: An Introduction to the Archaeology, Geography, and History of Biblical Sites

Cities of the Biblical World: An Introduction to the Archaeology, Geography, and History of Biblical Sites

by LaMoine F. DeVries
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ISBN-13: 9781556351204
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 11/28/2006
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 420
Product dimensions: 6.13(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

About the Author

LaMoine F. DeVries received his PhD from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Southwest Missouri State University. He has contributed numerous articles to books such as the Anchor Bible Dictionary, The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Mercer Dictionary of the Bible, and Holman Bible Dictionary.

Table of Contents

Abbreviations     xi
Preface     xv
Introduction     xvii
Cities of the Old Testament World
Cities of Mesopotamia
Mesopotamia: Land between the Rivers     5
Ashur: Fortified Citadel of Southern Assyria     8
Babylon: City of Marduk     13
Haran: City at the Crossroads in Upper Mesopotamia     22
Mari: City of Zimri-Lim     26
Nineveh: City of Ashurbanipal     31
Nuzi: Community of Hurrian Customs and Traditions     35
Ur: City of Ur-Nammu     38
Cities of Aram/Syria and Phoenicia
Aram/Syria & Phoenicia: Israel's Neighbors to the North     45
Byblos: Phoenician Timber and Shipbuilding Center     48
Carchemish: City of Decisive Battles     53
Damascus: Caravan Center in the Oasis     59
Ebla: Monumental City-State of North Syria during the Third Millennium bce     61
Sidon: Phoenician Seaport with Dual Harbors     73
Tyre: Citadel in the Sea     78
Ugarit: City of Baal and Center of Canaanite Religion     83
Cities of Anatolia
Anatolia: Land Bridge between the Fertile Crescent and the West     93
Hattusas: Citadel of Hittite Culture, Government, and Religion     99
Cities of Egypt
Egypt: Gift ofthe Nile     107
Akhetaton: Capital of the Amarna Age     111
Avaris: Capital during the Hyksos Period     117
Memphis: Royal Necropolis of Ancient Egypt     120
Pithom and Rameses: Store Cities and Border Fortresses in the Eastern Delta     124
Thebes: City of Temples, Palaces, and Tombs     126
Cities of Palestine
Palestine: Homeland of Israel     133
Ai: Citadel of Terrace Farming during the Iron Age     138
Ashkelon: Harbor City of the Canaanites and Philistines     144
Beersheba: Traditional Southern Boundary of Ancient Israel     150
Bethshan: City at the Crossroads     156
Dan: Traditional Northern Boundary of Ancient Israel     163
Ekron: Site of a Major Olive Oil Complex in the Ancient Near East     169
Gezer: Pharaoh's Gift to Solomon     176
Hazor: Leading Canaanite City-State in the North     182
Jericho: Citadel of the Neolithic Age     189
Jerusalem: Citadel of Government and Religion in Ancient Israel     197
Lachish: Strategic Center in the Shephelah     208
Megiddo: City of Many Battles     215
Samaria: Capital of the Northern Kingdom     224
Shechem: City of Altars, Sacred Pillars, Trees, and Temples      231
Cities of the New Testament World
Cities of Palestine
Palestine: Land Bridge between East and West     243
Bethlehem: Site of Jesus' Birth     249
Caesarea Maritima: Seaport Gateway to Herod's Kingdom     255
Caesarea Philippi: Capital of Herod Philip     264
Capernaum: Home Base of Jesus' Galilean Ministry     269
Gerasa/Jerash: An Important Greco-Roman Center On the King's Highway     276
Jericho: Winter Palace of Herod the Great     282
Jerusalem: Herod's Showplace of Greco-Roman Building Techniques     288
Masada: Fortified Retreat and Recreation Center of Herod the Great     299
Qumran: Religious Commune of the Essenes     306
Samaria-Sebaste: Herod's Chief Building Enterprise in Samaria     314
Sepphoris: Hometown of Joachim and Anna, the Parents of Mary     318
Tiberias: City Founded by Herod Antipas     325
Cities of the Roman World
The Roman World: Setting for the Spread of the Early Church     333
Alexandria: Home of the Allegorical Approach to Scripture     337
Antioch: Where Christian Doctrine Was Defended and Debated     345
Athens: City of Gods and Goddesses, Monumental Buildings, and Temples     351
Corinth: Shipping Link between Aegean and Adriatic     359
Damascus: A City of the Decapolis     369
Ephesus: Leading Seaport of Asia Minor     372
Rome: Chief City of the Empire     380
Chart of Historical Periods     387
Maps and Photo Credits     388
Index of Place Names     389
Index of Biblical and Ancient Sources     395

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