Citrix MetaFrame Xp: Advanced Technical Design Guide, Including Feature Release 1

Citrix MetaFrame Xp: Advanced Technical Design Guide, Including Feature Release 1

by Brian S. Madden



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Citrix MetaFrame Xp: Advanced Technical Design Guide, Including Feature Release 1 by Brian S. Madden

Citrix MetaFrame XP: Advanced Technical Design Guide, tells you what you need to know. It tells you how Citrix MetaFrame XP really works, and it tackles the tough design problems. This book is written from experience.

This book is a collection of thoughts based on years of experience working with Citrix technologies and products. Each chapter is written like a white paper. While some chapters build upon knowledge and theories from previous chapters, there is no reason that they must be read in order – allowing readers to dive into their most challenge scenarios first. The entire book is solutions-oriented, with a rich, cross-referenced index.

The book is Citrix MetaFrame XP: Advanced Technical Design Guide.

Citrix MetaFrame XP focuses on MetaFrame XP with or without Feature Release 1, covering both versions extensively. It is not a Microsoft Windows manual. It does not teach Active Directory or NDS. It teaches MetaFrame XP.

Advanced: This book does not insult the reader by explaining non-MetaFrame related basics such as what the OSI model is or what how SCSI works. This book assumes that the reader has a solid computing foundation upon which MetaFrame XP knowledge can be built.

Technical: This book is a technical guide. It does not talk about the culture of computing or how to manage projects. While both of these are important for successful MetaFrame implementations, there are many other books that cover those topics thoroughly. This book covers the ins and outs of the technology of MetaFrame XP.

Design: This book focuses on how MetaFrame XP environments should be designed. It helps the reader understand why certain design points need to be made, and what all of the options are.

Guide: The contents of this book are based on the author’s experience. Through that the author guides the reader through the decisions, design points, and considerations that must be made in order to successfully deploy and operate Citrix MetaFrame XP.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780971151000
Publisher: Brian Madden Company, The
Publication date: 02/28/2002
Edition description: First
Pages: 700
Product dimensions: 6.12(w) x 9.23(h) x 1.57(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction (Why server based computing and Citrix MetaFrame XP?)
1. MetaFrame XP Overview
2. MetaFrame XP Network Architecture (Server Farms, IMA Data Store, Zone Design, Domains, Active Directory)
3. MetaFrame XP Server Configuration (Server Hardware, Sizing, Installation)
4. Deploying and Configuring ICA Clients (Win32, Java, UNIX)
5. Users – Access Methods and Devices (Thin Clients, Fat Clients, Web interfaces)
6. Users – Creating the User Environment (Logon Scripts, Policies, Home Drives)
7. Web Application Interface – NFuse
8. Server Deployment Planning and Installation
9. Application Strategies and Load Management (Publishing, Application placement within the farm)
10. Licensing (Terminal Services and MetaFrame, migration)
11. MetaFrame XPe Advanced Features (Installation Mgmt, Network Mgmt, Resource Mgmt)
12. Printing (out of the box, third party, different scenarios)
13. Security (System, Encryption, Firewalls)
14. System Integrity (Backups, Virus)
15. Troubleshooting
16. Upgrading and Coexisting (Integration with MetaFrame 1.8)
17. Optimizations
18. Server Management and Maintenance
19. Integration with Novell
Appendix (Ports, Schedule, Big Feature Chart)

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