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The City Reader

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ISBN-13: 9780415119016
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 04/05/1996
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 544
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 2.00(d)

About the Author

Richard T. LeGates is a Professor Emeritus of Urban Studies and Planning at San Francisco State University, USA.

Frederic Stout is a Lecturer in Urban Studies at Stanford University, USA.

Table of Contents

List of platesxvii
"How to Study Cities"9
Part 1The Evolution of Cities19
"The Urbanization of the Human Population"25
"The Urban Revolution"35
"The Polis"43
First-Person Accounts of Great Cities of the Medieval and Early Modern World49
"The Great Towns"58
"The Drive-in Culture of Contemporary America"67
"Beyond Suburbia: The Rise of the Technoburb"77
Plate Section: The Evolution of Cities
Part 2Urban Culture and Society87
"What Is a City?"92
"Urbanism as a Way of Life"97
"Bowling Alone: America's Declining Social Capital"105
"The Uses of Sidewalks: Safety"114
"The Negro Problems of Philadelphia," "The Question of Earning a Living," and "Color Prejudice"119
"From Institutional to Jobless Ghettos"126
"Whose Culture? Whose City?"136
"Visions of a New Reality: The City and the Emergence of Modern Visual Culture"147
Plate Section: Visions of a New Reality
Part 3Urban Space151
"The Growth of the City: An Introduction to a Research Project"156
"The Almost Perfect Town"164
"The Islamic City: Historic Myths, Islamic Essence, and Contemporary Relevance"172
"Social Exclusion and Space"181
"Taking Los Angeles Apart: Towards a Postmodern Geography"189
"Fortress L.A."201
"The Neighborhood, the District, and the Corridor"207
"The Impact of the New Technologies and Globalization on Cities"212
Part 4Urban Politics, Governance, and Economics221
"Contested Cities: Social Process and Spatial Form"227
"How to Study Urban Political Power"235
"A Ladder of Citizen Participation"244
"The Need for a New Vision for the Development of Large U.S. Metropolitan Areas"256
"Broken Windows"267
"The Competitive Advantage of the Inner City"277
"The Center Cannot Hold"290
Plate Section: Social and Symbolic Uses of Urban Space
Part 5Urban Planning History and Visions297
"Public Parks and the Enlargement of Towns"302
"Author's Introduction" and "The Town-Country Magnet"309
"A Contemporary City"317
"Broadacre City: A New Community Plan"325
"Designing the Region" and "Designing the Region Is Designing the Neighborhood"331
Part 6Urban Planning Theory and Practice337
"The City of Theory"342
"Twentieth Century Land Use Planning: A Stalwart Family Tree"354
"Planning in the Face of Conflict"375
"Advocacy and Pluralism in Planning"388
"Green Urbanism and the Lessons of European Cities: 'The Vision of Green Urbanism' and 'Creating Green and Sustainable Cities in the United States: Lessons from Europe'"399
Plate Section: Urban Planning
Part 7Perspectives on Urban Design409
"Author's Introduction," "The Relationship Between Buildings, Monuments, and Public Squares," and "The Enclosed Character of the Public Square"413
"The City Image and its Elements"424
"The Design of Spaces"429
"Toward an Urban Design Manifesto"437
"What Would a Non-sexist City Be Like? Speculations on Housing, Urban Design, and Human Work"448
Part 8The Future of the City465
"The Post-City Age"470
"European Cities, the Informational Society, and the Global Economy"475
"Planning Sustainable and Livable Cities"486
"The Teleserviced City"497
Illustration credits504
Copyright information507

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