by Santino Hassell



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ISBN-13: 9781626496644
Publisher: Riptide Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 11/11/2017
Series: Five Boroughs
Pages: 318
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.71(d)

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Citywide 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Trio More than 1 year ago
Well that was a great collection of stories and fans of the Five Boroughs series definitely must read Citywide. The three relationships are so very different and the feeling behind each story is really different too. Each one brought out something unique and wasn't what I expected. Rerouted - 3.5 stars I expected to be way more enraptured by this one. I love menage stories but stuff about this one didn't work for me. I don't know if it's because I've never been a huge fan of Jaiden - somethings about their relationship just don't ring true for me, or if it's because I can't help wishing for more for Chris I'm not truly sure. The premise behind the story was interesting, I liked the reason Caleb called Chris in to QFindr HQ - that worked really well. I had a few issues about the blackout though - I lived in NYC in 2003 and people weren't quite that nonchalant walking around mid-town, but who knows, maybe in 2017 in a non-Bloomberg city things would be different? Gridlocked - 4 stars Totally enjoyed this one. I loved the passion between Tonya and Meredith. Mere really brings something great in Tonay, and vice-versa. Nuff said. Derailed - 5 stars Definitely the gem of the book, Derailed hand an absolutely perfect story-line. The chemistry between Angel and Stephanie is powerful and I wanted so much to see them both happy. Hassell really gets into the heads of both these guys and does a fantastic job growing the story. Between the HS memories of both characters, and what's going on in the present, the whole thing works so well. Gotta say, I haven't enjoyed an MF story this much since I can't remember when - I might have to give the genre another look, well if Santino Hassell is going to write it. These two are so hot together and I could really see their love and passion. Just a fantastic story all around. So overall I'd absolutely rec this one, just be prepared for the MMM, FF, and MF that comes with it.
BookWorm221 More than 1 year ago
Citywide contains 1 story that I’ve been waiting so long to read and 2 stories that I didn’t know I needed in my life. Rerouted brought me the much anticipated Chris – Aiden – Jace story, Chris was always a character that I wish I knew more about, even from the first time we meet him and as the books progressed and we got to know him a little better and to see hints of what the future might bring for him and Aiden and Jace I became more and more excited to read his story. Don’t get me wrong I love Aiden and Jace too but there’s something about Chris that I just love and his PoV was a delight to read. This story is super sexy and heartwarming. Gridlocked is all about Tonya and Meredith and even though I like both characters I wasn’t as excited to read their story, but I’m so freaking glad Santino wrote it and I got to read it, it was wonderful and it honesty left me waiting for more. Derailed was another one that I was interested in but had no idea I was going to fall so hard for these characters and their story, in each story we get to know them a bit better but I think this one got me the most when it comes to background stories because Stephanie’s was no walk in the park, she had a rough time growing up and reading about it showed me how much depth Santino’s characters really have. In summary, I’m pretty freaking happy to have read these wonderful stories and I looked forward for more!
V-Rundell More than 1 year ago
These stories link many characters that have appeared in several of the previous books. They are all heat and heart. CITYWIDE opens with a citywide heatwave that’s causing periodic black outs across the five boroughs of New York City. This is particularly troublesome because the servers for QFindr, a LGBTQ dating app created in FIRST AND FIRST, don’t like being without power or AC for long periods of time. Chris Mendez, is one of Ray Rodrigues’ Queens crew–and he’s had a lot of contact with the sexy QFindr folks, because their crews mingle through Ray. He recruited them to be models for QFindr’s launch, and they all went on a queer-friendly mixer cruise. Through this connection, Caleb, Ray’s boyfriend’s ex, calls Chris to help with tech support during the heatwave–the company’s tech officer is on vacation. Chris is not excited about turning up. He’s been avoiding Caleb’s business partner and half-brother, Aiden, and his husband Jace, for a couple of months now. Because Chris’s really attracted to them. And they want him to be a third in their sexytimes. And he wants that, but he’s not down for an open relationship. He’d be their third in a hot second, but he’s not willing to share them outside of their triad. And, they’ve been poly for…ever. Trapped in the QFindr offices during a city-wide blackout that lasts three days. Three hot and sweaty, mainly naked, and hawt days. Also, Chris comes to terms t=with his self-esteem issues, and Aiden and Jace consider his needs seriously. They also uncover some big dirt that leads to the firing of an employee who looks for retribution in Gridlocked. Expect heart-to-heart-to-hearts and some seriously filthy frolicking. These guys fill each others’ holes…metaphorically and physically. Happy endings abound. In the GRIDLOCKED Tonya Maldonado, another pal of Ray’s, reconnects with Meredith, Caleb’s sister. They’d had some fun times before, but Tonya’s not down with being some sort of conquest and that’s how she felt after their tryst. Not that they don’t have mad chemistry. Meredith is a rich heiress, and Tonya’s working as private security now that she’s out of the Marines. While at an event, Tonya helps Mere escape some homophobic stalkers. Tonya keeps her safe, and that prompts Mere’s estranged father to step in with an offer Tonya really doesn’t want to refuse. Mere’s livid that she’d even consider it, though. I’ll be honest, I’ve long loved Hassell’s M/M interludes, but wow! He blew my mind with these F/F scenes. O.O I loved how tough Tonya is, and how she stands her ground. She knows she’s got a great opportunity, but she’s also sympathetic to Mere’s domestic issues. Tonya’s a professional, and she pulls comrades along with her. There’s happiness to spare in this one, and I liked seeing Mere, Caleb and Aiden’s father become more human than his previous introductions. In DERAILED, the final two members of Ray’s squad, Angel and Steph, acknowledge a deep connection to each other. Steph is pansexual, and though Angel is totally gone for her, he’s not really down for an open relationship. Steph has worked as a paralegal for a law firm for a good while, and wants a raise, but can’t seem to get one, despite her hard work and evident qualifications. She thinks this may be because she’s not settled with a partner, and maybe because she’s female. To keep people out of her business she “invents” a fiance, Angel, her long-time friend and on-and-off sexual partner. Angel agrees and it changes their world.
sweetpotato101 More than 1 year ago
Usually with anthologies, I find myself liking one story better and just feeling so-so about the others or vice versa. I have to say that Citywide by Santino Hassell had solid stories across the board! I was invested in each couple, and I didn’t want to put their stories down. Rerouted The first story features my favorite M/M/M pairing: Aiden, Jace and Chris. Their story continues from Santino’s Third Rail. You can read this novella as a standalone, but the short is free and awesome and more Chris! Anyway, there’s a massive blackout across New York and these three guys finally find themselves together again. Forced proximity is one of my favorite tropes, and it really worked for me here. These guys are always fire when they’re together. But there’s a lot of fear and miscommunication, and why wouldn’t there be with three separate players? A good dose of real with plenty of steam, this was by far my favorite in the anthology! Gridlocked This was my second favorite if I had to choose. Tonya is a body guard and former Marine enby character, who becomes attracted to a client, Meredith. Tonya has this call-it-like-she-sees it personality, but Meredith is determined to knock down Tonya’s walls. I loved Meredith being so confident in herself and her sexuality, and it made this a dynamite read! dynamite read! Derailed I thought this would have been my favorite, but this one didn’t work as well for me. Stephanie and Angel have been best friends for a long time and when things get physical the lines blur and shift, and they both don’t know where they stand. All Stephanie knows is she’s not relationship material, while Angel’s the opposite. The constant back and forth became a little much for me, and I wanted them to just talk it out. The tension was good, and I really enjoyed how they got to know each other better. Not my favorite but another solid addition to the anthology. This is the only story where both POVs are given. Final Thoughts Overall, this was another addicting installment in the Five Boroughs series. It has a bit of everything, and there’s an overreaching arc that connects them. I can’t wait to dive into the next full-title book! 4.5 stars!
amatate More than 1 year ago
--4.5 stars -- Citywide is an anthology that has a little something for everyone, featuring fan-favorite secondary characters from the Five Boroughs series finding their happy. It can be read as a standalone, though I’d wager readers won’t feel as tied to the characters if they haven’t met them before. Though the three stories are shorter in length, they weren’t underdeveloped or lacking. And as usual, Mr. Hassell’s writing is smooth and polished without sacrificing the authenticity of the dialogue and characters. Rerouted (m/m/m) 5/5 stars In every anthology, I always have a favorite. In Citywide, this one was my runaway favorite. I know part of that was the recent release of Third Rail in which I first saw Jace, Chris, and Aiden getting together, subsequently burning up my e-reader, and leaving me eager to see how their story would finish out. I think that warm-up gave me more opportunity to connect with the characters and see the chemistry build. Obviously I recommend reading Third Rail first, but there is enough recapping to ensure readers who haven’t picked up that short won’t be left confused. I really liked how the triad’s relationship played out in Rerouted. The insecurity each of the characters faced was palpable and I loved all three of them, but I fell hard for Chris. His playful but awkward personality shone brightly and made this story fun, sweet, hot, with a mild hint of angst to propel the conflict. Gridlocked (nb/f) 3.5/5 stars I’ll fully admit I started this short not really feeling a pull for either heroine. Tonya was always more distant in the other Five Boroughs books, and Mere just never really did it for me. That said, I did like their story. It had a nice, albeit brief arc and their physical chemistry was intense. I liked seeing their emotional chemistry take hold and increase over the course of the story, but it felt a little stilted compared to this author’s other couples and even the other couples in the anthology. What I did really like, and totally surprised me, was the extra peak into Caleb, Aiden, and Mere’s father. I thought this was a really nice way to pull all those storylines together while advancing Tonya and Mere’s relationship. Derailed (m/f) 4/5 stars In Derailed, fans of the series finally get a better glimpse at Angel and Stephanie’s on again/off again relationship as hinted at over the course of multiple books. The longstanding feelings and chemistry, both physical and emotional, came through clearly and I found myself drawn to this couple more than I anticipated. I liked the way their story progressed and the conflict resolution complete. The only thing that kept Derailed from being 5 stars for me was Stephanie. Her hesitancy to get into a relationship followed by her sudden change-of-heart felt disingenuous and rather convenient. Despite enjoying their story and liking them as a couple, I found myself wishing there had been a bit more length to smooth out her transition. However, the closing scene was the perfect way to end the story and anthology, complete with all those warm fuzzies of a good romance. *Received eARC via Netgalley. Reviewed for Alpha Book Club*