Civil and Structural Engineering Computational Technology

Civil and Structural Engineering Computational Technology



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ISBN-13: 9781874672555
Publisher: Saxe-Coburg Publications
Publication date: 10/01/2011
Series: Computational Science, Engineering & Tec Series
Pages: 356
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Preface iii

1 Role and Perspective of Computational Structural Analysis for Sustainable Reconstruction and Seismic Risk Mitigation after an Earthquake V. Gattulli 1

2 Concrete as the Multiphase Material in Biological Shields against Nuclear Radiation C.E. Majorana B. Pomaro V.A. Salomoni F. Gramegna G. Prete 35

3 Development of Realistic Three-Dimensional Track Models for Railway Vehicle Dynamic Analyses J. Pombo J. Ambrósio 65

4 Dynamic Analysis of Beam Structures under Moving Loads: A Review of the Modal Expansion Method Z. Dimitrovová 99

5 Virtual Experiments and a Statistically Equivalent Representative Volume Element for Macroscopic Constitutive Laws M. Šejnoha J. Vorel R. Valenta J. Zeman 131

6 Applications of Graph Products and Canonical Forms in Structural Mechanics: A Review A. Kaveh H. Rahami 157

7 Numerical and Experimental Assessment of Stainless and Carbon Bolted Tensioned Members P.C.G. da S. Vellasco L.R.O. de Lima J. de J. dos Santos A. T. da Silva S.A.L. de Andrade J.G.S. da Silva 187

8 Numerical Evaluation of the Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Steel Structures C.J. Gantes 219

9 Recent Developments in the Analysis of Stiffened Plates E.J. Sapountzakis 243

10 Numerical Modelling and Analysis of Composite Structures subject to Extreme Loading R. Y. Xiao Z. W. Gong C. S. Chin C. G. Bailey 279

Author Index 301

Keyword Index 303

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