Civil Procedure

Civil Procedure

by Stephen C. Yeazell

Hardcover(3rd ed)


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ISBN-13: 9780316513685
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
Publication date: 12/31/1995
Series: Law School Casebook Series
Edition description: 3rd ed
Pages: 1012

Table of Contents

Table Of Contents


Chapter I: An Overview Of Procedure

A. The Idea And The Practice Of Procedure

B. Where Can The Suit Be Brought?

C. Stating The Case

D. Parties To The Lawsuit

E. Factual Development - Discovery

F. Pretrial Disposition - Summary Judgment

G. Trial

H. Former Adjudication

I. Appeals

Part A The Constitutional Framework For U.S. Litigations

A. Approaching Civil Procedure

B. Constitutional Limits In Litigation

Chapter Ii: Personal Jurisdiction

A. The Origins

B. The Modern Constitutional Formulation Of Power

C. Consent As A Substitute For Power

D. The Constitutional Requirement Of Notice

E. Self-Imposed Restraints On Jurisdictional Power: Long-Arm Statutes, Venue, And Discretionary Refusal Of Jurisdiction

Chapter Iii: Subject Matter Of Jurisdiction Of The Federal Courts

A. The Idea And The Structure Of Subject Matter Jurisdiction

B. Federal Question Jurisdiction

C. Diversity Jurisdiction

D. Supplemental Jurisdiction

E. Removal

Chapter Iv: The Erie Problem

A. State Courts As Lawmakers In A Federal System

B. The Limits Of State Power In Federal Courts

Part B The Process Of Litigation

Chapter V: Incentives To Litigate

A. Litigation In The United States At The End Of The Twentieth Century

B. Substitutionary Remedies

C. Specific Remedies

D. Declaratory Relief

E. Financing Litigation

F. Provisional Remedies

ChapterVi: Pleading

A. Rival Procedural Systems

B. Pleading In A Modern Regime

C. Responding To The Complaint

Chapter Vii: Discovery

A. Modern Discovery

B. The Possibilities And Limits Of Discovery: Relevance And Privilege

C. Surveying Discovery: Procedures And Methods

D. Discovery And Privacy

E. Discovery In An Adversary System

F. Ensuring Compliance And Controlling Abuse Of Discovery

Chapter Viii: Resolution Without Trial

A. The Pressure To Choose Adjudication Or An Alternative

B. Avoiding Adjudication

C. Curtailed Adjudication: Summary Judgment

D. Judicial Management Of Litigation

Chapter Ix: Identifying The Trier

A. Judging Judges: Bias And Recusal

B. Judge Or Jury: The Right To A Civil Jury Trial

Chapter X: Trial

A. The Limits Of Rational Inference

B. Procedural Control Of Rational Proof

C. The Limits Of The Law's Control: The Jury As A Black Box

Chapter Xi: Appeal

A. Who Can Appeal?

B. When A Decision May Be Reviewed: "Finality"

C. Scope Of Review

Chapter Xii: Respect For Judgments

A. Claim Preclusion

B. Issue Preclusion

C. The Boundaries Of Preclusion

D. Repose: Collateral Attack And Reopened Judgments

Part C Expanding The Framework Of Litigation: Additional Claims And Parties

Chapter Xiii: Joinder

A. Joinder Of Claims

B. Joinder Of Parties

C. Intervention

D. Interpleader

E. Class Actions

Table Of Cases

Table Of Citations To The Judicial Code (28 U.S.C.)

Table Of Citations To The Federal Rules Of Civil Procedure

Table Of Authorities


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