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Civilization in the West, Volume C (Chapters 20-30) / Edition 5

Civilization in the West, Volume C (Chapters 20-30) / Edition 5


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ISBN-13: 9780321105059
Publisher: Longman Publishing Group
Publication date: 08/07/2002
Edition description: 5TH Edition
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.80(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

20. The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era, 1789-1815.
Eighteenth Century Revolution.
The Crisis of the Old Regime in France, 1715-88.
The Financial Crisis.
The Political Crisis.
Attempt at Reform.
The First Stage of the French Revolution, 1789-92.
Taking Politics to the People.
Convening the Estates-General.
The Storming of the Bastille.
The Revolution of the Peasantry.
Women on the March.
The Trails of Constitutional Monarchy.
Experimenting with Democracy: The Revolution's Second Stage, 1792-99.
Declaring Political Rights.
The Second Revolution: The Revolution of the People.
"Terror Is the Order of the Day" .
The End of the Revolution.
The Reign of Napoleon, 1799-1815.
Bonaparte Seizes Power.
Napoleon at War with the European Powers.
The First Empire and Domestic Refomrs.
Decline and Fall.
A Closer Look: The Guillotine and Revolutionary Justice.
"What Is the Third Estate?"
On Revolutionary Government.
The Civil Code of the Code Napoleon (1804).

21. Industrial Europe.
An Iron Forge: Machinery and Industrialization
The Traditional Economy.
Farming Families.
Rural Manufacture.
The Agricultural Revolution.
The Industrial Revolution in Britain.
Britain First.
Minerals and Metals.
Cotton Is King.
The Iron Horse.
Entrepreneurs and Managers.
The Wages of Progress.
The Industrialization of the Continent.
Industrialization Without Revolution.
Industrialization andUnion.
The Lands That Time Forgot.
A Closer Look: Industry and the Environment.
The Wealth of Britain.
The Sin of Wages.
Exploiting the Young.
The Slavery of Labor.

22. Social Transformations and Political Upheavals, 1815-1850.
Potato Politics: The Plight of the Poor in European Societies.
Geographical Tour: Europe in 1815.
The Congress of Vienna.
The Alliance System.
The New Ideologies.
The Politics of Preserving Order.
Romanticism and Change.
Reshaping State and Society.
Protest and Revolution.
Causes of Social Instability.
The Revolutions of 1830.
Reform in Great Britain.
Workers Unite.
Revolutions Across Europe, 1848-1850.
A Closer Look: The Birth of the Prison.
Flora Tristan and the Rights of Working Women.
Young Italy.
The Communist Manifesto.

23. State-Building and Social Change in Europe, 1850-1871.
The Birth of the German Empire.
Building Nations: The Politics of Unification.
The Crimean War.
Unifying Italy.
Unifying Germany.
Nationalism and Force.
Reforming European Society.
The Second Empire in France, 1852-70.
The Victorian Compromise.
Reforming Russia.
The Politics of Leadership.
Changing Values and the Force of New Ideas.
The Politics of Homemaking.
The New World of Realism in the Arts.
Charles Darwin and the New Science.
Karl Marx and the Science of Society.
A New Revolution?
Suggestions for Further Reading.
Special Feature: A Working Woman.
The Emancipation Proclamation, 1861.
On the Origins of Species.
Red Women in Paris.

24. The Crisis of European Culture, 1871-1914.
Speeding to the Future.
European Economy and the Politics of Mass Society.
Regulating Boom and Bust.
Challenging Liberal England.
Political Struggles in Germany.
Political Scandals and Mass Politics in France. Defeating Liberalism in Austria.
Outsiders in Mass Politics.
Feminists and Politics.
The Jewish Question and Zionism.
Workers and Minorities on the Margins.
Shaping the New Consciousness.
The Authority of Science.
Establishing the Social Sciences.
The "New Woman" and the New Consciousness.
The New Consumption.
Suggestions for Further Reading.
Special Feature: Sigmund Freud, Explorer of Dreams.
"J'Accuse" .
Constance Lytton.
"Angel" or Woman?

25. Europe and the World, 1870-1914.
The Politics of Mapmaking.
The New Imperialism.
The Technology of Empire.
Motives for Empire.
The European Search for Territory and Markets.
The Scramble for Africa: Diplomacy and Conflict.
Gold, Empire-Building, and the Boer War.
Imperialism in Asia.
Results of a European-Dominated World.
A World Economy.
Race and Culture.
Women and Imperialism.
Ecology and Imperialism.
Critiquing Capitalism.
Conflict at Home: The European Balance of Power.
The Geopolitics of Europe.
The Instability of the Alliance System.
Suggestions for Further Reading.
Special Feature: African Political Heroes and Resistance to the Scramble.
Leopold II of Belgium, Speech to an International Conference of Geographers, 12 September 1876.
Joseph Chamberlain's Speech to the Birmingham Relief Association.
Karl Pearson and the Defense of Eugenics.

26. War and Revolution, 1914-1920.
Selling the Great War.
The War Europe Expected.
Separating Friends from Foes.
Military Timetables.
Assassination at Sarajevo.
The War Europe Got.
Technology and the Trenches.
The Battle of the Marne.
War on the Eastern Front.
War on the Western Front.
War on the Periphery.
Adjusting to the Unexpected: Total War.
Mobilizing the Home Front.
Silencing Dissent.
Turning Point and Victory, 1917-18.
Reshaping Europe: After War and Revolution.
Settling the Peace.
Revolution in Russia, 1917-20.
Suggestions for Further Reading.
Special Feature: The Women Who Started the Russian Revolution.
"All Quiet on the Western Front" .
Communism: The Decree on Grain.
Proclamation of the "Whites," 8 July 1918.

27. The European Search For Stability, 1920-1939.
The School of Hardknocks.
International Politics and Economic Nationalism.
New Nation States, New Problems.
German Recovery.
France's Search for Security.
The United States in Europe.
Crisis and Collapse in a World Economy.
The Great Depression.
The Soviet Union's Separate Path.
The Soviet Regime at the End of the Civil War. The New Economic Policy, 1921-28.
Stalin's Rise to Power.
The First Five-Year Plan.
The Comintern, Economic Development, and the Purges.
Women and the Family in the New Soviet State.
The Promise of Fascism.
The Rise of Dictatorships.
Mussolini's Italy.
Mussolini's Plans for Empire.
The Beginnings of the Nazi Movement in Germany.
Hitler and the Third Reich.
Hitler's Rise to Power.
Nazi Goals.
Propaganda, Racism, and Culture.
Democracies in Crisis.
The Failure of the Left in France.
Muddling Through in Great Britain.
The Spanish Republic as Battleground.
Suggestions for Further Reading.
Special Feature: The Screams From Guernica. Documents.
European Disillusionment.
Depression for Women.
The Law on the Abolition of Legal Abortion, 1936.
Adolf Hitler on "Racial Purity" .

28. Global Conflagration: Hot War and Cold War.
Building Bombs.
The Coming of World War II.
Hitler's Foreign Policy and Appeasement.
Hitler's War, 1939-41.
Collaboration and Resistance.
Racism and Destruction.
Enforcing Nazi Racial Policies.
The Destruction of Europe's Jews.
Who Knew?
Allied Victory.
The Soviet Union's Great Patriotic War.
The United States Enters the War.
Winning the War in Europe.
Japanese War Aims and Assumptions.
Winning the War in the Pacific.
The Fate of Allied Cooperation: 1945.
Suggestions for Further Reading.
Special Feature: The Atomic Wasteland.
The White Rose.
Manifesto of the Jewish Resistance in Vilna, September 1943.
The Atrocity at Lidice.
President Franklin Roosevelt's Request for a Declaration of War on Japan.
Japan's Declaration of War on the United States and Great Britain.
"Glittering Fragments" .

29. Postwar Recovery and Crisis: From the Cold War to the New Europe, to 1989.
Utopia Lost.
Regulating the Cold War.
Atomic Politics.
The Two Germanys and the World in Two Blocs.
Reconstructing Europe.
The Problem: Europe in Ruins.
The Solution: The Marshall Plan.
Administering the Plan.
Western European Economic Integration.
Creating the Welfare State.
Prosperity and Consumption in the West.
The Eastern Bloc and Recovery.
Family Strategies.
Youth Culture and the Generation Gap.
Sex, Drugs, and Protest.
The Protests of 1968.
Suggestions for Further Reading.
Special Feature: Dismantling Empires.
The Iron Curtain.
The Marshall Plan.
Report to the Twentieth Party Congress.
The Second Sex.
"Subterranean Homesick Blues" .

30. The West Faces The New Century, 1989 to the Present.
Lost in Space.
A Geographical Tour of Europe: Europe in 1989.
Russia and the New Republics.
Yeltsin and the Chechen Challenge.
The Unification of Germany.
Eastern Europe: Nationalism and Ethnicity.
War in the Balkans.
Yugoslavia Disintegration.
The History of Ethnic Differences.
The War for a "Greater" Serbia.
The Dayton Peace Accords.
War in Kosovo.
Albanian Blood Feuds.
The West in the Global Community.
European Union and the American Superpower.
A New Working Class: Foreign Workers.
Women's Changing Lives.
The Threat of Terrorism.
Suggestions for Further Reading.
Special Feature: Television, Computers and the Media Revolution.
Career Advancement, Communist-Style.
The Return of Fascism?

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