Clam Mariculture in North America

Clam Mariculture in North America



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ISBN-13: 9780444873002
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 02/28/1989
Series: Developments in Aquaculture and Fisherie
Pages: 462

Table of Contents

Introduction (J.J. Manzi, M. Castagna). Comparative biology of clams: environmental tolerances, feeding, and growth (R.E. Malouf, V.M. Bricelj). Gametogenesis and spawning in North American clam populations: implications for culture (A.G. Eversole). Clam culture in North America: hatchery production of nursery stock clams (M. Castagna, J.J. Manzi). Nursery culture of clams in North America (J.J. Manzi, M. Castagna). Factors affecting the growth and survival of clam seed planted in the natural environment (J.N. Kraeuter, M. Castagna). Predators, pests, parasites, and diseases (M.C. Gibbons, W.J. Blogoslawski). The biology, fishery and culture of quahog clams, Mercenaria (W. Menzel). Manila clam biology and fishery development in western North America (K.K. Chew). Biology and culture of the surf clam (R. Goldberg). Culture and ecology of the soft-shelled clam, Mya arenaria (H. Hidu, C.R. Newell). Biology and culture of the giant clam (G.A. Heslinga). Clam genetics (C.M. Humphrey, J.W. Crenshaw, Jr.). Clam fisheries and culture in Canada (N. Bourne). Clam culture in Mexico: past, present and future (C.E. Baquerio). Hard clam demand: past determinants and future prospects (O. Capps, Jr., L. Shabman, J.W. Brown). Depuration and clam culture (W. Blogoslawski). Clam culture as a resource management tool (R.E. Malouf). Subject index.

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