Clan of the Werebear: The Complete Series

Clan of the Werebear: The Complete Series

by Madison Johns


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This book is not intended for anyone under 18 due to adult content and sexual situations. Includes all three books in the Clan of the Wearbear serial, Hidden, Discovered, and Betrayed.Hidden, Clan of the Werebear (Book 1) PROTECTED... The werewolf, Samson, tries to protect her from the world by hiding her away high in the mountains at a cabin, refusing even to allow her to "shift." But when, at the age of eighteen, Elaina is stricken by "the mating fever" and Samson finds her in a compromising position with his grandson, he is forced to confine her even more. FEVERED... Restricted, hidden away, in full frenzy of the mating fever, and strictly forbidden to mate, Elaina decides it is time she joined her own find her mate. But meeting the devastatingly handsome werebears, Cullen and Damon, is dangerous because she is drawn to the both of a bear to honey. The fever is so strong, all she can think about is being in their arms. Torn, Eliana must face one of the most difficult choices of her life: go back with them to their village and chance that they aren't part of the Clan, or turn her back on the one man who could be her perfect mate in order to remain...HIDDEN. Discovered, Clan of the Werebear (Book 2) The story continues... Elaina awakens from her night with Cullen only to be herded to hide by the stream as the Clan of the Werebear inspection is at hand. It's too late for Klesa or her sons to leave the village and Elaina worries as she hides with them. She thought her days of hiding were over. Elaina vows to persuade the werebears to ask the werewolves for help if the clan brings war to their doors, but Cullen is resistant. It might be their only chance, and another chance for Elaina to see her childhood friend and werewolf Liam again. As the fever still rages and Elaina gives into her primal needs, she allows herself the freedom to experience both of the brothers as they share her, but how long will it last before she's forced to make a decision that will change all of their lives forever? Betrayed, Clan of the Werebear (Book 3) The dramatic conclusion of the Clan of the Werebear serial. Elaina feels the ultimate betrayal, and Cullen has put demands on her for the last time. She isn't waiting around until the clan finds her, dragging her off to parts unknown. Elaina flees the village. When she finally locates Liam, he's less than thrilled to see her. Liam insists that he can't or won't mate with her, but none of that is important now. All she can think about is locating her protector, Samson, and learning the truth about her past, and she can't do that alone. She needs Liam. He agrees to help her and they embark on a journey that takes Elaina back to where it all began-in the Alaskan wilderness.

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ISBN-13: 9781505592641
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/16/2014
Pages: 370
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.77(d)

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