Clara & Irving: A Love Story of Past Lives

Clara & Irving: A Love Story of Past Lives


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Clara and Irving's love story begins in the Roaring 20's in the seacoast village of Onset on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. They meet and marry in this golden age of vaudeville theatre, silent films, casinos and dance halls. Their love story revolves around the Zeiterion Theatre, a 1920's vaudeville theatre which becomes the stage for their love affair in years to come.

Told through the eyes of Clara, and her granddaughter, Danielle, the novel unveils the lives of the two women, and the men that capture their hearts across time. From the 1920's to the present time of 2010, their two stories are interwoven revealing the intimate connection between Clara and Danielle who both share a love of the theatre, and the love of a soulmate.

As the author of the non-fiction book, "The Healing Path of the Romantic: Type Four of the Enneagram Personality Type System," Donna M. Fisher-Jackson has brought to life the personality of the Romantic in her current novel of Clara and Irving. Based on the true story of a Romantic, Donna takes you on a journey through the world of past lives, and how the seeds of a Romantic can be planted in lifetimes ago.

It's a love story that may prompt you to go on your own quest to uncover your own past lives and your soulmates across time. If there is one truth in life, it's that love lives on forever.

This novel was inspired by the lives of Donna's grandparents, Clara and Irving Fisher who lived in Onset, Massachusetts, and had three sons - the youngest of which was her Father, Donald Herbert Fisher. Her grandparents passed away before she was born, but she imagined what their lives must have been like during the 1920's at the height of the era of vaudeville theatre and silent films.

In the 1990's, Donna worked as Director of Public Relations at the Zeiterion Theatre, now a world-class performing arts center in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Thinking about her grandparents, she wondered if they had ever seen a show at the Zeiterion which opened in 1923. She decided to connect her grandparents' love story with her own experience of working at the Zeiterion. Her novel is truly a love story of a Romantic, past and present.

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ISBN-13: 9781480299535
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/17/2012
Pages: 286
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About the Author

Donna M. Fisher-Jackson, M.A., CHT is a Certified Hypnotherapist who utilizes past-life regression in her counseling business as a healing tool. She has assisted many people in going on journeys back in time to recover memories of soulmates with whom they have traveled across time. Her past-life work has also helped people to heal emotional issues and phobias as well as to retrieve long-forgotten gifts and talents.

Donna has been working in the counseling field since 1999. Her counseling business is Iris Holistic Counseling Services. With her clients, she shares the tools of Hypnotherapy, the Enneagram, Dreamwork, Western Astrology and the Mythic Tarot. She specializes in life transitions, relationship issues, mid-life, career/vocation and life purpose.

Donna has an M.A. in Counseling Psychology specializing in Holistic Studies from John F. Kennedy University of Northern California. She has also written the non-fiction book, "The Healing Path of the Romantic: Type Four of the Enneagram Personality Type System."

Before her counseling career, Donna worked in the field of public relations with her last job as Director of Public Relations at the Zeiterion Theatre, the same theatre that appears in her novel. She feels blessed to have worked there for seven years, experiencing some of the finest performers from around the world.

Originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts and Northern California, Donna is now on a year-long journey in 2015 traveling around the United States and Canada in her new home - a Bighorn RV. She is taking her counseling tools on the road, and will be doing readings, classes, and/or presentations at a town near you.

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