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Oxford University Press, USA
Class / Edition 1

Class / Edition 1

by Patrick Joyce


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ISBN-13: 9780192892522
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication date: 07/20/1995
Series: Oxford Readers Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 5.39(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.83(d)

About the Author

Patrick Joyce is Lecturer in History at the University of Manchester.

Table of Contents

A: The Classical Inheritance and its Development
1. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles on Class
2. Max Weber on Class
3. Ferdinand Toennies on Estates and Classes
4. The Development of the Classical Inheritance, Rosemary Crompton
5. An Inheritance Reaffirmed: Weber, Howard Newby et al
6. An Inheritance Reaffirmed: Marx, Ellen Meiksins Wood
B. An Inheritance in Question
(a), Positions
7. Sociology and Postmodernity, Zygmunt Bauman
8. Sociology and the Study of Society, Alain Touraine
(b), Arguments
9. The End of the Social, Jean Baudrillard
10. Fractured Identities, Donna Haraway
11. The Reality of Representation and the Representation of Reality, Pierre Bourdieu
12. Bourdieu on 'Habitus', John B. Thompson
13. Giddens on 'Structuration', John B. Thompson
14. The Concept of Structure, Anthony Giddens
15. The Incarnation of Social Structure, Wes Sharrock and Rod Watson
16. Castoriadis on the Imaginary Institution of Society, John B. Thompson
17. The Social Imaginary, Cornelius Castoriadis
C. Class and the Historians
(a), Culture and Structure: Social History Orthodoxy
18. The Making of Class, E.P. Thompson
19. Class and Class Struggle, E.P. Thompson
20. Levels of Class Formation, Ira Katznelson
(b), The 'Linguistic Turn'
21. Class, 'Experience', and Politics, Gareth Stedman Jones
22. Language, Gender, and Working- Class History, Joan W. Scott
23. A People and a Class, Patrick Joyce
24. Ranciere and the Worker, Donald Reid
25. The Nights of Labor, Jacques Ranciere
26. A Post-Materialist Rhetoric for Labour History, William H. Sewell, jun.
D. The History of the Social
27. Habermas and the 'Public Sphere', Geoff Eley
28. 'Society' and the 'Public Sphere' in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Germany, James Van Horn Melton
29. Governmentality, Michel Foucault
30. Colin Gordon
31. The Emergence of Liberal Governmentality, II, Graham Burchell
32. The Mobilization of Society, Jacques Donzelot
33. Towards a Critical Sociology of Freedom, Nikolas Rose
34. Gendering 'the Social', Denise Riley
E. The Hermeneutics of the Social: Codes and Categories
35. The Class Structure of the 'Classic Slum', Robert Roberts
36. 'Them' and 'Us', Richard Hoggart
37. Symbols, Codes and Cultures, Bernice Martin
38. The Social Bases of Obedience and Revolt, Barrington Moore, jun.
39. 'Rebelling against the Work we Love', Alain Cottereau
F. The Language of Class
40. The Language of Orders in Early Modern Europe, Peter Burke
41. The Failure of the Bourgeoisie, Martin J. Wiener
42. Gender and the Middle Class, Leonore Davidoff and Catherine Hall
43. The Making of the British Middle Class: An Elite-Led Class, R.J. Morris
44. Narratives of Class, Patrick Joyce
45. Meanings of Class, William H. Sewell, jun.
46. War and the Language of Class, Bernard Waites
47. The State and the Language of Class, Ross McKibbin
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