Classic Cars for Fun and Poverty: Sequel to

Classic Cars for Fun and Poverty: Sequel to "Roger Made Me Do It"

by Ed Zukusky


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So you want to own a classic car!!!

"Let us bow our heads and have a moment of silence..."

Do you understand the real meanings of car ads?

" Rust Free" - You just pay for the car, the rust is free.

"Head Turner" - People look away.

"One Careful Owner" - Other six owners, not so careful.

"Project Car" - Less than 50% of the car exists, and what does exist is in boxes!

Welcome to the real world of classic cars!!!

"Classic Cars for Fun and Poverty" is a delightfully satirical and zany look at the world of classic car restorers and enthusiasts. Author Ed Zukusky uses his own experiences, over the last fourteen years, to illustrate the joys and pitfalls of ownership, upkeep and maintenance of a classic car.

The author states "I am writing this book for the prospective/novice classic car owner, who can hopefully learn from my mistakes and avoid making some of their own. The experienced classic car owner may not learn from my mistakes but will most likely laugh at, and possibly identify with, my mistakes," (Think! Yep! I did that too!).

Because of the liberties taken in describing many of the events in the book, the author suggests that as you read this book you should assume; (1) He is exaggerating, but that really did happen, or (2) He is greatly exaggerating and that really did happen. Please note, while exaggeration and satire run rampant through the book, there is some sound and serious advice within. This is especially true in the areas pertaining to buying and maintaining your classic car.

This is not meant to be a "How To" book. It is more of a "Don't Do What I Did" book

Note: If you are a lawyer, or are prone to suing novice writers with only goodness in their hearts, then the entire book is fiction. Names and places mentioned don't exist, none of the scenarios ever happened, and the entire book was written while I was under the influence of senility.

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