CLASSICS: Why and how we can encourage children to read them

CLASSICS: Why and how we can encourage children to read them

by Fiza Pathan


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With the aid of the various techniques mentioned in this book, I hope to propagate the reading of Classics to everyone . . . every student, parent, and educator. Through the use of these techniques, parents and educators will be able to introduce students to the rich world of classic literature without the negative feelings that often result when students are exposed to new, more difficult material. The book also focuses on the importance of reading good literature, methods for encouraging students to do so, and the lifelong benefits children will reap from exposure to classic literature. It is my hope that this book will encourage everyone to make reading the classics a habit rather than a chore. We must do so, for the welfare of the modern generation and those to follow.

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ISBN-13: 9788193290606
Publisher: Fiza Pathan Publishing (OPC) Private Limited
Publication date: 03/16/2017
Pages: 310
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.81(d)

About the Author

Fiza Pathan was born in Mumbai, India on March 19th, 1989. She finished her high school education from Bombay Scottish School, a reputed ICSE School in Mumbai. She then attended St Andrews College to pursue her B.A. degree in History and Sociology and graduated with a first class. A trained teacher, she graduated with a first class from the St Theresa's Institute of Education, Santa Cruz, her special subjects being History and English She has written nine award-winning books and won over forty literary awards. She lives now with her maternal family in Mumbai and writes novels and short stories which include almost all genres. She has been 'adopted' by two stray cats who answer to the names of Lopez and Ayn Rand. You may follow her on Twitter @FizaPathan and subscribe to her blog

Table of Contents

Contents A Short Note from the Author 9 CLASSICS Why We Should Encourage Children to Read Them 13 Why We Should Read the Classics 15 Favourite Classics 17 Improves Language Skills and Vocabulary 19 Develops Imagination 23 General Knowledge 27 Check This Out 31 Descriptive Powers 35 Love for Literature and Classics 39 Artistic and Scientific Temperament 43 My Encounter with Dracula 47 Frankenstein and Science 51 Classics and Morals 55 Fun Quiz 61 Abridged or Unabridged? That Is a Silly Question 65 Middle School and Classics 71 Classical Characters Who Have Influenced My Reality 75 Classics and Reading Sessions 77 Conclusion 83 Classics How We Can Encourage Children to Read Them 85 Preface 87 Introduction 89 Basic Direct Techniques 93 Movie First Method 93 Reading Snippets in Class 95 Quiz Sessions 96 Quiz Time 97 The Study Room Break Method 99 Indirect Techniques 105 Literature PowerPoints 105 Chart Method 107 Research Method 108 The Parent Method 109 List of Classics for Teenagers and Parents to Read 113 The Importance of Reading Classics Method 115 What A Student Can Learn From The Classics 118 Reading Classics From A Young Age Method 121 School Initiatives 125 Libraries and Book Fairs 131 Library Method 132 Library Period Method 133 Classroom Library Method 134 Book Fairs 135 Born To Read 139 Audiovisual Aids in Teaching and Imparting Value Education 145 Documentary Videos Method 145 Audiobook Method 147 Moral Science Method 150 Miscellaneous Techniques 155 Conclusion 165 My Take on the Classics A MEMOIR 167 The Baskerville Comforter 169 Sailing in the Wrong Boat 177 Blood Is The Life 183 Hard Times - Ninth and Tenth Grade 189 A Morbid Antiquarian 197 A Letter To My First Student 203 Classics That I Read When I'm Happy 207 A Letter To A Student Who Became A Friend 211 To Scrap Or Not To Scrap The Bard 215 A Letter To My Protégé 221 A Letter To A Prodigy In My Book Club 223 A Letter To A Little Lady 227 Abridged Tales Of My Youth 231 A Letter To A Young Man of Sixteen 237 Uncle Blaise and the Classics 241 Anne and Emily 247 A Letter To A Beginner 251 A Letter To A Musician 255 My World Is A Wonderland 258 Afterword 263 Appendix A 265 Appendix B 267 Appendix C 279 Works Consulted 287 Index 291

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