Classroom Reading Inventory

Classroom Reading Inventory


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Classroom Reading Inventory by Nicholas J. Silvaroli, Warren Wheelock

This trusted reading inventory resource is ideal for pre-service and in-service teachers who use an informal reading inventory test to help identify students' reading problems. A classic in the field,it is the leading reading inventory text,brief and easy to use in a consumable,spiral-bound format. The CRI (Classroom Reading Inventory) is specially prepared for in- and pre-service teachers who have little or no experience with informal reading inventories. It is designed to be administered in fifteen minutes or less.

Form A follows a subskills format and Form B follows a reader response format designed around the predicting and retelling of stories. Teachers can test reading comprehension and word-recognition abilities,and also inferential and critical reading and thinking abilities. Both forms include a pretest and a posttest.

Eighty percent of the stories used for the CRI test in the ninth edition are new. They are more contemporary and inclusive,and reflect multicultural themes. Most stories are now 30% longer. Finger tabs have been added so the user can flip more easily to major sections. Also available to the instructor is an audio tape for practice scoring and interpretation.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780072819663
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 04/01/2003
Pages: 168

Table of Contents

General Information
A Word to the Wise
Form A: SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS: For Administering the Subskills Format
Part 1. Graded Word Lists: Subskills Format
Part 2. Graded Paragraphs: Subskills Format Levels
Recording Word Recognition Errors
Significant and Insignificant Word Recognition Errors
Marking Word Recognition Errors on Graded Paragraphs
Evaluating Comprehension Responses
Scoring Guide
Summary of Specific Instructions
Sample CRI Record
Scoring and Interpretation for Sample CRI - Deon
Part 1. Graded Word Lists - Scoring
Part 1. Graded Word Lists - Interpretation
Part 2. Graded Paragraphs - Scoring
Part 2. Graded Paragraphs - Interpretation
Part 1. Graded Word Lists
Part 2. Graded Paragraphs
Inventory Record for Teachers
Part 1. Graded Word Lists
Part 2. Graded Paragraphs
Inventory Record for Teachers
(and more...)

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