Clean Energy for Centuries: Stopping Global Warming and Climate Change

Clean Energy for Centuries: Stopping Global Warming and Climate Change

by Klaus H. Hemsath


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Saving Earth for Future Generations

Ominous news are mounting; will global warming, climate changes, ice melting, and disappearing fauna and flora impact us and our offspring?

Countermeasures like the Kyoto agreement, energy conservation, cap and trade, carbon taxes, hydrogen economy, and electric cars are bandied about by media, politicians, and the energy industry. Can any of these concepts provide temporary relief or a permanent solution?

After much research, the author has come to a sobering conclusion. All these concepts are fool's gold; they keep everybody happy, accomplish nothing of lasting value, but add to irreversible damages.

Dr. Hemsath believes that we all have an inviolable covenant to fulfill; we cannot leave an irreparably damaged Earth to coming generations! His book offers a sweeping plan for saving the world for future generations, for halting global warming, for arresting climate changes, and for making world economies more prosperous and more stable.

World economies must stop all fossil fuel burning and instead produce electric power by converting solar energy and nuclear heat. Scientists must learn to produce petroleum substitutes from plants and biomass. Only photosynthesis can recycle carbon dioxide by using solar energy without increasing atmospheric greenhouse gas accumulation.

The world has plenty of arid, barren, and fallow lands for growing biomass. Nature has proven that biomass can be converted into liquid fuels. A massive, mission oriented effort can uncover nature's secrets in a decade. Growth of world economies depends on affordable fuels.

The USA must become the world's economic leader again by developing the few critically needed, novel energy technologies.

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