Clean Tech Intellectual Property

Clean Tech Intellectual Property

by Eric L. Lane

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Clean Tech Intellectual Property by Eric L. Lane

Clean Tech Intellectual Property authored by Eric L. Lane: Eco-marks, Green Patents, and Green Innovation, by Eric L. Lane, is the first comprehensive review of intellectual property and clean technology. It analyzes the interplay of clean technologies and IP regimes using industry trends, legal developments and case studies to demonstrate how IP law is influencing the growth of clean tech and how green business models are shaping IP practice. The book explains how clean tech companies can leverage green patents to create and expand their businesses and includes strategies and cases studies relating to prosecuting green patent applications, building green patent portfolios, and licensing clean technologies. The effects of significant green patent and trademark litigation on the clean tech industry are also examined. Special focus is given to issues of "eco-mark" prosecution and green branding, from the brand owner perspective and from a consumer protection standpoint, including a discussion of "greenwashing." The book critically examines clean tech IP policies and discusses the international debate over the role of IP in efforts to curb global climate change.


•   First comprehensive review of intellectual property and clean technology
•   Analyzes the interplay of clean technologies and the various IP regimes using trends, statistics, legal developments and case studies
•   Special focus given to patent litigation, patent prosecution and issues of trademark prosecution and branding


"Followers of Eric Lane's Green Patent Blog know he can pack a lot of information into his articles with journalistic aplomb. In this book, readers will be equally impressed by his analytic gifts and laser-like focus. Here, Lane goes beyond the kind of nuts-and-bolts 'how-to' or case summaries that too often characterize IP-legal writing and delivers a thematically integrated treatise on Clean Tech IP. Readers will come away with a solid conviction that Clean Tech is indeed an IP-legal category unto itself."

--Eric P. Raciti

Partner/Chair, Alternative Energy Practice

Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett&Dunner, LLP

"Eric Lane has a masterful grasp on the legal issues and challenges surrounding the intersection of clean technology innovation and intellectual property. He carefully segments the topic into its component pieces for a thorough and fair discussion. This book is the new green tech IP bible."

--Carl Horton, Chief IP Counsel, General Electric Company

"In this interesting and informative book, Eric Lane reviews the key legal and policy issues raised by intellectual property in the area of clean technology, and makes a strong case for the importance of IP rights to clean tech entrepreneurs. Lane offers a very readable analysis of how current IP legal doctrine in the U.S., as well as the international debate over transfer of clean technology, will likely shape ownership rights in clean tech. His arguments are thoughtful, fair, and grounded in case law, statistics, and his experience as a practitioner of clean tech IP."

--Arti Rai, Elvin R. Latty Professor of Law, Duke University School of Law

"For anyone who wants to know what clean tech has to do with intellectual property, Eric Lane has the answers. Lane walks us from the difficulties in patenting new technology while dodging the wreckage of the 1970's wave of clean tech innovation; he tells the story of how GE built its wind business on the back of its variable-speed wind-turbine patents and Toyota's battles with an alleged patent troll over hybrid-vehicle patents. He covers attempts to control greenwashing and gives readers the real story behind deals in which clean tech IP is transferred from developed to developing nations."

--Victor Cardona, partner at Heslin Rothenberg Farley&Mesiti, co-chair and co-founder of the firm's Cleantech Practice Group

Publisher of the Clean Energy Patent Growth Index

"Eric Lane has made a very valuable, extremely readable, and thoroughly enjoyable contribution to the field of clean technology and intellectual property that will help readers who are not already familiar with the topics to understand why these issues matter and to get a very good feel for patent and trademark issues that are raised."

--Joshua D. Sarnoff, The IP Law Book Review

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