Clean Water Act Tmdl Program: Law, Policy and Implementation

Clean Water Act Tmdl Program: Law, Policy and Implementation

by Oliver A. Houck
Pub. Date:
Environmental Law Institute

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ISBN-13: 9780911937992
Publisher: Environmental Law Institute
Publication date: 10/28/1999
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 388

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Introduction3
Chapter 2The History and Evolution of [section]30311
Water Quality Standards Regulation and TMDLs11
The Rise of Water Quality Standards in Federal Law12
The 1972 Amendments: The States and the Regulated Community Make Their Case14
Congress Disposes: [section]303(d)20
The Backlash: Congress Stays the Course24
The Commission Reports24
The New Federalism, 198226
The Water Quality Act of 198728
The Argument Continues31
Reflections on Water Quality Standards Legislation and Its Stakeholders33
Chapter 3The Implementation of [section]30349
Section 303(d): The Avoidance Years49
The Constructive Submission Theory: Avoidance Might Not Work51
Slow Motion53
The Roof Falls In55
EPA Takes the Lead56
Eligible Waters58
Scientific Uncertainty58
Nonpoint Sources60
But Will Anybody Follow?63
Chapter 4A New Framework75
Pieces of the Frame75
The Litigation75
Further EPA Guidance77
Total Maximum Daily Loads79
The FACA Committee82
The Federal Family84
The Clean Water Action Plan85
From Nonpoint to Point Source Regulation87
Grazing and Timber on Public Lands94
Coastal Nonpoint Programs99
Early State Responses104
What We Have Framed108
Chapter 5The Final Frontier131
Reviewing the Bidding131
TMDLs and the Limits of Science136
TMDLs and the Limits of Will142
Chapter 6Concluding Thoughts165
Appendix AClean Water Act [section]303(d)-(e)179
Appendix BTMDL Litigation by State183
Appendix CSummary of Illustrative TMDLs185
Appendix DEPA Proposed TMDL Regulations191
Proposed Revisions to the Water Quality Planning and Management Regulation195
Revisions to the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Program and Federal Antidegradation Policy in Support of Revisions to the Water Quality Planning and Management Regulation309

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