Cleansing the Doors of Perception: The Religious Significance of Entheogenic Plants and Chemicals

Cleansing the Doors of Perception: The Religious Significance of Entheogenic Plants and Chemicals

by Huston Smith


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Cleansing the Doors of Perception: The Religious Significance of Entheogenic Plants and Chemicals by Huston Smith

"On this treacherous subject, where it is easy to go wrong, Smith has written a book that is as responsible as it is informed. His views are completely in accord with my own."
—Albert Hofmann, Ph.D.,
author of LSD: My Problem Child

Huston Smith, one of the world's most respected religious scholars and author of The World's Religions, now offers Cleansing the Doors of Perception, a course-correcting assessment of the connections between entheogens, religious experience, and the divinely inspired life.

The entheogens are plants and chemicals that have been used, some of them for thousands of years, and are being used today around the world, as means for going beyond the ordinary and encountering the sacred.

The greatest single impediment to understanding the entheogens is "psychedelia": the entire range of cultural baggage dating from the 1960s, from Day-Glo painted minibuses to lava lamps, tied together by the implicit belief that the most important use of entheogenic mushrooms, peyote, and their chemical cousins is to have a perpetual Happening.

Cleansing the Doors of Perception aims to undo that confusion. It does not restate the extreme claims of the 60s about liberation through intoxication; rather, it asserts that those claims were profoundly mistaken and helped cause some people to lose their spiritual way. It communicates the key role that entheogens can play when used in contexts of faith and discipline, and it sets out what the entheogens show us about the nature of mind and spirit.

Smith explains that he has kept his eye on this issue throughout the last 40 years of his career because he shares Aldous Huxley's opinion that nothing is more curious, or to his thinking more important, than the role that mind-altering plants and chemicals have played in human history. "My intent," writes Smith, "has been to produce a work that touches on the major facets of its enigmatic subject as seen through the eyes of someone (myself) who, given my age, may have thought and written more about it than anyone else alive."

About the author:
Huston Smith, holder of eleven honorary degrees, is an internationally recognized philosopher and scholar of religion. Selling over two and a half million copies in several editions, his book The World's Religions has been the most widely-used textbook on its subject for a third of a century. In 1996, Bill Moyers devoted a five-part PBS special to Smith's life and work, entitled "The Wisdom of Faith with Huston Smith." Smith has taught at Washington University, M.I.T., Syracuse University, and the University of California at Berkeley. In addition to Cleansing the Doors of Perception, he has authored eleven books and over eighty articles in professional and popular journals. Smith has produced three series for public television, and his films on Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Sufism have all won international awards. He lives in Berkeley, California.

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