Clemente: The True Legacy of an Undying Hero

Clemente: The True Legacy of an Undying Hero

by The Clemente Family
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Clemente: The True Legacy of an Undying Hero 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
A_Sloan More than 1 year ago
A Window Into the Personal Life of Robert Clemente Any baseball fan knows that Clemente was a one of the greats, but lessor known was extraordinary humanitarian feats and personal accomplishments. In Clemente: The True Legacy of an Undying Hero, this baseball legend's family and friends share previously unreleased stories and photos that shed a new light on this lost hero. Unlike other Clemente biographies, this one feels particularly intimate and accurate as it was written by those who knew him best. This a truly moving account of the life of a remarkable person, and an amazing baseball player. An inspirational read--highly recommended for baseball enthusiasts. You may also enjoy reading a similarly intimate look into the life of Jackie Robinson, found in Jackie Robinson: My Own Story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book that I read was; Clemente: The True Legacy of an Undying Hero. This book was written by The Clemente Family and was published by the Penguin Group. This book is a biography of the life of Roberto Clemente. It is told by his wife and children, as well as other close family and friends that knew Roberto Clemente very well. You even hear from his youngest son, Ricky who many people didn’t even know existed. There are also many pictures that the Clemente family shared throughout the book, and many of them had never been seen before. The whole book is about Roberto Clemente and the legacy that he left behind. A legacy that is now trying to be fulfilled by his 3 children. Clemente: The True Legacy of an Undying Hero, is a book that told about Roberto Clemente and his legacy. It is told by the people who knew him very well. This book tells about Roberto’s love for baseball. A love that he had from a very young age. He was always working hard and trying to get better. He was not all about baseball though; he was also a family man. Roberto always liked to spend time with family and cared very much about them. He had three children, Roberto Jr., Luis, and Ricky. He also had a wife named, Vera. Roberto always had a balance of Baseball and family because he cared for both very much. This book also tells about how Roberto always wanted to help everyone. He could never say no to anyone. “If you have a chance to accomplish something that will make things better for people coming behind you, and you don’t do that, you are wasting your time on this Earth.” This was a famous quote that Roberto Clemente said, and it is the quote that he lived by. He always was involved in charity and traveled to different places to help the people who were in need. Roberto always helped everyone and never asked for anything in return. His son Luis said; “My dad never asked for anything in return, and this is why his friends were so dedicated to him.” His love to help people eventually ended up leading to his death, but that was not the end of his legacy. He was so inspirational that people called him the “Latino Jackie Robinson.” Since his death his children have tried to carry on with what Roberto started. Roberto’s son, Luis also tried to carry on his father’s legacy by playing baseball. He played for a short time in the minors for the Pittsburgh Pirates, but then gave it up before ever reaching the MLB. I liked this book very much because it is not like a normal biography. It was told by the people who knew him the best, so while reading it I felt like I was actually talking to Roberto, and that I knew him. This made the book a lot easier to understand and enjoy. The family of Roberto was able to tell what it was like to live with him and be around him all the time. So you end up learning more about Roberto Clemente than you would in one of his normal biographies. There are also many stories about Clemente that are shared by his wife, children, and other close family and friends. “I see him all the time. I see him mostly in his quiet moments. Sometimes he’s playing with the kids. Sometime he’s laughing. He was a great husband to me. He was a great father. He wrote poetry. I called him Roberto.” This was a quote that was said by Vera Clemente, who was the wife of Roberto Clemente. Roberto Clemente had many athletes that supported him. Many of them weren’t even baseball players. Muhammad Ali said this about Clemente: “I think the greatest thing you can say about a person is that they gave their life for their cause. That’s what Roberto Clemente did. He was a beautiful human being.” Muhammad Ali was one of the many athletes that admired Roberto Clemente. I learned a lot from reading this book. There were endless facts about Roberto Clemente and baseball. Many of the facts included involved Puerto Rico as well. I learned that Puerto Rico is not very big for baseball. There are not many professional baseball players that come from Puerto Rico, although when there are players that come from Puerto Rico they are usually very good. Roberto Clemente is arguably on of the best players that played in the MLB, and he is no doubt one of the best players off the field. I also learned many things about Roberto, like that he wasn’t naturally great at baseball, and he worked very hard and put the effort in that was needed to become great. I also learned that when Roberto died he was on his way to Nicaragua. His plane was carrying relief supplies that were going to help Nicaragua after their earthquake. With all this being said I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. I would especially recommend it to anyone who is interested in baseball, or just sports in general. This book is very factual and teaches you a lot, but it is not boring and will keep you entertained. I felt like I actually knew Roberto Clemente while reading this book. It is written from the perspective of people who knew Roberto, which is what makes this book different and entertaining. That’s why I think that everyone would enjoy this book, and should give it a chance and read it. `
Anonymous More than 1 year ago