CLEP College Mathematics, 4th Ed., Book + Online

CLEP College Mathematics, 4th Ed., Book + Online

by Stu Schwartz, Mel Friedman

Paperback(Fourth Edition, Revised)

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ISBN-13: 9780738612485
Publisher: Research & Education Association
Publication date: 11/27/2018
Series: CLEP Test Preparation
Edition description: Fourth Edition, Revised
Pages: 396
Sales rank: 284,971
Product dimensions: 6.60(w) x 9.90(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Mel Friedman, M.S., has a diverse background in mathematics, having taught both high school and college-level mathematics courses. Mr. Friedman was awarded his B.A. in Mathematics from Rutgers University and received his M.S. in Mathematics (with honors) from Fairleigh Dickinson University. A former adjunct professor at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, Mr. Friedman also developed test items for Educational Testing Service and ACT, Inc.

Stu Schwartz has been teaching mathematics since 1973. For 35 years he taught in the Wissahickon School District, in Ambler, Pennsylvania, specializing in AP® Calculus AB and BC and AP® Statistics. Mr. Schwartz received his B.S. degree in Mathematics from Temple University, Philadelphia. Mr. Schwartz was a 2002 recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching and also won the 2007 Outstanding Educator of the Year Award for the Wissahickon School District.

Mr. Schwartz’s website,, is geared toward helping educators teach AP® Calculus, AP® Statistics, and other math courses. Mr. Schwartz is always looking for ways to provide teachers with new and innovative teaching materials, believing that it should be the goal of every math teacher not only to teach students mathematics, but also to find joy and beauty in math as well.

Table of Contents

About Our Authors vii

About REA vii

Chapter 1 Passing the CLEF College Mathematics Exam 1

Getting Started 3

The REA Study Center 4

An Overview of the Exam 5

All About the CLEP Program 6

Options for Military Personnel and Veterans 8

SSD Accommodations for Candidates with Disabilities 8

6-Week Study Plan 9

Test-Taking Tips 9

The Day of The Exam 10

Online Diagnostic Test

Chapter 2 Numbers 11

Properties of Real Numbers 13

Components of Real Numbers 15

Fractions 16

Odd and Even Numbers 16

Factors and Divisibility Rules 17

Absolute Value 17

Integers 18

Inequalities 20

Scientific Notation 24

Unit Conversions 28

Drill Questions 32

Chapter 3 Algebra and Functions 35

Equations 37

Linear Equations 39

Simultaneous Linear Equations 42

Dependent Equations 45

Parallel Lines 47

Perpendicular Lines 48

Absolute Value Equations 49

Inequalities 50

Linear Inequalities 52

Complex Numbers 54

Quadratic Equations 57

Quadratic Formula 60

Advanced Algebraic Theorems 63

Relations and Graphs 63

Functions: Definition and Notation 64

Linear Equations 70

Transformation of Graphs 75

Exponents 81

Exponential Equations 84

Logarithms 87

Linear and Exponential Growth 91

Drill Questions 95

Chapter 4 Counting and Probability 105

Sample Spaces and Counting 107

The Counting Principle 108

Factorials 109

Permutations 110

Combinations 111

Probability 113

Odds 118

Mutually Exclusive and Complementary Events 119

Conditional Probability 125

Independent Events 127

Expected Value 130

Drill Questions 133

Chapter 5 Statistics and Data Analysis 139

Measures of Central Tendency 141

Comparing the Mean, Median, and Mode in a Variety of Distributions 145

Measures of Variability 147

Normal Distributions 153

Data Analysis 156

Bivariate Data 162

Drill Questions 170

Chapter 6 Financial Mathematics 181

Rates 183

Percents 185

Taxes 187

Markups and Markdowns 190

Types of Interest 192

Future Value and Maturity Value 197

Present Value 201

Inflation 203

Drill Questions 205

Chapter 7 Geometry Topics 213

Angles 215

Triangles 217

The Pythagorean Theorem 222

Quadrilaterals 225

Similar Polygons 232

Circles 234

Formulas for Area and Perimeter 239

Drill Questions 241

Chapter 8 Logic and Sets 247

Logic 249

Sentences 249

Statements 252

Basic Principles, Laws, and Theorems 255

Necessary and Sufficient Conditions 255

Deductive Reasoning 256

Truth Tables and Basic Logical Operations 258

Logical Equivalence 260

Sentences, Literals, and Fundamental Conjunctions 264

Sets 265

Subsets 267

Union and Intersection of Sets 269

Laws of Set Operations 270

Cartesian Product 272

Drill Questions 274

Practice Test 1 (also available online at 283

Answer Key 303

Detailed Explanations of Answers 304

Practice Test 2 (also available online at 317

Answer Key 335

Detailed Explanations of Answers 336

Answer Sheets 349

Glossary 353

Appendix: Getting to Know Your Calculator 361

Index 379

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