Clicking with God

Clicking with God

by Jon Riley


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I was upside down, dangling over 100 feet above the rocky slope below. The living canvas of the Rocky Mountains was laid bare around me with its breathtaking grandeur, but I was a bit too preoccupied to truly enjoy the view. The day had started just like the one before, I was part of a group of teenagers who awoke at Young Life’s Frontier Ranch, located about 120 miles southwest of Denver. Today was rappelling day, and expectations soared as we made our way up the trail, completely unaware of the true challenge ahead: A wooden platform cantilevered over the edge of a near 120 foot cliff. Fifty teenagers, two rappelling instructors, fifteen minutes of Rappelling 101 and no fatalities - God is amazing!
Rappelling requires rope, a harness, a rappel device and carabineers. You slide the harness loop and one end of the rappel device onto the carabineer and then you click the carabineer closed. Do not forget to click. If you fail to click you will render the best tools in the world useless. Rappelling is easy and fun once you learn to commit and have faith in the equipment. Trust your rope. Trust the rappel device. But most importantly, you must trust the click of the carabineer. What is true in rappelling is true in our spiritual lives. It is this Clicking with God that connects us with the very tools designed for our effective Christian walk.

“There is safety in complacency, but God is calling us out of our comfort zone into a life of complete surrender to the cross. To live dangerously is not to live recklessly but righteously. And it is because of God’s radical grace for us that we can risk living a life of radical obedience for Him” (Steve Camp).

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ISBN-13: 9781625091987
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication date: 12/14/2012
Pages: 196
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